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    BRN Episode 96: No puedes juzgar un libro por mirar la porta

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    More whining.....I hear it..... "That thar title aint in Amurican"
    Shut yer holes. It is in Beardstownese..........errrrrr Spanish.
    Google Translate is yer amigo.

    Tonight we try to continue our run of outsmarting the feds....
    Errrr we mean try to make it seven weeks in a row of breaking show records.Tonight we give you:
    80's Cheese. And great Musical Interludes.
    A World Exclusive "interview" with the head of the Lashbrook Lane Horse Concentration Camp.
    Another installment of A Day In The Life Of A Typical Beardstown Woman.
    We shout out the Beardstown Forum.
    And more.....
    It is LIVE.....IT is LOCAL....IT is LIUNA Friendly....
    it is THE btowntruth Radio Network.....


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    Esto No Se Skynrd.Play Some Skynrd Man......

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    The first part is in Beardstownese....also called Spanish.Google Translate is your friend.Got ninety minutes?If ya do then we have the following:More on the E 911 situation in Beardstown/Cass CountyLocal resident Adrian Deloche writes a letter to the editor of the Cass County Star Gazette talking guns.We read you the letter in its entirety.We also announce a new segment debuting on the next Lazy Show which airs January 27th.What is it?Tune in and find out.And TWO terrific Beardstown Woman Jokes Of The Week.All that plus some cool music,the SCCPB,and more.......IT is live.....IT is local.....IT is LIUNA friendly.......IT.......is THE btowntruth Radio Network.

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    BRN Episode 111:Meet The New Boss.Mismo Que El Antiguo Jefe

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    Here we go again......I hear it......
    "Put that thar sumbeetchin title ALL in 'Merican ya commie"
    Bleep you.....bleep you very much.

    The last sentence is in Beardstownese.....Google Translate is your pal here.
    Anyhoo,welcome to another edition of the btowntruth Radio Networks flagship program,THE btowntruth show.
    Here is what we have for you tonight:
    First,looks like we got us some new management over at the Beardstown Forum.We discuss it and have a tune for the new head of the asylum there.
    We also have a special piece of classical music for the outgoing leader Mao Tse Hamann.

    ANOTHER "Day In The Life Of A Beardstown Woman with a special song at the end by Theory Of A Deadman.
    Cool music from Seether and Gavin Degraw.As well as the "UTC" concept with Hank Jr. and Foo Fighters.

    So lets have us a btowntruthy time.
    THIS is THE btowntruth Radio Network.

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    BRN Episode 101: A Comment? Demonios con los que odian.

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    Yeah......quit whining that "It aint all in 'Murican"....
    The title is a mix of English and Beardstownese.
    Google Translate is your bestest friend.

    After yet ANOTHER record setter last week featuring Edwards Street Christopher (14 of the last 15 weeks have set BRN records and we thank you.....) btowntruth returns with another attempt to lower the.....errrr have some fun.

    Last week we gave you exclusive archive audio featuring legendary local rock group Fantasy......and this week we got more.

    That's right......more World Premeire audio archived footage from Fantasy this time with EDWARDS STREET CHRISTOPHER on lead vocals.

    We talk Beardstown Forum......some recent local news....tell you about ratty places and why you shouldnt go to them....
    And "A Day In The Life Of A Typical Beardstown Woman" returns.

    All that PLUS cool music including 80s cheese, and the Beardstown Woman Joke Of The Week.....

    This is LIVE....this is LOCAL....this is LIUNA friendly.....
    THIS is THE btowntruth Radio Network.

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