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    Former Wall Street Banker

    in Current Events

    A former Wall Street Banker brings to light abuse and scandal through his book "Cannibals in White Shoes"

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    Be your own banker!

    in Business

    Scott Johnson will be our guest. Scott will reveal to us on this episode how to be our own banker! How to create our own family banking system and recapture our principle and interest that we have been paying to financial instructions for years


    Scott Johnson 's Bio:

    Scott Johnson is a husband of 1, a father of 7, and a grandfather of 9.  He has spent the majority of his professional life educating others about the things that matter most.  He spent 20 years working for the education system of the Mormon church and from then moved into the world of financial coaching.  He spend 16 years in the world of  traditional financial planning and came to the harsh conclusion that traditional financial planning was failing average americans.  He now teaches people how to set up their own family banking system and recapture the principle and interest that they have been paying to financial institutions.  The end result is huge 'returns' to his clients and its all done without financial risk.

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    EC Live: Banker Suicides, Chemtrails, Vaccines, Earthquakes

    in Lifestyle

    Banker suicides a sign of what's to come?
    Earthquakes in Oklahoma reaching record numbers.
    CDC caught lying about thimerosol and autism spectrum disorder
    HAARP and chemtrails...(as usual)

    Heather talks about spirituality and current events from the perspective of science and logic.  She wants to hear about your experiences with unexplained phenomena, conspiracies, and current events.

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    How to Work with a Banker to Grow Your Business

    in Finance

    Host Kelly Scanlon chats with Linda Hanson, regional market president for Enterprise Bank & Trust in Kansas City, about why its important for entrepreneurs to plan, how to develop a relationship with a banker, how to improve your chances of securing a loan, and other insights for working with a bank to grow your business.

    Enterprise Bank focuses on partnering with closely held or family-owned businesses and their owners to assist in achieving their financial goals and objectives. As regional market president for the Kansas City area, Linda Hanson is responsible for the sales development, branding and marketing efforts.

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    CEO of Coldwell Banker, Budge Huskey #81

    in Real Estate

    Budge Huskey started real estate in a family who had 60 years under their belt. He began with Coldwell Banker because of an attraction to the level of professionalism conveyed by the brand. His commitment and the opportunities presented with the attitude of adding value to his role put him in the position of being offered opportunity time after time until his present role. Listen to podcast >>

    The post Episode #81: CEO of Coldwell Banker, Budge Huskey appeared first on Agent Caffeine by Kelly Mitchell.

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    Mayors for gun control - Fukashima - Genocidal maniacs - Another dead Banker

    in Politics

    Tonite (2.07.2014) we covered:

    The criminal syndicate called Mayors Against Illegal Guns who want the board members of the U.S. Corp. to confiscate guns from law-abiding Americans. It is headed by Bloomberg of New York.

    The Fukashima fallout is catastrophic and it will get worse. Do not go in the Pacific Ocean or eat anything fished out of it.

    A brief rundown of the top genocidal maniacs.

    Another banker was murder. The Big Brother media claims he killed himself with a nail gun.

    Kentucky launches "Operation R.A.I.D." (Remove Agressive, Impaired, Distracted drivers).

    Visit - FreeWorldFilmWorks.com for DVDs exposing the CRIMES of Big Brother.

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    5 Ways an Investment Banker Can Help Your Business

    in Business

    Welcome to Business Black Belt Radio!

    Each week I interview an investor, an expert in business development, financing, marketing or management, or an entrepreneur who offers some keen insights into building your business...

    Mark Burton is founder of ShurGrowth Advisors and a managing partner with California Capital Partners.

    Mark has headed up practice development for a boutique “Wall Street” law firm that focused on alternative investments including mergers & acquisitions and IPO transactions. He also spent a number of years heading up legal affairs and development for both a national valuation firm and a boutique M&A firm with an international practice.

    Mark quit smoking using E-cigarettes after a serious heart attack over a year ago. He recognized that the e-cigarette / vapor industry was rapidly growing, but that there are few business professionals supporting them. From his passion for "vaping" and for helping others to quit smoking, along with his love for helping businesses grow, he now provides a suite of services to E-cig companies.

    Currently, Burton is Co-President of the Southern California chapter of the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA). He serves as an advisory board member for Wowio, an electronic book publisher, and Deal Lounge, an internet hub for private equity and investment bankers. 

    What is investment banking?
    Why would a company use you?
    Introduce us to the E-Cig industry
    What can we learn from them?

    More about Mark Burton
    More about JIAN business apps and templates

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    Director Banker White On Filming Genius of Marian His Mother's Early Alzheimer's

    in Film

    Your mother gets Alzheimer's at 60. If you are film-maker Banker White you create an award winning documentary.  Then you turn it into national advoacy.

    Early onset Alzheimer's can shake any family.  Coming soon after the decline and death of her own mother from Alzheimer's is even more tragic.  Now imagine prior to the diagnosis: the grandmother was an internationally reknown artist, the mother an actress and model. One son is an award winning film-maker, another a professor and scientist, the daughter now mother of 3 young children, the father a partner in his firm, friendships date back over 30 years from a singing troupe to tennis, years of family gatherings from Martha's Vineyard to Christmases. Add in a family unique in today's time- extra-odrinarily close, loving, and having had an enriching family life around the hub of their mother's love.

    In Genius of Marian, director Banker White has managed to portray it all in a way that is as much about a family's love as it is about the nightmare of watching the decline of Alzheimer's in someone so young.  While paying tribute to the art of his grandmother and the vibrancy of the life that Pam White led to the stuggles she and her husband face daily from dressing to bathing, White has made an extraordinary film that is neither overly sentimental nor dishonest in the complexity among the entire family.

    Perhaps this is why the film- appearing on PBS this fall- has swept the Indie Documentary recognitions including film festivals such as Tribecca, Camden and Washington.

    Banker, his co-director wife Anna, and the entire family is putting their time and support behind an ongoing outreach education program The Caring of Marian.  For more see numerous articles now and following in DemandDesign.net.

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    "A Lifetime Last Night"with author David Homick

    in Motivation

    David Homick, author of "A Lifetime Last Night", was first steered into banking, a lifetime away from his true calling, author of highly suspenseful, spiritual, metaphysical fiction. This book (available on Amazon) might encourage you to chase your own dream!

    David Homick, ex-banker, embodies George Eliot's quote, "It's never too late to be what you might have been." After first venturing into web design, he found his true calling, fiction writer. With best selling "A Lifetime Last Night" under his belt, he's currently deep into his second exciting, spiritual and even more metaphysical novel. Peek into his world at www,davidhomick.com. 

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    Former Banker Exposes Globalist Plan for U.S. Economic Collapse

    in Politics

    Mark Matheny continues the discussion of the Collapse of the U.S. economy. In this episode:

    Former Banker and Congressional Investigator, Norman Dodd explains his experience in uncovering the true controllers of American policy and their planning of the economic collapse we are about to experience.

    "We will never have sound banking in the United States again...." this was a statement told to Norman Dodd by his superiors a very prominent Banking Institution...

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    SB Barber Morning Show - Realtor Mr. Joe Adams, Evangelist Donna Brown

    in Business

    Business of Wednesday Best Resources. Topic: What do a Realtor & Evangelist have in common? Natural & Spiritual Resources. Today @9AM CST. Guests, Mr. Joe Adams - The Berwald Group - Coldwell Banker Burnet & colleague; Evangelist/Lady Donna Brown - Interfaith Prayer Network discuss the power of community resources.

    Call-in 646-595-3620! Open Lines to you to comment and/or get your answer.


    #SBBMS definition of Best Resources are identifiable spiritual & natural suppliers of Resources to elevate & benefit an individual, a community, a nation.



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