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    Bassist, composer and producer Chip Shearin returns to talk about his new cd "How I Live", executive produced by The Lakers coach Bryon Scott, featuring comedian Sinbad and his upcoming Avengers tour with bassist Ethan Farmer.

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    With the release of his first solo CD effort, ‘Soul Searching’, and single ‘Genesis’, an instrumental jazz/funk fusion collection that interweaves music inspired by his much admired influences, Mitchell Coleman Jr has fulfilled a lifelong dream of creating the music he hears in his heart and feels in his soul – and sharing it with the world.

    The disc, independently released on his own Soul Revelation label , features some of L.A.’s funkiest players: his long-time collaborator and ‘Soul Searching’ co-producer, Hollywood (pulling triple-duty on piano and vocals), Deron Johnson (formerly with Miles Davis) is also on keyboards, Kayta Matsuno and Sean Fabian are on guitar, Tim Anderson and Sal Avila are on saxophones, while industry veterans and sisters, Pam and Joyce Vincent (formerly of Tony Orlando and Dawn) and Jim Gilstrap (the ‘Good Times’ TV show theme song singer) perform background vocals along with newcomers Sean Thomas and Nodesha.

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    Meet Celebrity Bassist, Mark A. Walker!!!

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    This Week on "TheMusicBox" with National Recording Artist Tanya Dallas-Lewis! Meet Celebrity Bass Player Mark A. Walker!!!

    This well respected live/session bassist and founder of MPM Productions, has played for the likes of super celebrity recording artists and producers all over the world [including Lalah Hathaway, Will Downing, Yolanda Adams, Gerald Albright, and so many more] is gracing "The Music Box!" and I can't wait!  Yes--a LIVE radio interview! Is that totalleee awe-sum or WHAT?  I love musicians [mostly because I am one!], especially ones who respect and cherish the artform and recognize the Giver of their gifts! Wait until you meet MARK A. WALKER!!  

    Plus, [as always--like, FOR REAL-FOR REAL!] the BEST in gospel music by artists that you ACTUALLY know [wowsa!], news, interviews, updates, how-to's and so much more! 

    I'm going to be eating some LEFT OVER EASTER CANDY [yep--still got some left! Not sharing, either!!!] and sipping on a frozen lemonade fruit smoothie! ;0) Meet me at 8pm...OR ELSE!!! lolololol 

    -Tanya, Stellar/Dove Nominated Recording Artist


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    "Up Close & Personal" with Bassist Mr. "Michael Manson"

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    Join us as if we feature one amazing bassist taking his music to what I thought to be impossible to do and take his new release to an all new level...Michael Manson's latest release "Thumpin" is one of, if not the best release of the summer!! Here is what some have to say!!...
    If you like "LIVE" music albums, you'll love this set. It's rockin' from the first to the last song. MM and his band are some of the most talented smooth jazz artists that I've ever experienced. Khari Parker on the drums is the man. He's sets a strong groove and everybody else just lays in the "cut" so to speak. Your head and feet will move the entire concert. That's what it feels like on a good stereo or surround setup. You won't be disappointed. The recording quality is top notch and you can hear ALL of the musicians and background singers. Just Superb. W. Harrison- Fan 

     "One of Smooth Jazz's most creative and explosive bassists, Chicago-based Michael Manson has put out some great studio discs - but nothing tops the wild abandon and all-out joy of his live performances. So it's exciting that he's giving us his unfiltered, hard groovin' best on THUMPIN' LIVE, a 16-track set CD/DVD of the multi-talented artist at his best. In addition to expansive romps through his popular tunes like "Outer Drive," key tracks include the soulful, swaying "Just One Touch" and the brassy, heavy bottom way out rockin' funk of "The Bottom Line," fashioned as a tribute to his late hero George Duke, whom Manson first played with on Kirk Whalum's "The Gospel According To Jazz" in 1997. Nobody does THUMPIN' LIVE better than Manson!" ~JONATHAN WIDRAN Smooth Jazz.com 

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    Lead singer and bass guitar player, song writer and co-writer for the Little River Band, Wayne Nelson has been playing bass and singing lead vocals with the band for more than 30 years. Nelson will be reminiscing with Halli when he joins her at the table on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Wednesday, May 20, 3 pm ET.

    The Little River Band originally formed in Melbourne, Australia, in 1975. Nelson came on board in 1979 the first American to join the band. All told, LRB has sold more than 30 million records and achieved 13 U.S. Top 40 hits, most notably Reminiscing, Lonesome Loser, Cool Change, The Night Owls and Take It Easy on Me, the latter two songs featuring lead vocals by Nelson, along with his considerable talent as a bass guitarist, his funk bass skills distinguishing him early in the band’s history. Just as compelling as the story of the band is Nelson’s personal life a story of extreme highs and tragic lows. 

    Reminiscing with Little River Band’s Wayne Nelson, Halli’s guest for the hour when he joins Halli at her table Wednesday, May 20, 3 pm ET on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show. For more information visit Halli Casser-Jayne dot com.

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    Up Close& Personal with Bassist / Composer "Kyle Eastwood"

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    Prolific Bassist/Composer Kyle Eastwoodchannels his earliest Jazz influences on The View From Here,
    available March 12 on JazzVillage

    It has been 15 years since bassist Kyle Eastwood burst onto the jazz scene with his 1998 debut, From There To Here. At that moment in his budding career, the press seemed more preoccupied with his paternal lineage (he’s the son of famed actor-director Clint Eastwood) than his music. Over the course of the four subsequent releases – 2004′s Paris Blue, 2005′s Now, 2009′s Metropolitan and 2011′s Songs from the Chateau – Eastwood built up an impressive body of work while earning respect in musician circles. With his sixth release as a leader, The View From Here on the JazzVillage label, he demonstrates a strong command of both electric and upright basses while expanding into more adventurous territory that is informed as much by jazz as it is by world music. “I’ve always loved music from other countries,” says the Carmel, California native who has resided in Paris for the past eight years. “Living in France, you hear a lot of North African and Middle Eastern music, and you can hear some of those influences on this new recording.”

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    Michael Manson is tremendously excited about the Thumpin' CD/DVD release.  He is equally as excited about the possibility to walk the same path as his mentor and friend, the late, George Duke.  In his words,"it is now my responsibility to use all that I have learned from George, to do all that I can, to make the best music I can, so that I continue the legacy and lineage that he has invested in me. So we move forward.  As George would say, "we were there, and now we're here" so here we go".

    My 1st live record. It features some new tracks and some reworking of some other tracks.  On this recording, no special guests from my friends, but just a showcase of my band and I "getting it in".  Most importantly and personally, for me is a tribute to my friend and mentor George Duke who I dedicate this project to. 

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    Remembering Bassist extraordinaire Eric Serrano

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    This Thursday night at 11 PM, we will have a special show in rememberance of a great friend, brother,husband and father Eric Serrano. This will consist of a chat with friends and family  about the life of this extraordinaire musician. We will play his music and travel down memory lane. With live call in. Friends and family are encouraged to call at (619) 638-8410.

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    Up Close & Personal with Guitarist/Bassist "Kevin Jackson"

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    Kevin Jackson is a guitarist, bassist, and producer from Baltimore, 
    Maryland, with over 25 years in the music business. “I’ve always loved 
    music,” reminisces Jackson. “My earliest memory is when I was 13 and 
    my mother would take me to all these gospel quartet groups in 
    Baltimore. I eventually went on to tour with the Singing Disciples and 
    haven’t looked back.”
    Jackson has been influenced by many musicians ranging from Marcus 
    Miller, James Brown, Dean Brown, Sting, The Edge, John Scofield, 
    Robin Ford and Keith Urban, to name a few. "Number 1 on the list is, 
    Hiram Bullock, without a doubt,” quips Jackson. “His ability to play all 
    genres is amazing, but to still have his sound behind it is awesome. 
    That’s talent.” 

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with World Class Bassist, Mike Pope!

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    How wonderful to get a chance to talk with a most respected artist!  A master of both electric and acoustic bass, arranger, composer and bandleader, Mike Pope is VERY excited about this chapter in his life.  Since the last time we heard him as leader - in 2002 - many changes have taken place.  Including his move to Maryland, a wife, two children - and a stroke. Yes, with that knowledge, it's intriguing to note the title of his new CD, "Cold Truth, Warm Heart." :-O

    Mike started his journey in Ohio - where both parents were classical musicians.  At the University of North Texas, he met the late and great Michael Brecker - who encouraged Mike to move to New York.  He did and found work with his mentoring friend, as well as shows with Blood, Sweat and Tears and Manhattan Transfer.  The artistry and the buzz about this amazingly versatile bassist resulted in strong relationships with legendary musicians: Chick Corea, David Sanborn, Al DiMeola and Bill Bruford.  

    All you have to do is visit Mike Pope Jazz Dot Com to understand the deep alliance that he has forged with other revered names in the business - Randy Brecker and Victor Wooten among them.  John Patitucci, too, has much to say about his friend, Mike.  Hopefully, MIKE will have much to say about ALL of this when he visits "Hybrid Jazz" on 5/22 :)

    Back to the reasoning behind the title...Mike believes that life is cold and the truth is colder.  But he can only approach both with a warm heart.  Now, in this fabulousl era of new beginnings, with a supportive family and music that is being so well-received, he has every reason to feel optimistic.  Especially with CD release parties on the way to affirm everything that he has done in his musical life.  It's Mike Pope's TURN!  You'll most certainly agree when you hear the tracks that we'll play on the next show :)

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    GMan on the DrCal Hour of Insight

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    The Gman, (Greg Mullins Sr.) will be stopping by the show to give us an update on his new projects. This veteran musician who is known for his great Bass guitar skills as he stays active on the circuit while producing artists like Moon Chylde and many others. We will share some of his new music and a little conversation, with your host DrCal