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    Anna Jerstrom of Calavera

    in Business

    Anna Jerstrom started her career in investment banking in 2000, joining Merrill Lynch's financial sponsors group. Subsequently, she spent three years as Chief of Staff for the President of New York Life Asset Management where she helped grow the business to its highest revenue to date (in 2007). After completing her MBA at Columbia University, Anna joined Helix Associates, where she was responsible for marketing and distributing private equity funds.

    In late 2009, Anna decided to change her life and follow her love for surfing and fashion, moving to Costa Rica where she started designing and making beachwear. She soon learned that: 1. She's not a bad surfer, and 2. It's hard to keep a bikini in place when you are dancing between the waves. Anna founded Calavera in Q3 2010 as a means of combining her business acumen with her two passions in life. Hence, the May 2011 launch of a new line of swimwear that would stay on no matter how high the waves - Calavera (which means "skull" in Spanish, the image on Jerstrom's surfboard). Her sketches and unique designs transformed into an innovative, fashionable line of swimwear that include unique, edgy fabrics and customizable combinations.


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    Bikini Bootcamp

    in Travel

    We chat with swimwear expert Melanie Michaud from Diane's Beachwear in sunny California. Get tips on finding the right swimwear for your body type, summer trends and favorite beach destinations.

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    Let's Talk Bathing Suits from a Male vs. Female Point of View

    in Self Help

    This show is guaranteed to be heated. Larry thinks some women do not belong in a bikini, especially if they are overweight. Kelli disagrees and feels that everyone should be comfortable in their own skin. Get out the boxing gloves tonight because someone is going down!! Your hosts: Larry Liebling & Kelli Claypool