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    Gary Northington - Asst. Pastor Faith For Life Church in Beaver, Utah

    in Christianity

    Today we are Featuring an Assistant Pastor!  Gary Northington is a revivalist who will preach the house down on this program!  We look forward to hearing what the Holy Ghost has to say through him!

    Faith For Life Church in Beaver, Utah

    Born in California on Sept 7th 1950. Saved and filled with the spirit in Oct of 1965. Family along with several other families moved to Utah and built a church in 1966. Attended International Bible College in San Antonio Texas in 1968-69 where I met and married my wife Esther Roberts from Shreveport Louisiana on July 4th 1969. Served in the Marine Corp from 1970 - 73. Lived in Louisiana from 1973 -93 where we raised 3 children. While in Shreveport I was an associate pastor for 9 years and served as a pastor in a small church for 5 years. Moved backed to Utah in 1993 and helped in the church we established there in 1966. Suffered a stroke in Feb of 2008 but the Lord healed me. Became associate pastor in a small church in Beaver Utah in 2012 to present. My wife and I are now retired. We have 7 Grandchildren and 1 Great Grandchild.

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    The Truth About Artificial & Natural Flavors - Are They Harming Your Health?

    in Nutrition

    The evolution of food flavoring began during the industrial revolution. Meat and vegetables became available from distant lands. Foods were processed and preserved to lengthen shelf life. For the first time in history, foods were no longer going directly from the field to the plate. Freshness became an issue and the need to recreate flavors that had been lost by preserving and processing was born... and so started the addition of chemicals into our food.

    But, along with that also came the perversion of our food supply SO profound that it can be linked, directly and/or indirectly, to a majority of the health concerns we face today.

    In this episode, Dr. Budweiser founder of Weiser Living will cover the following:

    How Flavorings entered Our Food Supply
    What Is A Food Flavoring & How Is It Made?
    The Trademark Secrets That Keep Us In The Dark
    Artificial vs Natural Flavorings
    Excitotoxins - What Are They & Their Serious Side Effects You Should Consider
    Do You Eat Beaver Butt???
    What Effect Do All These Flavorings Have On Our Health?
    How Do You Avoid Flavorings

    ... and so much more!

    So be sure to tune in to a very flavorful time with Dr. Budweiser and his golden wisdom!

    For more information, articles, videos and recipes please visit www.weiserliving.com

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    Live From Beaver Dam KY

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    A Chat in the Garden

    in Self Help

    Do you have a desire to work in Athletics?  LCome join us on www.chatinthegarden.com Tuesday, Feb. 17th at 11:30 am est as we talk to Christyn Abaray, Athletic Director for the Beavers of Buena Vista Universit in Iowa.  Abaray is in her 3rd year in the AD seat and had has careers  stops at Swathmore College, Miami University (Ohio) and internship with UNC Chapel Hill's athletic department.  A former soccer student-athlete at Washington University St. Louis, Abaray shares her journey to the helm of Beaver Athletics.

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    Phanatic Philly Sports

    in Sports

    Call in well talk about ever thing you want to 

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    Guest Author Dr. Anne Redelfs-"The Storms of Life"

    in Christianity

    Join me today as we talk with Dr. Anne Redelfs.  She was born and raised in Beaver, Pennsylvania, a small mill town outside of Pittsburgh.  She received a B.A. in Chemistry from Duke University and an M.D. from Tulane University. She trained in both pediatric and psychiatry residencies at Tulane-affiliated hospitals in New Orleans.

    Disgruntled by the excessive use of drugs on the mentally ill, she retired from a private practice in psychiatry to pursue independent studies in developmental psychology.  She has published her discoveries in a book, The Awakening Storm. This is a story about the impact of Hurricane Katrina and the levee disaster on New Orleans and the impact of life’s storms and disasters on human beings. 

    Anne currently conducts a ministry of “listening” and holistic healing in Texarkana, Texas.

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    #98 - Obama Deluded, Putin Has Asperger's, Jordan Backs Threat, Gallup Gets It

    in Politics Conservative

    Obama tells Fareed Zakaria that he saved the US economy and “responsibly” ended foreign wars. Pentagon files are found that show they think Putin has Asperger’s. Jordan’s King Abdullah shows he has more cojones in his little finger than Obama’s wife has in her whole body (we know he has none at all). The CEO of Gallup says that the unemployment figures are a lie. We could have told him that 5 years ago! In fact we were! All of this and the most popular story on the net now is the Oregon State Beaver that showed hers in the library and the pizza boy who turned down her proposition.

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    Standing up for justice for all! Carol Rogoff Hallstrom

    in Women

    The Making of an Activist

    Carol Rogoff (Hallstrom) grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Like many of the children of Russian Jewish immigrants, she developed a strong sense of social justice early in life. 

    Her father, Jacob Rogoff, was a native of Ukraine whose parents brought him to the United States when he was five. Jews in Eastern Europe had long endured persecution, and the beacon of liberty shone brightly on immigrant families who escaped the pogroms, beatings, political oppression, and other forms of discrimination.

    When, as an American, Jacob performed well in school, he was not persecuted, as he would have been in Ukraine, but instead offered a scholarship to Yale University. From there he went to medical school, also on scholarship, where he won the Campbell Gold Medal as the graduate with the highest ranking of all students. And, like so many first-generation immigrants, he remained in awe of the freedom and opportunity that the United States offered him—and, in theory, every American.

    Reared in such an atmosphere, Carol’s recognition of social injustice made it impossible for her to close her eyes to the blatant victimization of black Americans. While still a college student she began working with the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) on Freedom Rides and sit-ins. The summer after her graduation from Beaver College (now Arcadia University) outside of Philadelphia, she became a fulltime member of the SNCC staff working on desegregation efforts, first in Maryland’s Eastern Shore and then in southwest Mississippi.


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    Al Porter M.A.N.in the Street

    in Music

    Cyphermania Wrap Up-How i spent last Mon.on Dr.Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday"From Blocking off Streets in Cleveland to stopping E.C.Corruption!Plus Tamir Rice case steps up&Police are still in Systemic Failure-What is a Frosty Beaver?M.A.N.in the Street is about to meet fans in Lorain Ohio&we give the The time&address for Thurs.for our meet&greet feat'Artist you've heard on the show(What's on the West Side C.D.Listening tour Album?)The Ohio Commission comes to Cleveland from Columbus to deal with Police Violence&it's the same Mumbo Jumbo as alaways,so call 646-478-0944 to comment&be a part of our conversation as we play new music from across the region!

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    Winchester Radio--Supernatural's 200th Episode and special guest Jim Beaver

    in Entertainment

    When Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate the disappearance of a teacher, they are stunned to see the school is putting on a musical based on their lives.  Familiar faces abound in this milestone episode.  Phil Sgriccia directed this episode written by Robbie Thompson (#1005).

    Also, Jim Beaver (Supernatural's Bobby Singer) will be joining us to tell us about his latest project, http://www.VerdigrisThePlay.com.

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    Honorable Dwan B. Walker-Mayor of Aliquippa stops by Good Deeds w/Dr.Rene Sunday

    in Motivation

    The Honorable Dwan Walker is the first African American elected official to serve as Mayor of the rural City of Aliquippa since the city’s 204 year existence. Mayor Walker is also the second only African American to ever hold a position in Beaver County. As the city’s first black Mayor, Dwan Walker has faced racism and opposition. He constantly has to prove his position. As Mayor, I am responsible for the enforcing all of the laws and ordinances of Aliquippa. “I am so humbly proud of my city”, states Mayor Walker.

    As a lifelong resident of Aliquippa, Mayor Dwan Walker graduated in l994 from the City of Aliquippa school district. Mayor Walker has been the recipient of numerous high profile prestigious awards such as the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “Coordinator Award”. Mayor Walker has received Citations from the House of Representatives, and the Senate of Pennsylvania, the Dignity and Respect Champion Award, the Jefferson Award for Community Service, the 50 Men of Excellent Award, the Black History Achievement Award, and the Dare to Dream Award. 

    Mayor Walker is dedicated to rebuilding the City of Aliquippa. As Mayor, he is spear heading a campaign to bring more businesses and corporate partnerships to his city.He has also received recently the ‘Young, Black and Gifted Award”. As Mayor of Aliquippa he gives respect to every citizen in his city, but he is very tough on crime. Mayor Walker he has an open door policy where citizens can come in to his office and speak with him directly. The Honorable Mayor, Dwan B. Walker and his administration have dedicated their efforts to creating a transparent government with a theme of “One Aliquippa, All Hands On Deck”.