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  • Regal Words Of Wisdom by Yahavioñ Reynolds: There are worlds within worlds

    in Spirituality

    Monk Temple Shit Radio Show Host Yahavioñ Reynolds shares with us a masterpiece from one of her many wonderful writing's. Entitled: There Are Worlds Within Worlds


    Yahavioñ is the host of this Radioshow. In this episode she will introduce her self, give a brief overview of her self and the Monk Temple Shit RadioShow. She also will be introducing Regal Words Of Wisdom by Yahavioñ Reynolds a segment that will be regulary ran on the show.


    Yahavioñ reads the piece then explore's certain key sections in depth.

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    in Prayer

    Jesua said, "Men ought  always to pray." When I heard that for the first time, the only imagery

    I saw in my mind was that of a monk or nun living in a monastery.  I though that in normal life,

    prayer was when you need an escape hatch when everything was coming apart. It could'nt possibly

    be an extraodinary  everyday life outside of a monastery. Then when the Apostle Paul agreed

    that we should, "Pray without ceasing," it sounded like the thing to do , but I felt no attraction to it.

    What was I suppose to get or feel? But, I came to understand that nothing can be  more important

    than building communication with GOD. Join us for live prayer at 6:00 AM, Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963.  

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    September - November Predictions With Rebecca

    in Spirituality

    Do you feel that something is about to happen? Do you sense that it is going to be rather large? Rebecca channels the angels and she is going to speak on what they have shared. These next 60 days are going to be very interesting period of time for us and it may bevery challenging for the entire world. One could say that this is going to be a wake up call for the world. We will speak on the state of the economy, the world, mother nature and geology. I feel that this short period of time is going to be very interesting with the huge possibility of seeing things to a magnitude of the likes that we have never seen in modern times. We already know that the largest El Nino ever seen is forming in the Pacific which usually means a lot of stroms for the west? Join Rebecca and Steven as they offer insight in the coming times.

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    One sided Victor and Victrola records

    in Classical Music

    Playing Forgotten Music on 78 RPM Records by Curt Hahn

    One sided Victor & Victrola records

    Enrico Caruso ‎– O Sole Mio (My Sunshine)

    John McCormack ‎– Macushla

    Calling Me Home To You

    Clarence Whitehill ‎– Some Day I'll Wander Back Again

    Take Me Back To Home and Mother

    Podcast link  

     All credit due to the artist, musicians and Record Companies. No profit or income derived from this podcast. Have a historic 78 RPM and story you want to share with my listeners?  Contact me at: www.facebook.com/s3productions2 or curthahn74@yahoo.com

    Enrico Caruso ‎– O Sole Mio (My Sunshine)

    Victrola ‎– 87243

    Victor Talking Machine Co.

     Released: 05 Feb 1916

    Genre: Classical

    Style: Romantic

    A: O Sole Mio (My Sunshine)

    Music By – E. di Capua Words by – G. Capurro

    Neapolitan folk song. Tenor with orchestra in Italian

    John McCormack ‎– Macushla

    Victrola ‎– 64205 circa 1912

    A: Macushla

    Irish Tenor with orchestra

    Composers Rowe-Macmurrough

    Bio at http://www.npr.org/templates

    Label: Victrola ‎– 64803 circa 1918

    John McCormack Calling Me Home To You

    Clarence Whitehill

    Profile: American bass-baritone, born 1871 died 1932 in New York, New York.

    Clarence Whitehill ‎ Some Day I'll Wander Back Again

    Victor‎– 64609, B-17716

    Victor Talking Machine Co.

    Released: 5/22/1916

    A: Some Day I'll Wander Back Again

    Both Written By – Arthur W. French, William A. Huntley

    Victor Records 64610 5/22/1916


    Take Me Back To Home and Mother  

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    Experience is the Greatest Teacher

    in Spirituality

    Why is experience our greatest teacher? Experience is something that noe of us can avoid. Experience is why we took on a body so that we may learn. We are as infinite as the universe yet we learn from the finite. When we experience something we can look at it from one of two ways, we see it as positive or negative. If we do this then we may not learn from it as it is best to stand from an objective point of view. From this position then we see the purpose of the experience and do not judge it. If we judge it then we do not learn from the experience. If we look at things negatively then we step into resistance. From the point of resistance it creates struggle. Struggle is not a necessary thing that we have to do because in resistance we are actually fighting our self. From this position there is nothing to win or to gain. Being objective is when we learn and realize the most. All experience serves a purpose, learn to see the purpose. All things are to lead us to the idea of love and unconditional nature. Find the true self not the illusion of you? Jon Liara and Steven for an indepth converstaion of the human experience. Call and join the conversation 718-664-9735.

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    Soul Dancer: Author of Pay Me What I'm Worth!

    in Spirituality

    Author, Motivational Speaker, Radio Host and Guru - Soul Dancer (a.k.a. Soul Can-Opener!) joins the show tonight!  During this exciting hour of radio, you'll find out how to start getting PAID WHAT YOU'RE WORTH!  

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask questions and join the fun!   

    Soul Dancer enjoys a unique birth name as well as a life as a private spiritual teacher, coach, key-note speaker, live-talk radio show host and syndicated columnist.  Soul is the Founder of Soul University and author of Pay Me What I'm Worth.  His life journey includes earning a masters in social work and a bachelors in human relationships from the University of Minnesota.  His travels take him to 20+ countries to receive training and offer teaching as a social working, monk and shaman!

    Pay Me What I’m Worth is blossoming into local to global grass roots movement to reduce stress and increase confidence. (Heads-up!  Soul is hiring and paying people to teach the exercises in this book. Call for details.)  He produces live, Blogtalk radio shows focused on helping listeners and callers learn, laugh and grow with ease and grace.

    For more information on Soul Dancer call 312 268-0000 or visit his website here!   

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    It's a Kentucky Basketball Recruiting World

    in Basketball

    Will update Kobi Simmons change in his college decision and how it affects the recruitment of Malik Monk and De'Aaron Fox, Marques Bolden's visit, hopefully talk to an ex-Kentucky player this week on the show. I also want to get into Jamal Murray and how he fits into the Kentucky team along with much much more and any new news that comes in before the show date.

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    Lessons from within The Monk Who Cast A Spell

    in Business

    Sharon was born in London, has an LLB Law Degree and practised as a Solicitor until 2012 when she became Manager of her Son’s business.

    She ran a writing competition in 2011 and published an Anthology of selected entries raising funds to buy bread for children in Tanzania.

    Sharon has a passion for history. She has had poetry published and writes the Hope and Dreams Blog. She wants to raise awareness of basic human rights, including a child’s entitlement to education and love.

    Love belongs to everyone
    It’s the love between us that matters the most..
    Perhaps those who refuse to worship our God aren’t evil after all, if they know of love?
    He had lost his soul…
    He was desperate now for his life to change
    I’ve broken my vows…
    The old Gods have been with us for longer than we remember. Why does the Abbot think we need another?
    She tasted of the forest, the sky and the sun, an enchanted night. The kiss deepened at his insistence
    Durstan couldn’t see the opulence of the jewels on the golden crucifix; only a confused image of Beth and Ailan, a woman’s limbs tangled with his.
    It’s strange how love works. We have to learn its ways and hope that we have enough time to get it right
    She loved the Monk too much not to help him
    Love was the only magic that night…
    He felt himself drowning in the scent of her skin, the memory of Beltane.
    May the Gods and our Ancestors go with you, and ensure that it’s not too long before we meet again.

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    St. Bertulf of Bobbio

    in Religion

    Rebroadcast of the long running radio program, "The Ave Maria Hour", a presentation of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. www.AtonementFriars.org

    Saint Bertulf (died 640) was a German who converted to Christianity. He was the son of a pagan nobleman and was a near relative of Arnulf of Metz, whose example had such an influence on Bertulf that he became a Christian and in 620 entered the monastery of Luxeuil.

    A few years later he became acquainted with Abbot Attala, who had come to Luxeuil on a visit, and, with permission of Abbot Eustace of Luxeuil, joined Attala's community at Bobbio in Italy. Upon the death of Attala in 627, Bertulf was elected by the monks of Bobbio as their abbot. Like his predecessor, he insisted on the observance of the austere rule introduced by St. Columban, the founder of Bobbio Abbey, and preached fearlessly against Arianism, which had gained a firm foothold in Italy under the Lombard kings.

    When the Bishop of Tortona endeavoured to bring Bobbio under his own jurisdiction, Bertulf hastened to Rome, where Pope Honorius I received him kindly and granted the monastery entire exemption from episcopal jurisdiction. Jonas, a monk of Bobbio, who accompanied Bertulf on his journey to Rome, relates that, while returning to his monastery, Bertulf was attacked by a deadly fever, and cured miraculously by St. Peter. The same author ascribes a few other miracles to the prayers of St. Bertulf. Most martyrologies give him the title of saint. His feast is celebrated on August 19.

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    Living Truth

    in Spirituality

    Truth is seemingly always staring right at us. But in truth we seemingly do not necessarily choose to see it nor experience it for what it is, simply the truth? In life we can agree with truth or not either way does not matter for truth is simply just that. If we agree or disagree with it then we cannot see it for what it shows us. Truth is always showing us what we have become but we look at the what not the who for that is the truth. The truth I am speaking of is not ones personal truth for that is the ego. The truth I am speaking of is universal truth. We are meant to be divine creatures and that is the simple universal truth of us humans. When we are not seeing truth we will experience conflict. This and so much join Liara and Steven for a wonderful conversation. 718-664-9735