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    Freedom Quest -- Special Guest: Dr. Steven Moysey

    in Politics Conservative

    Dr. Steven Moysey, author, and an internationally recognized expert in the field of conflict and crisis negotiation, counter intelligence and counter terrorism with a specialization in the area of armed barricade standoff situations.


    Recent speaking engagement, on 2nd Amendment Rights : 

    Part 1: http://youtu.be/PRFWDlPAkdE
    Part 2: Dr. Steve Moysey Second Amendment Speech Part 2 of 2


    Stand UP America -- Take Our Country Back!!!

    Our Mission:  To promote the Judeo/Christian perspective, political commentary, patriotism, family, U.S. Constitution, respect for life and liberty, freedom of speech, freedom OF religion, right to bear arms, and respect for life.  To engage the public in discussions regarding threats to our way of life and our freedoms that were fought for by our Founding Fathers, our brave and courageous military, and by every day Patriots.

    EMAIL US AT:  mp91freedomquest@gmail.com



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    CLAYTON, Mo. — On Saturday, grand jury watch started to feel more like a hurricane watch here in the heart of St. Louis County.

    Workers scrambled Saturday morning to barricade police headquarters and other government buildings, residents grabbed supplies at a corner store and some shop owners finished boarding up windows. “We’ve never seen anything like this,” said Quentin Virgil who repairs shoes across the street from the St. Louis County Police Department. “The law office next door is boarded up. That’s not normal.”

    Nothing in the St. Louis area seems normal as the community anxiously awaits a grand jury’s findings in the case of a white police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown, an unarmed black teen. 

    Brown's death promoted riots in August, and there is a fear among some locals that another round of violence could cost lives and livelihoods.

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    Talking "Suddenly Single" with Author James Hulbert

    in Books

    Suddenly Single, James Hulbert's latest novel, depicts the  adventures of Tom Lord as he returns to the dating world after thirty years.

    "Tom Lord, Vice President of the American Broadcasters Association has gone through a wretched divorce after thirty years of marriage. As he tries to rebuild his life, he finds himself out of touch with the changed and changing world of women. They have become independent, assertive, ambitious and sexually uninhibited. He tries to overcome loneliness and depression while coping with the greatest tragedy of his life.

    After several liaisons with diverse members of the new generation ... Louisa, who is recently divorced; Claire, a Capital Hill swinger; Heather, a co-worker who may be his boss; and Diana, the woman of his dreams ... or is she? ...

    Then he faces a dilemma: his life changes because of a surprising new development."


    James Hulbert was born in St. Joseph, Missouri and raised in Washington, D.C. After graduating from Harvard University and Harvard Business School. He spent a year hitchhiking and staying in youth hostels across Europe and North America. He spent three years at the National Broadcasting Company in New York City, and the remainder of his career at the National Associaiton of Broadcasters in Washington, D.C. 

    He divides his time between Washington, D.C. and the island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, where he has had a home since the early 1970's. James can also be found in Lexington, Kentucky visiting his daughter and four granddaughters.

    Suddenly Single is James' third novel. He also authored Noon on the Third Day about a U.S. Senator and The Disputed Barricade about labor unions during the 1930's.

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    October 28th Wrestle Talk with Joe & Rick

    in Entertainment

    October 28th Wrestle Talk show with Joe & Rick

    We will be discussing the events at Hell in a Cell PPV and reactions from the October 27th WWE Raw. What kind of fallout happened during the PPV? Find out LIVE on Wrestle Talk! 

    We will have a LIVE guest, Jaysin Strife, from Council Bluffs, IA. Jaysin was the "Soldier" who jumped the barricade and attempted to attack Rusev on the October 20th WWE Raw in Kansas City, MO. Jaysin is an independent wrestler. I will interview him and find out how WWE contacted him and what their intentions were for that segment. I will ask him about the fallout from the segment and any attacks that's come from his participation as a US Army Soldier.

    I will also discuss Jaysin's longest match ever, which lasted a total 7 hours. Professional wrestler since June of 2004. Jaysin Strife has made his home in the Midwest but has traveled to hone his craft and display his skills on both the west and east coast, as well as overseas in England and Germany. Jaysin Strife is one of the most underrated and underutilized professional wrestlers in the world today.

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    Politics of Faith

    in Politics Progressive

    Rev. Kojo Nantambu was one of several African American students bused to white suburban high schools in Wilmington, North Carolina, who upon arrival found himself surrounded by hostility and resentment. He became a leader in the 1971 racial uprising in the city which began with a sit-in in response to the school board's prohibition of a memorial service on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday. Nantambu was there as an emerging community leader when blacks had to barricade their Wilmington neighborhoods to keep out marauding whites who beat and in several instances shot them. 

    Rev. Kojo Nantambu is currently the President of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg NAACP in North Carolina. In addition, he is the Director of Religious Education Advocacy Project (R.E.A.P.) of the North Carolina State NAACP. President Nantambu is a dedicated, passionate, diligent civil rights leader and activist who actively works to execute the mission of the NAACP.

    Rev. Nantambu encourages churches across North Carolina to become involved in the NAACP and their communities as they did during the civil rights movement. 

    President Nantambu is known to stand his ground against inequality and injustice and has organized protests against the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board in the closing of the majority of inner city schools, organized movements against the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department in light of instances of racial profiling and the killing of several citizens, as well as helped to organize the Moral Monday protests at the North Carolina General Assembly.

    Rev. Nantambu is married to Ms. Linda Kirby, his high school sweetheart and life partner in all that he does.  He is also the pastor of Green Oak Missionary Baptist Church in Charlotte, N.C. 

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    What is Your Human Design Given to You at Birth?

    in Current Events

    What is 'Human Design' and how can it help me?  It can give you more information so you can find your right work, understand yourself and improve your relationships.  If you are stuck and don't know what is really wrong with your life these days, have a reading on your Human Design report.

    My guest is Karen Curry, author of Understanding Human Design; The New Science of Astrology:  Discover Who You Really Are.  Once Karen has your birth information, a chart is generated according to the principles of astrology and she can guide you to things that may be easy for you in life and those that are roadblocks to ultimate happiness.  While we all have free will, sometimes we take a road that perhaps we need to barricade and choose a dirt road on the side.   Karen can help you see things from your past that influenced who you are and how you can flourish in the future.

    For more information visit:  www.humandesignforeveryone.com

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    "Barricade Your Marriage Or Relationship With Fire"

    in Christianity

    TONIGHT "Join Prophetic Voice on Friday @ 9:00 EST Will be discussing/ praying about barricading your marriage with fire, covering your relationship, praying against witchcraft in the marriage. Come pray for your marital solutions. Please come prayerful. Deliverance is available...Call in on the conference line."-
    EST 9:00 P.M. CST 8:00 P.M. MST 7:00 P.M. PST 6:00 P.M.

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    Crisis Intervention - Hostage and Crisis Negotiation

    in Training

    Hostage negotiation is included in this Crisis Intervention series because there is a remarkable amount of crisis negotiation which goes on. Only 12% of all hostage incidents involve a perpetrator who is barricaded and has hostages. Most involve barricade situations, they occur in the home of the perpetrator, they are unplanned, and they involve males who are involved in domestic disputes. 

    Additionally, if you teach school, are a counselor, a mental health worker, or even a medical staff member you have a greater chance of being a hostage than others. Roughly 52% of all hostage takings are performed by the emotionally disturbed who are often in these settings. Also, workplace violence is increasing and it is growing more likely crisis interventionists will be involved in helping reconcile these operations.

    If you really look at crisis intervention you find it is at the heart of hostage negotiation. Your trainer, Mike Pozesny, was trained by his state in Hostage Negotiation and admits crisis intervention was not a part of his training. Still, hostage negotiation is also called “crisis bargaining,” because there is a "give and take" where one person is attempting to convince another person to comply with their direction. In Crisis Negotiation all the elements of a crisis exist: disequilibrium, stress, poor cognition, heightened emotionality, and the trauma that occurs after event resolution. 

    This is a public affairs presentation of the American Public Safety Training Institute located at: www.tapsti.org

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    Barricade/Rhino Skin and Revive

    in Science

    http://www.advancednutrients.com/rhinoskin You want to produce bigger yields, while defeating powdery mildew, gray mold, spider mites, aphids, harmful fungi, diseases, stress, heat, drought and other problems that can crush your crops and slow your progress. Check out Rhino Skin and get the job done!

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    Releasing Barriers

    in Self Help

    How often do we barricade & fence up our lives against hurt and loss? Thinking Ah-HA!!!
    No one will get close enough to hurt me now!!!
    Building walls only keep the MENTAL  Plaque CEMENTED TO OUR CRANIUM and keeps the HURT inside! This allows us to build up dis-ease  in our temple .. our holy body!
    Time to use the Mental Floss  
    Releasing  Truth Decay once again.
    Forgiving ourselves sets us FREE

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    StrangeWomen: I Plead the Blood.

    in Education

    There is power in the Blood of Jesus. The blood can bring deliverance to your marriage and become a barricade between you and the StrangeWomen.
    Many couples need to arise to what is happening to them in the spiritual realm. There are forces of darkness being intiated into causing destruction in your marriage.
    Things just do not happen there is a spirit, a force, a demonic entity behind what you are facing. Whether it be in your marriage, finances, and mental status.
    The good news is Jesus Christ can help, if you trust in him to and allow him access into your life, and into the problems that you face.
    Register to my Avon store.
     Happy Shopping!!! Great deals right now for Christmas.

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