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    FREEDOM QUEST -- Free Speech Under Attack: Barack Obama And The OIC

    in Politics Conservative

    The country of Pakistan and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) would like us to stop criticizing Islam. Year after year they have tried to subvert our First Amendment, using many ruses to try to get legislation passed in order to silence us. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and many more are on board. We MUST fight against this and protect the U.S. Constitution and our freedom of speech.

    Terrorism - Jihadi Camps/enlistment of U.S. Citizens, Electrical Grid, CAIR, Attacks to Freedom of Speech, Increased Radical Mosques, and Open Borders and so much more!


    Stand UP America -- Take Our Country Back!!!

    Our Mission:  To promote the Judeo/Christian perspective, political commentary, patriotism, family, U.S. Constitution, respect for life and liberty, freedom of speech, freedom OF religion, right to bear arms, and respect for life.  To engage the public in discussions regarding threats to our way of life and our freedoms that were fought for by our Founding Fathers, our brave and courageous military, and by every day Patriots.

    EMAIL US AT:  mp91freedomquest@gmail.com


    The United West: http://theunitedwest.org/

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    The Legacy of President Barack Obama

    in Current Events

    We will talk about the effect President Obama had on the country and the world being the first elected black president. I will play some clips of the president while he was in office and give a list of his achevments. Also, I will play the clip of the president dissing Donald Trump to his face. All of this and your phone calls.

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    Barack Obama, The Wicked Ruler

    in The Bible

    Barack Obama is a wicked ruler. He has abused the authority of his office domestically and has used his authority to commit war crimes internationally. He is a usurper and should not only be impeached but should also be arrested and put on trial for his crimes. The Bible calls for justice for the poor and oppressed yet the Christian leaders in the America have been very tepid in specifically calling out the President. This week Gary Fox makes the case regarding how Barack Obama does exemplify the qualifications of a wicked ruler and why he should be impeached.


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    in Legal


       THE LEGACY OF THE 44TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES BARACK OBAMA****! Black & White Friday on THOR will feature a Panel Discussion on the 44th President and 8th [Black] President of the Corporate United States. Many have varying opinions as to what, if any Obama has accomplished in his 8 year term. THOR will investigate the facts and even some hearsay regarding what Obama has done.

       It is time to have a mature unbias, unprejudice, sensible roundtable discussion on the possible fall of Rome for the birth of a new Empire. There is clear evidence that we may be seeing the collapse of Western Culture, Rome as we have known it. In history it is known that the Moors (Blacks) Civilized Europe, not once but twice bringing back Structure and Order to the Western ran Region.

       Topics: 1. Has the US Collapse? 2. Why did tens of Secret Service Agents abruptly Quit? 3. District of Columbia files to become a State. If this is the case, where is the United States going to be, since DC is seat of the US.? 4. The US Military has been reduced in size and equipment, is this sign of a Closing? 5. Is the Federal Reserve already dissolved? 6. The CFPB has all but taken over the Financial System, US Department of Education, Writing New Laws, Changing Old Laws, and being Begged to provide information as to what laws will exist.

        President Obama is the current Chairman of the United Nations, and word is he has submitted application to the UN to become Secretary which essentially runs the entire International Community. Was Obama selected to preside over the dismantling of the US, Change of the Currency, Opening up of the International World Court and the old Borders, Territories of the US.? Huge things are happening and many do not have a clue as to these events. JOIN THOR on this Friday.

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    Brunch Talk with Southern Gay Talk

    in LGBT

    Everyone has a past and the past can be a dark place for some and when your trying to move forward into the future you have to let go of the past but when the past wont let go of you it becomes an addiction. Untill you can admit you have a past and admit your past you can not overcome your addiction. When so many times in the past when the ones you loved the ones you trusted are the ones who hurt you its hard to allow anyone close it is a self protection that overtakes your life. 

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    Southern Gay Talk is Back

    in LGBT

    We have gone through some changes and we have heard your voice. We are also taking over a new dating app that is sure to leve you wanting to join. 

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    Str8 Gay Talk: #Stud/ButchesLivesMatterToo!

    in Entertainment

    It's Str8 Gay Talk!

    With your hosts: VeraM, Boss, Nikki D & Nickie L


    Today, our topic will be about Stud/Butches and how will they rank up, in the lesbian community in the near future. This question of the evening is...The Stud/Butch image, is it softening up or dying away?

    Could it really be, that the "Stud/Butch" image is disappering from the Lesbian Community altogether? And if so, could this be, the main reason for the Stud/Butches on Stud love these days?

    Well... Shit!

    Studs/Butches need love too, right?


    Do us a favor and comment your thoughts below and follow us on here, & like our page Str8 Gay Talk on FaceBook. Don't 4get to comment below and let us know how you feel about our shows.


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    Gay XYZ - 2015 Year

    in LGBT

    GAY XYZ - 2015 New Year Show

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    Whose President was Barack Obama? ..on Topic Tuesday

    in Motivation

    The question was asked at the Ninth Democratic Debate. The moderator told Clinton that the President did not improve race relations. Do you agree?

    See what Nick and Erik think. Chime into the conversation on FB, Twitter @NickandErik or call us live at (516) 387-1755 !

    It's Black History Month on Nick and Erik !


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    Gay XY....

    in LGBT

    We're down a host this week so it's just Gay XY tonight :) Talking about a lot of craziness!

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Is Barack Obama Mad As A Hatter?

    in Politics Conservative

    Obama: Economic self-destruction would save terrorists the trouble; Pope Francis calls Christians & Muslims "brothers"; WaPo smears Pro-Life community with blame for Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shootings; Obama caves on key elements of Iran Nuclear Capitulation; Still no governmant shutdown likely over Planned Parenthood funding; Ben Carson blows his socon cred on Colorado Springs shooting; Hillary Clinton & the power of vaginas; Obama: Destroying the global economy an economic and security imperative; Obama military aid to Ukraine was - and is - garbage & scrap; Ted Cruz: GOP is not the “condom police”; Obama: Mass shootings just don’t happen outside the United States; and Raum Emanuel fires Chicago police chief to placate the black mob.