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    The CEO and The Monk

    in Energy

    Corporate America is more or less known for distrust, employee mistreatment, and lack of ethics, to say the least. What if two men could create harmony between management and union workers as they generate profitability? Such was the case with the most unlikely duo, Bob Catell a luminary in the energy industry and Kenny Moore, a former Catholic Monk who tell their story of success in the best-selling book, The CEO and The Monk. It is the story of KeySpan, the nation's 5th largest energy giant and a profitable, Fortune 500 company and their simple belief in opting to "do the right thing." Before it was bought out by NationalGrid in February 2006, KeySpan received a 100% rating on the Corporate Equality Index released by the Human Rights Campaign starting in 2004, the third year of the report. The Human Rights Campaigns priorities include: prevention of hate crimes and HIV/AIDS; advocacy for healthcare benefits, marriage, and adoption rights for same-sex couples; lobbying for a federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act and gender identity anti-discrimination laws; combating gay bashing in schools; and building relationships with straight allies, ethnic groups, religious leaders, and youth. In this segment of The Clean Energy View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to Robert Catell who was formerly the Chairman and CEO of KeySpan Corporation and KeySpan Energy Delivery, the former Brooklyn Union Gas. Following National Grid's acquisition of KeySpan Corporation, Mr. Catell became Chairman of National Grid, U.S. and Deputy Chairman of National Grid plc. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board of the Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center at Stony Brook University, NYS Smart Grid Consortium, Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School, Futures in Education Endowment Fund and the NY Energy Policy Institute's Advisory Council. 

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    DLINE 17

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    Black women are all u got !/Will Harriet get a perm ?/Amber Rose vs.Rev. Run

    in Culture

    Looks like it's gonna be another year of bashing black women. Is it changing anything ? 

    Harriet Tubman will be on the $20 bill but when ? 

    Amber Rose just wants to be left alone. Is it possible ?

    All this with some news in between !  Join me :0)



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    Well Armed Radio - Sunday April 17, 2016

    in Politics

    Join Wisconsin Carry, Inc. President and host of Well Armed Radio, Nik Clark for another LIVE broadcast of Wisconsin's premier 2nd Amendment/freedom minded/capitalism embracing radio program.  Where we don't just talk about guns, but capitalism and freedom.  Show will air LIVE at 7pm Central time on Sunday.   Tune in, Call in, BE WELL ARMED!

    Well Armed Radio...  Because knowledge is your best defense, but a good back-up never hurts.

    Topics this week:
    -We'll hit the mailbag again:  Excuse making for republicans?  When will it ever end.
    -Concealed carry and churches.  Can you do it?  What if there is a school attached?
    -More outrageous media gun ridiculousness.  Can anyone take local TV media seriously anymore?
    -Sean Payton:  Stick to football idiot... (dead NFL player story)
    -Guns and suicide prevention??? Gun org's need to be careful who they get in bed with.
    -If we have time we might even do a little Bruce Springsteen bashing, bitch about corporate welfare in Milwaukee, and who knows what else.


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    To Each His Own

    in Current Events

    It has been a while and we all know it, since we talked about good survival tips. Not sure that we will actually offe great tips, but the apocalypse nana show will offer great conversation about survival, politics and the season finale of the Walking Dead! and of course, everyone's favorite bashing balll ... Donald trump.


    It's the View meets O'reilly Factor


    Join us, call in, and enjoy the fun

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    Should More Men Be Uplifting Instead Of Bashing Black Women?

    in Entertainment

    call in to talk live 347-989-8310

    donate to my patreon at http://www.patreon.com/tommysotomayor

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    The Rob Zicari Show

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    Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio Presents: NC Squatch Watchers

    in Paranormal

    In continuing the series of the North American Sasquatch Researcher,on this Happy St. Patrick's Day, Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio brings you  a special team called the NC Squatch Watchers.They are a number one rated local cable tv show WHKY14 Friday nights at 8:00 Rex Allen theater presents ! 

    The NC Squatch Watchers are a Saquatch research team from the Western part of North Carolina.  The team members consist of team research leader David Martin and research members Taylor Cook, Toby Bolick, and Derek Stevenson. Over the past three years, every week they have searched for evidence of Bigfoot and have obtained evidence through hours of video footage.  Their evidence consists of knocks, yells, growls, objects being thrown, and rock bashing near riverbanks.  In their opinion, they hunt the hottest Bigfoot spot in America based off of their continued sasquatch experiences.  They actually started out as four skeptics, but are now four Sasquatch believers. This team can be reached at: ncsquatchwatchers@gmail.com or can be found on their Face book page:https://m.facebook.com/profile.php. Join us for an exciting show tonight as we discuss Bigfoot with all four team members of the NC Squatch Watchers.

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    Today on The Boochcast, Booch talks about turning 29, visting his girlfriend in the hospital, gives Facebook shoutouts to everyone that wished him Happy Birthday,Derek Shapiro calls in to wish Booch a Happy Birthday, plays the clip of John Oliver bashing Donald Trump, Billy The Redneck calls in to wish Booch a Happy Birthday, talk about voting for Donald Trump, and living in a trailer park. Finally as a special bonus treat Booch recaps WWE Smackdown. 

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    in Politics Conservative

    Trump warned us about losing the Supreme Court. for 100 years. Trump reminds us every town hall that the media sucks and can't be trusted. What happened to the coverage of the 16-1 shootdown of unarmed Lavoy Finicum? A grandpa amddbushed and shot in the face after he was dead. He walked away from his vehicle to protect those inside from being shot also. His hands were in the air.

    Once people realize we are living in a communist controlled country. Everybody closes their eyes and clams up. Do you realize how vulnerable Trump's holdings are to Moslem terrorists. When the first bomb goes off look for Hitlery in a burkha leaving the scene of the crime. Fix news will cover it up.

    How stupid can FIX news be ? They were at the top of the ratings game and had a great base. They threw it all away when they staged the assassination of EL TRUMPO.

    Megyn Behar Stern Kelly showed her true bad taste brown colors when she took on Trump like she was the candidate. It failed and FIX news lost their fair and impartial credibility. This last debate she did it again. For K-sick they had soft ball questions like How how is the corn in Ohio? 

    For Super gringo El Trumpo they had charts, graphs and communion pictures. Is it true Mr Trump that you started your shoe shine business with the two pennies you stole out of a customers loafers. I wonder how many brownie points the staff can pile up in one day just bashing Trump in a very nice way. He was in the Klan, he was in the Mafia,. he filed bankruptcy, let's go to the video tape. Here he is in the second putting gum under his seat.

     If Rubio loses Florida.it is Vaya con Dios time. I LIKE CRUZ but I don't like to lose. We will lose 10% rinos and pick up 30% light bulb democrats who just woke up thanks to Trump. He will pull more blacks and Latinos than anyone.