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    BRN 193: Can't Keep A Good truth Down.....

    in Current Events

    Six months gone.Gone from this show but not gone as in all the way gone.
    No no no no. That would make way too many people happy.
    And we just can't have that.
    We have been in the bleachers with our popcorn and soda.
    Hard to get to in straitjackets.But notheless we was there.

    We aren't "there" now though.
    Now,once again,we are here.
    Here where some say we should not be.But here is where we are.
    To the dismay of haters and cool kids,here is where we are.
    And because of where we have been and where we are going,here is where we are.

    And here is where we stay?Who is we?

    WE is THE btowntruth Radio Network.

    Tune in.Turn on......and we brings with us the SCCPB.

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    BRN Episode 71: The Sexiest Man In Beardstown

    in Current Events

    Real simple formula here. The Saturday Night Delight broadcasting LIVE and bringing you his own unique brand of information, humor, poorly voiced characters, and whatever the hell else the voices in his head tell him to do.

    And the "Sexiest Man In Beardstown" thing?

    Well....... you know.......
    It's because btowntruth IS. And it aint just the voices in his head telling you that.

    You hear it from all the Beardstown women that have any sense of style, taste, and good judgement of what a quality man really is. 

    And when we mean "all" we mean "both of them".

    Once again it is live and local..... and f**king proud of it...

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    BRN 189: Mini Lazy Show

    in Current Events

    Yeah.....we is back.
    Tonights show is a sixty minute sawed off version of our world exclusive Lazy Show Format.
    Music,The SCCPB,some of your favorite BRN characters......and THE Sexiest Man In Beardstown btowntruth.

    And some words......

    Tune in and feel the btowntruthiness.....is that even a word?
    Bleep it....

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    BRN 191: Sunday Night Delight Returneth.

    in Current Events

    So......50 shades again huh?
    Ok,we got a few more of them shades.
    We also have the Panda....everybody loves the Panda.
    "Day In The Life" as well as shoutouts, cool tunes, and a great "Joke Of The Week".

    btowntruth Radio Network?

  • 01:01

    BRN 190: 50 Shades Of......btowntruth

    in Current Events

    50 shades huh?
    We got our own 50 shades.....going to share a few of them with you tonight.

    Sixty minutes the broadcast length on a Monday Night edition of THE btowntruth Radio Network.

    So in the eloquent words of noted social commentators Wreckx-n-Effect :
    All I wanna do is zoom-a-zoom-zoom-zoom.
    And a poom-poom.
    Just shake ya rump.

    THIS is THE btowntruth Radio Network

  • 01:11

    BRN 188:Remember Us?We Sure As Hell Remember You.

    in Current Events

    Three months...that's how long we've been in the distance.
    We didn't quit....we just put distance between ourselves and the headset and mic.
    Lot of distance......

    Well,we decided it's time to close the distance.......and pick up the headset and mic again.
    btowntruth...the voices....the characters.....all closing distance.

    Did you forget?We sure as hell didn't.
    Grudges?Nah...more like remembering facts.

    Here we are.....there we were.....there we go....

    THIS is the return of the btowntruth Radio Network.......


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    BRN Episode 57: Beardstown??

    in Current Events

    Saturday Night ..... S-S-S-Saturday Niiiiiiiight.....

    It mean the voices in btowntruths head have decided that he needs to do another show.

    And what a show it is going to be.
    We got the SCCPB.
    We got the Board Operator.
    We got some new grooves from the Funky Circus Fleas.

    Oh,and the one and only Saturday Night Delight btowntruth will be there as well.

    Turn on,Tune In,Truth out.....

  • 01:41

    BRN 187:Four Years Gone.We're Still Here.

    in Current Events

    On October 11th,2010 at midnight we aired our first btowntruth Radio Network broadcast.
    We called into blogtalkradio with our smartphone,held it up like a microphone and promptly stuttered our way through a f(*&ing trainwreck of a show.

    So that aint changed over four years......
    But it's been a heck of a ride.
    Characters,voices in our heads,bad jokes,music,controversies,hate mail,threats,our own tshirts and bumper stickers.....and tens of thousands of listeners..

    So for the 4th anniversary,we were going to do a big well scripted,rehearsed,slick sounding show.
    Then we thought about it.....and what better way to do it than to wing it just like we did on the first show.
    So unscripted,unscheduled,unadvertised.....

    "Four Years Gone.We're Still Here."
    Because it couldn't be done any other way.....

    THIS is THE btownttruth Radio Network.


  • 01:24

    BRN 186: We Feel Like It.

    in Current Events

    No pre show advertising beforehand.
    No Facebook notice before the show.

    Because we feel like it.
    And just to show that we here at the bRN/bRNN can do this anytime the mood hits us.

    Because we are awesome like that.

    THIS is THE btowntruth Radio Network.

  • 01:47

    BRN 185: Fall Down Festival Lazy Show 2014

    in Current Events

    So here we are.
    Last Saturday of the month.Lazy Show Time.
    With a hybrid twist.

    The bRNN meets the "characters".
    Hijinks ensue.

    THIS is THE btowntruth Radio Network.

  • 01:29

    BRN 184: Beardstownese.Many dialects.One place.

    in Current Events

    The hybrid continues.
     btowntruth Radio Network Newwwwwwwwwwws plus the unabashed btowntruthiness (we made a new word there) of btowntruth and his version of radio goodness.
    And it IS radio goodness.Just bleeping ask us.

    Oh,and we speak the three main dialects of Beardstownese as well.
    And commentaries too...oh,and we got characters......ooooooooh do we have characters.
    Because we can.

    THIS is THE btiowntruth Radio Network.

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