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    Dr Craig Bash - Getting to know Dr Bash

    in Military

    Dr Bash and John Dorley will be the guest speakers. Get to know Dr Bash, What he does, Who he is. His success stories.

    You will have the opportunity to call in and speak directly to Dr Bash.


    The call in nubmber is 347 237 4819 option 1.


    Join us. We look forward to hearing from you.


    Jbasser and the Hadit Radio staff.

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    The Asylum: Season Finale: Nico's Bday Bash feat. Beyond Hope & Surprise Guests

    in Radio

    We've reached our Season Finale Inmates and Baby Bats. However, in the immortal words of Riff Raff in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, "You've arrived on a rather special night..." Tonight happens to be the night before host Nico Nice's birthday!!! And he has quite the impressive Guest List for his Birthday Bash!!! Some have been on the show before and others who will join us in the future. Who, you may be asking yourself, well you need to tune in and find out!!! Over in Dark Delights with Ladyaslan, groovy new band BEYOND HOPE will be the featured musical guests. We also have a new addition to The Asylum family with Kiki's Quick Book Reviews!!! The Saint and Terri The Twisted Housewife will also be joining in on the festivities!!! The Gates Open For The Last Time in 2014 At 10 PM EST!!!!

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    Cloverleaf Radio Presents: The Jimmy Falcon Birthday Bash!

    in Sports

    Cloverleaf Radio's hosts, The Host with the Most Jimmy Falcon and Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling's Gremlina present the 4th annual, Jimmy Falcon Birthday Bash!

    Featuring Special Guests:

    Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling's M.T.V.

    Actor and Comedian, Steven Alan Green ("The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" "The Arsenio Hall Show")

    Former W.W.F. Referee, Mac MacMurray

    Professional Wrestler and Spike T.V. Reality Star, Ric Savage

    JOIN US!

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    Why do atheists always bash God but they never bash Satan hmmm? Find out today

    in Entertainment

    Find all this out and more on this show and at http://www.shockawenow.net

    Ever ask yourself why atheists always bash God but they never bash Satan?
    Ever wonder why atheists say "God is so evil and God is such a bully" but then atheists say "oh and He doesn't exist"?
    Ever ask yourself "If atheism is so kind and loving where are all the atheist hospitals?"
    Also if atheism was true to it's cause why do atheists use money that says "in God we trust on it"?  Shouldn't a true atheist give that money to theists and be true to their atheist convictions?  Is it hypocritical to use money that says "IN GOD WE TRUST ON IT"?
    Why are atheist shows like "The atheist Experience show" still scared to answer this question live on the air?
    Question: What proof and evidence can atheists give the rational world that would finally show atheism is accurate or correct?  
    Find out on this show why Christianity rules the world and why atheists still after all these centuries are still failing to disprove the existence of God.  After all this time....they still can't do it...and my friends...they never will. 

    Find out why in this exciting show.  Invite your atheist friends to listen..together we can "Snap" them out of the madness which is....aThEiSm.

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    24 In 24: Willie's Birthday Bash

    in Wrestling

    WVIPW Radio has yet another packed episode coming right at you. Wrestler turned promoter, Dave "Rock" Parsons, joins the show to speak on his career in and out of the ring. Listen in as David Lynch and William Lavell pick his brain about his long travels, the importance of locker room morale, IWWA, iPPVs, and much more.

    Then, stick around for news and notes about last Saturday's (Round 2)Fight! Against Hunger presented by JCCW, this weekend's huge night of wrestling in southern WV, a big December announcement from UPWA, Kayser and the Dirty Hippie, and IF....IF they can actually get to it, some WWE and some geektalk.

    Plus, can William Lavell do it? A yearly tradition is put to the test. 24 beers. 24 hours. Last year, he faltered and only got to 18. Can he come back from defeat, or will the ripe old age of 40 kick his ass?

    You can listen to this and any episode of WVIPW Radio right here at www.blogtalkradio.com/runhomerecordings. Be sure to visit www.facebook.com/WVIPWRadio and hit "Like" to get all the up to date news, events, and podcasts in the great state of West Virginia.

    Not near a computer? Got a question for the show? Then call on in at (657)383-0080.

    WVIPW Radio is independently owned and operated and has no affiliation to any professional wrestling organization. We proudly support the lifeblood of the sport. We encourage everyone to go out and support your local promotion, but leave the drama at the door. West Virginia has some of the greatest talent on the east coast. If we all band together, we can make the world take notice.

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    Talking Out Loud with A. L. Cooper: How to Overcome Holiday Depression

    in Current Events

    A. L. Cooper is the face behind the voice of 'Talking Out Loud"She is a native of Columbia, SC; however, has traveled the world and lived in different major cities in the U.S. and abroad. A. L. Cooper is currently living in the prosperous city of Atlanta, GA and is proud to call the southern diamond her home. The show is a success because of her outgoing, charming, quick-witted personality. Fans love the intelligent comedic banter between her and fellow co-host Alfonso Todd. Visit www.TalkingOutLoud.biz to learn more about the show!!

    Tonight's  "Indie Artist Music Out Loud" Spotlight is Hip Hop Artist "Crevy" and the name is his album is "Corporate Balance"

    "So Wus Up" Creyv (Produced by Knex Lev)

    "Highway" Creyv feat. Amadi"(Produced by Knex Lev

    Click on the link below to hear more music form our Spotlight Artist!!!




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    Dr Bash and John Dorle

    in Military

    Dr Bash and John Dorle will discuss claims and IME''s.

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    Hybrid Jazz - with Director Carol Bash and her Mary Lou Williams Film!

    in Music

    If you are not acquainted with the genius and the greatness of Mary Lou Williams, please let us introduce you to one of the most amazing figures in Jazz history.  Pianist, Arranger and Composer, Mary Lou was beloved by MANY - including Duke Ellington.  He couldn't say enough about her style and the person behind it.  Ms. Williams wrote hundreds of compositions, arranged for the prestigious male bandleaders of her day (remember those times - a WOMAN arranging? A WOMAN having that kind of influence?!) and was both friend and mentor to Monk, Miles, Parker and Gillespie.  

    Known as "The Little Piano Girl of East Liberty" (Pittsburgh), Mary Lou was self-taught and performed in public for the first time at age six.  Her confidence never wavered through the years and she came to the attention of those who appreciated her strong skills and positive personality.  One that landed on WNEW in New York City - as a broadcaster with a popular show.  

    So MUCH to say about Mary Lou - and no one can say it better than CAROL BASH.  She is the director and producer of "Mary Lou Williams: The Lady Who Swings The Band."  This noble endeavor is an IndieGoGo project that is looking to fulfill its mission by October 28th!  There are important movers and shakers involved in this film who LOVE Jazz and LOVE the subject of this labor of love.  You'd recognize the names - and we'll drop them when Carol visits on 10/21 at one p.m. Eastern time.  

    You'll hear about the musican and spiritual evolution of Mary Lou - she converted to Roman Catholicism later in life - and it colored her world in a way that surprised even herself.  Maybe inspired by that journey, she said: "Jazz is love - you have to lay into it and let it flow."  Join us in The Chat Room on 10/21!





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    Talking Out Loud with A. L. Cooper

    in Current Events

    A. L. Cooper is the face behind the voice of "Talking Out Loud". She is a native of Columbia, SC; however, has traveled the world and lived in several different major cities in the U.S. and abroad. Currently, A. L. Cooper is living and enjoying the rich and prosperous city of Atlanta, GA, and is proud to call the southern diamond her home. Her outgoing, charming, quick witted personality is a natural fit for her show and fans love the intelligent and comedic banter between her and fellow co-host Alfonso Todd.

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