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    Beating the Odds

    in Business

    Tired of failing? Let's change that! Join Monday Morning Joy to listen how to...1) Motivate self, 2) Receive Tips on Beating the Odds, and 3) Get ready to flurish in your craft (ie., business or ministry).

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    Beating You Outside The Ring

    in News

    Beating You Outside The Ring

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    Divatosity: Odds and Ends Breakfast Platter and Townhouse Living

    in Food

    Join the Bougie Girl as she discusses creating an Odds and Ends Breakfast Platter and Townhouse Living.

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    Episode 2497 - Beating back the spirit of rejection - Rick Bell

    in Spirituality

    Episode 2497 - Beating back the spirit of rejection - Rick Bell
    Recorded 5-18-2015 on Omega Man Radio  omegamanradio.com
    Rick's Website is: www.heavenlywarriors.com


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    Pet Radio-Muffin's Amazing Recovery- Beating the Odds

    in Pets

    At just five weeks old, Muffin became paralyzed while in a shelter when a micro chip was inserted to close to his spine. He is now a year old and is on the road to recovery. This is a wonderful story of hope and determination and one person who refused to give up on a kitty that could not stand up.  

    Also joining us is Dr. Jessica Waldman. .Dr. Waldman is a veterinarian certified in canine rehabilitation and acupuncture focused on prevention. She founded California Animal Rehabilitation (CARE). She also cares for cats and is doing Muffin's rehabilitation. She will discuss this as well as pain management for cats and dogs, and prevention. Do you know how to recognize the signs your cat or dog may be in pain? It is not as obvious as you may think.

    Angie Bailey is a cat writer and humorist. She has been a contributing writer for many publications and web sites, including Pet Radio, and has a new book out that she will tell us all about it. Her Facebook page Catladyland, has over 500,000 followers.

  • What are the Odds?

    in Sports

    Sports Gambling is a huge sport.   Beating Vegas is very difficult to do.   Both Bobby Dinero and Vince O'Connor are beating Vegas and want to share their knowledge with you.   Sports Gambling at it's best with Free Tips from guys that know what it takes.

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    Whosoever Will....Come!

    in Family

    The Bible tells us in Luke 13:24 "Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able." Glory to God! We as believers have a charge to reach as many as are lost. Luke 14:23 says, And the Lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.

    As we experience Kingdom Absolutes through Righteous Relationship that promote Riteous Rewards, let us do our part by engaging in interactional relationships that promote permanant tranactions through peaceful resolve.

    Join me Live, for a special message to those don't mind being servants of Christ.

    Call in: 347-327-9741.You will be blessed and encoraged to continue this race. Lives are at stake!


  • Against ALL Odds: The Replay

    in Women

    Evangelist Darah Boyd Russell is a Mother of 3 and Grandmother of 9. She is a faithful servant of God as well as a living testimony of what never giving up can lead to.  Although Darrah was born into adversity, she didn't let it stop her.  Life dealt her several bad hands which could have easily caused her to end up as just another statistic. After a life of overcoming many challenges, she learned what it would take to become a successful Woman of God. Invite any woman in your life who is going through a strom to listen to this show with you.  You all will be Inspired, Encouraged, and Empowered to keep pushing through adversity in order to reach your God given potential. It's never too late, you can achieve your dreams!

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    Beating the Writer's Block-ade

    in Entertainment

    Please join authors Michele E Gwynn and Jami Brumfield as they chat with guest authors Diane Rinella and Gracie Wilson on the dreaded topic of writer's block...

    Please check out Diane Rinella's author page on Amazon here

    Please check out Gracie Wilson's author page on Amazon here

    Please check out Michele Gwynn's author page on Amazon here

    Please check out Jami Brumfield's author page on Amazon here

    Use the #C2CJM with questions or comments during the live broadcast and you may hear them on the show. Thanks for tuning in... see you next week between the covers.


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    What Are Odds ??? The Time is Imminent

    in Current Events


    6 Howl ye; for the day of the Lord is at hand; it shall come as a destruction from the Almighty.

    7 Therefore shall all hands be faint, and every man's heart shall melt:

    8 And they shall be afraid: pangs and sorrows shall take hold of them; they shall be in pain as a woman that travaileth: they shall be amazed one at another; their faces shall be as flames.

    9 Behold, the day of the Lord cometh, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate: and he shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it.

    10 For the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light: the sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the moon shall not cause her light to shine.

    11 And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.

    12 I will make a man more precious than fine gold; even a man than the golden wedge of Ophir.

    13 Therefore I will shake the heavens, and the earth shall remove out of her place, in the wrath of the Lord of hosts, and in the day of his fierce anger.

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    Cardiac Athletes™: Beating Heart Disease Around the World

    in Health

    Cardiac athletes are all around us. There are athletes who develop heart problems or who discover, after they have been athletes for a while, that there heart has some imperfections that may require surgery and there are people who were born with heart defects who have a great desire to become an athlete and to enjoy the benefits of regular exercise. Lars Andrews, a cardiac physiologist, has created a website and an organization to eradicate heart disease. His organization serves thousands of athletes around the world. Cardiac Athletes is the world's largest online community for sporting heart patients, offering an unprecedented breadth and depth of help, support, advice and fulfilling our Mission of alleviating pain, restoring health, and extending life. Listen to today's show to learn more about Lars, why he created this program, how athletes can help themselves, even if they have had open-heart surgery and learn about the book that Lars has put together, "Cardiac Athletes: Real Superheroes Beating Heart Disease (Volume 1)." Lars even shares about how he acquired the stories for his book and how other cardiac athletes can get be part of Volume 2.