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    The Edge- Dave Howell Evans

    in Music

    Stories Behind The Music- Lost Rider's Biography Series Of Famous Guitar Players Presents Legends of Rock with 'The Edge' Dave Evans...Dave 'The Edge' Evans was born in Barking, Essex, in East London to parents of Welsh descent, Gwenda and Garvin Evans. When he was a year old, the family which included younger sister Gillian (Gill) and older brother Richard (Dick) - moved to Dublin, where he has lived ever since. He did well in school – first at St. Andrew's Primary School and then at Mount Temple - and until he met the boys who would be his future bandmates, he wanted to go to university and become a doctor or an engineer. In the fall of 1976 he spotted Larry's note on the Mount Temple Comprehensive High School bulletin board asking for anyone interested in forming a band. He was the first to respond, and he went to the first meeting in Larry's house with his brother Dick. The Edge showed guitar skills well beyond his age, and the chemistry among the group was obvious from the beginning.  The young men were in search of spirituality and the answer to the big questions, and consequently were torn between their Christian ideals and their rock and roll lifestyle. Larry and Bono quickly chose the band, but The Edge was uncertain to the point where he nearly left U2 during the October tour. But he took Bono's advice to follow his heart, and after a reasonable period of soul searching, he chose the band as well.

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    May Day De Mayo Bitches!

    in Comedy

    Drinko de Mayo anyone?

    The dirty family is moving, with their non-stop barking dogs. HALEFALLUJAH!

    Why does the same naked man, lurk in the gym locker room everytime I'm there? Hey old guy, I don't want to sit in the sauna with you and your droopy balls.

    Let's talk about the protests coughbullshitriotscough for a little bit, shall we?

    I'm starting to become the big guy at the gym with no life, who posts pictures of his muscles, then eats a ton of food. Oh yeah, I take two shits a day now.

    Speaking of shits, do you also smell your finger when it goes through the paper as you wipe? Yeah, you do that too. Cheap toilet paper.

    While Obama shakes hands with Iran, the Iranian Navy is stopping and seizing cargo ships sanctioned by the U.S. He's getting punked, it's really Ashton Kutcher as the Shaw of Iran.


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    WiseguyRadio UFC1 : My 3rd episode ever ever ever.

    in Entertainment

    I talk about UFC on FOX from 4/18/2015. Plus I read to myself, horribly edited I might add, a funny news article involving the theft of groceries subsequent getaway by using the shopping cart as the getaway car. Also I tell a true story in a way that was supposed to be funny but, well, I'll let you be the judge of that. You'll hear me come in real low towards the end there when The Dabby is barking. Apparently I was the only one trying to keep the noise down trying not to wake the wife. Later.






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    The barking dog

    in Pets

    What if the dog barks all the time and will not shut up? What is going on? What is the message my dog is giving me? Is there a way to stop my dog? Maybe the way to stop your dog from barking is easier than you think!

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    Total Dudes Episode 7

    in Sports

    Total Dudes is back with special guest Christopher Johnson. What kind of horrific nightmare has the guest agreed to view this week? We will be talking about tatoos, modeling, alligator hunting, dentures, and grown adults barking like dogs to ward off intruders. It's THAT horrific of a nightmare.

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    Twin Flame+ Beckoning Love=Heart of Hearts

    in Spirituality

    The compelling drive to meet the love of our life possesses many people. They long and search for that ideal someone to come into their life and make them feel whole again. For the most part, we are of the mind that there is a 'special person just for us.'

    Much advocacy exists to enhance our changes of meeting this special person. Much centers on changing our magnetic attraction to make this happen. Of course the aire of 'all things coming together' and great happiness flowing is implied. It is a powerful drive, yes?

    But, we must ask the question: "Do we understand this compelling urge appropriately?" Are we 'barking up the wrong tree with all this?"  Is our romance with another person the answer our Soul is calling for us to fulfill?  Do we have any wires crossed here?

    Do you ever drift to the idea that this whole pursuit of your Ideal Love, actually rests within your being as your Higher SELF wooing you HOME? 

    Let's get some powerful insights about what has become a twin flame teaching and get to the heart of it all.

    Join us, Sharon Quinn and Will Gable

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    Excessive Barking?

    in Pets

    Is your dog barking all the time? Are you worried about your neighbors? Are you not sure on how to approach the issue? Listen in for some different ideas on how to approach the subject!

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    The Barking Dog, how do we stop that?

    in Pets

    If your dog barks all the time and does not stop after getting going, is there a way to change that? And how? Are there tricks to this?? What might be a possibility?

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    Lily won’t stop barking and gets sick in the mornings. Help

    in Pets

    This week Suzy talks with Lynn.  Lynn’s dog wrote the following about her dog, Lily.

    Lily, will not stop barking. She is so sweet but no one wants to be around her because she barks a few seconds BEFORE the phone rings, at the wind, everything!  She was a stray that was shot in the rear end, and we took her to the vet.  We thought she was mute for 3 months she never made a peep until she was in the car and a white-haired lady walked by and she went berserk!!  Now she hasn’t shut up since.  

    Also she has developed a thing where she throws up every morning.    She can throw up 12 hours after eating yet she throws up food as if she just ate…  In addition, all of a sudden she has been wanting to be in my lap which she has never done before. She is 8-9 yrs old.  

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    POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES Pet Psychic Iris Matos - Your Pet's Thoughts about YOU!

    in Spirituality

    Animal Communicator IRIS MATOS joins us live tonight!

    Do you ever wonder how your pet feels about YOU?  What do they think about living with you?  What do they want to tell you about their barking, separation anxiety and treat hoarding?  How does YOUR behavior affect your pet?  Can you communicate with them yourself?  Join us tonight ast Pet Psychic Iris Matos provides you with tips & advice on communicating with your pet.  Plus she's taking YOUR calls!

    Iris Matos is an intuitive teaching Spiritual and Psychic Development, Animal Communication and a variety of other topics (i.e. crystals, tarot, astrology).  Iris specializes in animal communication and readings. She is a Reiki Practitioner and an ordained minister.  She holds two Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Akron and two Master’s from the University of Pittsburgh.   Iris is available for private sessions.





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    Robert Dursi, C. N. M. Synergetics: The Age of Virtuality & Regenerative Health

    in Spirituality

    Robert Dursi, C. N. M. , -Synergetics: Regeneration of Health

    It’s true that conventional, modern medicine has made great progress and strides in the last five decades that were never imagined hundreds of years ago.  It’s also true that alternative medicine has taken the imagination of the general population into newer realms of speculation about how healing and regeneration can be accomplished.

    What is the cause of the disease in the body, emotion/mind or spirit in the first place is what needs to be addressed or as is said, “We could be barking up the wrong tree” with the method of treatment or treatments that are selected. Pointing a guilty finger at the micro-organism for causing this or that disease and trying to cure the person by killing the germ will never achieve the goal of a true and lasting healing. 




    The doctrine that the human will cooperates with the Divine Spirit in the work of regeneration

    -Spiritual definition-

    A bodily organ or medicine that cooperates with another or others in the work of regeneration.

    -Biological definition-

    The regeneration, cleansing, clearing and unblocking of biological, mental, emotional and spiritual genetics thus allowing synergy (cooperation and higher union) with the full unobstructed manifestation of the pure essence of life (The Divine Spirit).

    Remember... The final door to enlightenment (salvation) only has a handle on the inside! But, we can humbly knock and patiently wait!

    Robert Dursi, C.N.M. has worked in the fields of allopathic and alternative medicine for 28 years. Studies in Homeopathy, Biochemistry, Immunology and Blood Morphology, he is a Certified Nutritional Microscopist, Holistic Health Counselor and Bio Resonance Sound Therapist. He has private health and wellness practice in Santa Monica, California.