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    Transformation Via Orgone Energy Batteries, Meridians, Chakras, & Meditation.

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    Hi Everyone & welcome to Happy Hour , www.blogtalkradio.com/lifeissobeautiful

     Tuesday ,Jan.27th, 2015 at 3-4 p.m. eastern. 347-205 9957 & chat room.  Transformation Via Orgone energy Batteries, Chakras, Meridians & Meditation.

     My guest is Mari Morena Torres. She is well known as a Master Healer, who works with various Modalities of healing as in Crystal Healing, She’s founder of Orgone Energy Batteries  & a practitioner as well.  She does sacred sexual healing, sound Vibrational   healing . Teaches Sacred words of power of Manifesting through orgasmic focus and so much more. Yes she’s  a gift to all of us for healing in such a time as this. She’s doing readings so call in.

    Thanks for joining. Love & light Vanda Maria Guzman

    The Life is So Beautiful radio show with Vanda Guzman. I will have many wonderful Guests every Tuesday at 3pm eastern time. Please join us!

    Call in Number is 347-205-9957.

    Visit www.LifeisSoBeautiful.net to leave prayer requests, sign my Guestbook, Buy my Music. All Donations are appreciated!

    Follow me on www.Facebook.com/VandaGuzmanMusic. Guests can email me at VandaGuzman@yahoo.com .

    Click the link for this show to listen LIVE or to listen to later, or right click to download it.



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    SFTB - Batteries and Brakes (part 2)

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    Hey all, check us out at:




    also check us out on Twitter: @BADHBTSNTWK @Shotsfromthebal @Gary_The_Hammer

    Instagram: ShotsFromTheBalcony and GaryTheHammer

    Email us @ info@shotsfromthebalcony.com


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    Guest:Matthew Robbins/Screenwriter/Pinocchio/Crimson Peak/Guillermo del Toro

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    Matthew Robbins was born in New York City and went to the Johns Hopkins University, where he received a BA degree in Romance Languages. Shortly after getting his MFA at the USC School of Cinema, he began writing screenplays with partner Hal Barwood. Together, in a period of three years, they wrote and sold six scripts. The Sugarland Express was Steven Spielberg’s first feature film and starred Goldie Hawn. It won Best Screenplay at the Cannes Film Festival. For Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Productions, he co-wrote and directed Batteries Not Included. He also directed the comedy Bingo, for Tri-Star. Collaborating with writer/director Guillermo del Toro, he wrote Mimic, starring Mira Sorvino and Jeremy Northam. They also wrote Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, starring Katie Holmes and Guy Pearce.Other screenplays written with Guillermo del Toro include The Count of Montecristo for American Zoetrope, The Coffin for Lightstorm Entertainment/20th Century-Fox and Wind in the Willows for Sony. He wrote the screenplay for Pinocchio based on his collaboration of the story with Mr. Del Toro, their stop-motion puppet interpretation of the Collodi classic for the Henson Company.  They co-wrote H.P. Lovecraft fantasy classic, At the Mountains of Madness that was purchased by Universal Studios. Thescreenplay Crimson Peak, starring Mia Wasikowska, Charlie Hunnam and Directed by Mr. Del Toro is out in October 2015 by Universal Studios.  In affiliation with George Lucas’ company Industrial Light and Magic, Mr. Robbins has directed TV commercials for Coca-Cola, Chrysle, Eveready among many others.  He also directed Paul McCartney in the title track music video for the album Off the Ground. You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @123Film

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    Hey! Sparky- What Do I Need to Know About AGM Batteries?

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    This week on Hey! Sparky we will talk about absorbent glass mat or AGM batteries. Our experts this week are Bruce Purkey, founder and chief creative engineer of Purkeys, and Bob Rader, manager of national accounts for EnerSys Corp. They will go over the pros and cons of using AGM batteries, and answer listener questions. 

    What problems have you experienced with AGM batteries? What would you like to hear our experts address? Please send an email with your name and question to radioshow@purkeys.net at least one hour before the broadcast. 

    Remember, when you have an electrical question just call out Hey! Sparky to get an answer from the Purkeys experts. 

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    SFTB - Batteries and Brakes (part 1)

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    Hey all, check us out at:




    also check us out on Twitter: @BADHBTSNTWK @Shotsfromthebal @Gary_The_Hammer

    Instagram: ShotsFromTheBalcony and GaryTheHammer

    Email us @ info@shotsfromthebalcony.com


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    T7M RADIO 


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    The Matt Duffin Show - Fall Back? Relapse or Time?

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    Change your clocks, and your Smoke Detector batteries.  I don't care for the first part too much, but as a reminder for the later its sure nice - if folks will do so.  "Spring Ahead"?  OK, we can try, as long as the direction is forward.  Fall Back?  Surely you don't want me to think about RELAPSE.  A relapse will happen "at will" with Brain Disruptions bouncing like they've been sprung, one reason I don't like to FALL BACK.  The 'extra' hour of sleep?  I'm not going anywhere, I can sleep in.  In our world, its confusing, occasionnally perplexing.  


    Then.  there are the RELASPES due to enviromental situations.  Like drug or alchol use and abuse (its called Adult Beverages for a reason - Be Adult.  Its a mind set.  How to correct that mind set?  I dunno, call and we can talk about it.  We'll touch on Brain Injury Coping Skills, of course.  I will discuss the ground work of putting together a television show; left over and CHECKED candy from Halloween; one more clock change reminder, and discuss my Lincoln Golden Eagles football team. 


    Mr Stackhouse and I are taking TMDS on the road, with a visit into Colorado and Nebraska on the schedule of the 7-state trip.  (And he wants to go to Vegas.  Not sure there.  Budget$ to abide - SSDI guy, ya know.  Still, Colorado.  Somethnig tells me I'll be "Rocky Mountain High, Colorado:   For a Class 'A' school in Indiana, we made national news this weekend.  And though LHS victory over Tri HIGH puts the Eagles in the Sectional Championship game - the score was NEVER the story, but confused supporters, a shattered communty and unchecked untruths from the Local FOX (boo) TV Station..  Lincoln won 35-24, btw....     (424) 243-9540

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    Poppa L's Old School Flava Sunday w/SFG Joe Caffey @ 4pm On PD Radio

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    Our Special Flava Guest Joe Caffey was born in Youngstown, Ohio, one of  the four children belonging to Joseph L. Caffey Sr. and Lillie Caffey.  He started ventriloquism at the age of six years old. His original thought of wanting a vent figure came to him as a child, when he use to watch a local television show that was aired in Youngstown, Ohio.

    The television show was hosted by Dave Harris, known as Barney and his vent figure was named "Bean". Joe thought that "Bean" was a robot.  He happened to see a "Howdy Doody" puppet in a JC Penny's catalogue and asked his parents to receive it for a Christmas gift.  When he received the "Howdy Doody" puppet, he asked his mother if the batteries were included. His mother told him, that he would have to pull a string in the back of the neck and make it talk without moving his lips.  That Christmas, he took his mother's advice and the rest is history!

     Only On Poetic Designs Radio. You Can Also Listen Live By Calling 657-383-0107 or www.Blogtalkradio.com/PoeticDesignsradio Stay Blessed.

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    @GoBatteriser and extend your battery life!

    in Technology

    Tap into 80% more energy with Batteriser.

    Batteriser is the first reusable sleeve that extends the life of your disposable batteries.

    Devices only tap into 20% of a battery’s energy before it tells you that the battery is “dead”. Batteriser taps into the other 80% that is unused...INSTANTLY!

    Visit www.Batteriser.com for more information!

    Batteriser is the official sponsor of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

    * not a call in show

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    Batteries Not Included

    in Politics Conservative

    Without batteries, the newfangled gadget you bought on Black Friday won’t work and without conservatives the GOP shall remain dead and this country will continue to hurtle toward ‘fundamental change’ from a Republic to an Empire abroad and a police state at home.

    The Obamacare website’s failure is a distraction from the failure of the PPACA ‘law’ and the catastrophic surrender of a RINO-run GOP from stopping it. Real conservatives presented the RINOs with a chance to gut this stinking law during the government funding fight. Sadly, the Surrender Caucus chose to batter the conservatives instead of defeating the Democrats. RINOs didn’t even bat an eye when Reid nuked the Senate.

    What did America do? Gorged on Turkey on Thursday and went on a gluttonous shopping spree on Black Friday. This obsession with materialism and a lack of focus on the conservative principles that built this Republic permits the GOP to run without conservative batteries and this country to extinguish the last vestiges of power that drives the real economy.  Yet the stock markets appear to be at all-time highs, private companies seek to replace the defunct Obamacare website and retailers entice Americans to spend, borrow and spend more.  Is this Capitalism run amok?  Or is it corporatism replacing our robust free market batteries with government-enforced corporatist facsimiles?

    If you want your Constitutional Republic back, get busy replacing the faux batteries eroding this country with real conservative batteries or you will end up battered by the criminal government and its corporate cronies. Tyranny is assured UNLESS liberty-loving people set aside their differences and band together against the rising tide of statism. Grassroots conservatives MUST work together to ensure the restoration of constitutionally limited government. To defeat the Democrats, first you MUST CRUSH the RINOs!

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    From Europe to the USA'S GOP presidential race, so many things not as they seem

    in Politics Conservative

    Update: Join us today as we celebrate Mr. Boehner's announced departure from Congress. Wo'll also give a tip o' the hat to Donald Trump for his part in making it happen. 


    Muslims, self labeled as migrants or refugees, continue to make their way ouf of the Middle East and into Europe. 

    Muslim advocates push for more resettlement in the European nations, while socialst leaning nations continue to take them in.

    History is full of stories about Islamic forces that tried and failed to conquer Europe. It seems this invasion, undertaken using the Left's rules for social justice and communty organising, appears to be going deeper and farther than the militaries of the past.


    American politics continues to be a muddled mess. Poltical party establishment seem to remain dazed and confused by the likes of Trump on the GOP side, and Sanders pitching open Socialism as a Democrat. Political elites seem shocked and dismayed that their dreams of pre-determined primary races, without the consent of voters, aren't working out. 


    Speaking of the presidential race, this time last week, Carly Fiorina had emerged a new superstar after the CNN debate. Maybe she now wishes she hadn't come on so strong. Once Fiornina's campaign seemed to get traction, some pretty damning stories about her began to surface. We'll recap some of the events prompting a new nick-name: Carly FioRINO.


    Join the conversation. Program starts at one o'clock on Friday.


    Program note: We plan to recharge our proverbial batteries, do some preps, and spend extra time with our famlies the next couple weeks. After this Friday's show, expect the next Don and Doug sometime around October 15.