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    Women of Golf with Special Guests - Pat Roque & Carolyn Sammarro

    in Golf

    Welcome to the Women of Golf Show!

    This week Cindy & I speak with Pat Roque, The Business Boomer & Carolyn Sammarro - Co-founder of Bskinz.com and expert on “Your Power in Color”

    Here's a little about Pat:

    An award-winning marketer, keynote speaker and transformation coach, Pat Roque knows how to make business BOOM on and off the golf course. She teaches golf marketers and business professionals how to attract and engage their ideal clients. She’s a master connector and teaches systems to transform your life and grow your business NOW!

    and about Carolyn:

    Carolyn Sammarro is the co-founder of B-Skinz (est. 2007), a women's activewear manufacturer with a showroom located in Boonton, N.J. Carolyn is a member of the Rockaway River Country Club in NJ and appreciates the needs of busy women who desire flexible fashions that make them feel great both on and off the golf course. The company specializes in travel-friendly collections and produces everything here in the U.S.A.

    Join Cindy & I Tuesday morning from 9-10AM Eastern  www.blogtalkradio.com/womenofgolf

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    Golf Talk Live - Coaches Corner plus Pat Roque - The Business Boomer

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    Welcome to Golf Talk Live!

    This week on the Coaches Corner panel, John Hughes, Bob Foreman & Jamie Leno Zimron.

    Then later in the show I'm joined by Pat Roque - The Business Boomer.

    Here's more about Pat:

    An award-winning marketer, keynote speaker and transformation coach, Pat Roque knows how to make business BOOM on and off the golf course. She teaches golf marketers and business professionals how to attract and engage their ideal clients. She’s a master connector and teaches systems to transform your life and grow your business NOW!

    Pat delivers record-setting growth and BIG ideas as the social media and marketing lead for the Women’s Golf Association of NJ - now the largest women's Northern NJ Golf league with over FIVE HUNDRED MEMBERS. She drives social media for the ShopRite LPGA Classic and the Barclays PGA Tour. Pat has served on the Boards of WGANJ, the NJ Assn. of Women Business Owners, Healthcare Businesswomen's Association and NNJ International Special Events Society. She has extensive experience mentoring (and marketing to) women in their role as golfer, executive, mom, family concierge and health/wellness decision-maker. Pat’s a mom of 2 college kids, and plays golf around the world with her husband, Alex.

    Golf Talk Live is available at iTunes.com & Stitcher.com

    Tune in "LIVE" Thursdays from 6-8PM Central right here on Golf Talk Live!

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    Pilates questions answered! episode 106

    in Fitness

    How to best work with chiropractors and physical therapists when you share clients.  Also, multiple questions answered about working with sacroiliac joint pain/issues (SI joint) and how to unravel the mysteries of that area.  Bonus quick question about fire baton on the short box and how to cue round back on the short box.  

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    Hollywood Insider Jon Robberson & Flip Benham on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

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    Tonight we will be joined by Jon Robberson and Reverend Flip Benham both men will be speaking at the upcoming hear the watchmen conference in Dallas March 18th - 20th

    Jon Robberson is our Hollywood insider who has been on the show to expose the satanic elements of hollywood on this show as well as JB Wells program. He will be joined by Reverend Flip Benham from Operation save America. Reverend Flip leads by example, having spent time in jail for the cause of Christ & the unborn in Wichita, Baton Rouge, Birmingham, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Orlando, Lynchburg and Washington D.C. Flip always preaches Jesus Christ as our Savior. 

    We will also be discussing the latest news and current events while taking questions via email for our guests tonight.

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    HCR winter vibes

    in Music

    music talk  and interviews from  Hit City  Digital  records and  Henry Turner jr.

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    Deepertruth: Eucharistic Miracle of TIXTLA MEXICO, OCTOBER 21, 2006 Part II

    in Religion

    On October 21, 2006, the effusion of a reddish substance was noted from a consecrated Host during the Eucharistic Celebration at Tixtla, in the Diocese of Chilpancingo-Chilapa. The Bishop of the place, Most Reverend Alejo Zavala Castro, then convened a Theological Commission of investigation and, in October 2009, he invited Doctor Ricardo Castañón Gómez, to take on the leadership of the program of scientific research whose purpose was in fact that of verifying the said event.

    The Mexican Ecclesiastical authorities turned to Doctor Castañón Gómez because they were aware that, in the years 1999-2006, the scientist had conducted some studies on two consecrated Hosts that also bled in the Parish of Saint Mary, in Buenos Aires.

    The Mexican case starts in October 2006, whenFather Leopoldo Roque, pastor of the Parish of Saint Martin of Tours, invitesFather Raymundo Reyna Estebanto lead a spiritual retreat for his parishioners. As Father Leopoldo and another priest were distributing Communion, assisted by a religious sister who was to the left of Father Raymundo, this latter one turns towards him with the “pix” containing the Sacred Particles, looking at Father with eyes filled with tears, an incident that immediately attracted the attention of the celebrant: the Host that she had taken to give Communion to a lady parishioner had begun to effuse a reddish substance.

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    Live Monday Night Baton Rouge Broadcast w/Evangelist Anita

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    Evangelist Anita Fuentes reporting on location at Baton Rouge, LA - Prophecy Broadcast 
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    Baton Rough! Oscar Combs, Meredith Hornsby & Mary Jo Perino Join Us!

    in Sports

    Got a super fun show on tap tonight! First show of 2016. We'll look at the Kentucky Wildcats tough loss to the LSU Tigers.

    We have a big time group of guests tonight!

    The legendary Oscar Combs, the founder of The Cat's Pause and UK Sports Network cohost joins us right off the bat at 6:05 to talk all things UK and maybe a touch of NFL and MLB too.

    Meredith Hornsby, writer at bamahammer.com, will stop by at 7:00 to discuss the Alabama Crimson Tide and their quest for another national championship.

    Mary Jo Perino, cohost of The Dan and Mary Jo Show on 1300 AM WLXG in Lexington stops by at 7:30 to chat about the Minnesota Vikings and the NFL Playoffs.

    Tune in! Join the fun: call us at (845)277-9373 or tweet us at @CatsTalkWed! 

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    OCR Athletes want to know… A Q&A Session

    in Sports

    Often times, we interview elite athletes from various sports, the hero’s that command the podium race after race. As much as we admire their physical prowess, many of our listeners have their own agendas and goals they hope to fulfil.  So, we intend to offer the spotlight to those of you who have questions and hopefully we can provide answers that will make a difference in your running, training and racing experience.  In this episode we feature OCR Athlete Cody Higgs from Nashville Tennessee, along with a few questions from Richard Rachal of Baton Rouge Louisiana. 

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    Personal Interview with "RIFICA" Gospel Rap Artist

    in Music

    Hello everyone welcome to Reaching Out Radio where we are reaching out to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

    On the show tonight we have an amazing artist joining us!

    When the Holy Spirit teams up with hip hop, it makes for a dynamic collaboration of Gospel Rap; a process RIFICA refers to as “the Holy Spirit downloading the lyrics to his brain.” This partnership in music attracts all ages of believers and non-believers the same. RIFICA showcases this spiritual encounter in each of his albums: Motivation, The Standard, and The Death of Me mix tapes. His unique style of artistry is both versatile and nonconforming. Known for his interactive “line dance” tracks, RIFICA creates a high energy atmosphere that would make anyone get up and join. Gospel Step, Gospel Wobble, and The Righteous Shuffle, are major hits in the Christian community and embrace the concept that you can have fun in the Lord, a great time in church, and that it’s exciting to be in Christ. These words RIFICA tells his supporters as he travels throughout Texas and other shows spanning across Denver , CO, Baton Rouge , LA and Myrtle Beach, SC.

    Prior to recording his first album, RIFICA would feature on various artist songs, with his first being with Mic D and Disciples of Prophecy on the DOP 2k3 album. Later, the successful relationship would serve as a positive force of change. After hearing from Mic D, and the industry response to his original name, MastaBalla, it was suggested he choose a different alias. In that moment God brought the name to remembrance and it’s meaning to the acronym RIFICA (Righteous In Faith InCrease Abundantly). This modification would eventually develop RIFICA’s brand and shape him into the artist he is today. Since then Rif , is proud to have worked with artists such as Educator, Immortal, Poetic Prophet, BSloan and Mike Dixon.

    When you hear the sounds in his albums, everything from the beat to the lyrics, expect to hear real life applications.

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    Episode 1604: Non-roster invitees, second base & soup

    in Sports

    This week's edition of the podcast gets into the nitty gritty of non-roster invitees, including the ones just announced by the Dodgers this week.

    Jacob Burch and Eric Stephen also talked about the infield, including second base, and what might come in the three weeks before spring training starts. We also took several questions, in which Jacob took the food shame baton from me in revealing he doesn't care much for soup.

    You can send any and all questions to us at tblapodcast@gmail.com, or contact us on Twitter at @truebluela or@jacobburch.

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