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    Holiday Traditions Old and New

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    Happy Holidays to you and yours!!! What are your Holiday Traditions?  Are you starting a Holiday Tradition?  What is a Holiday Tradition?  What is your favorite song for the Holidays and why?  Favorite food; those must haves.  Now what will you do with all those left overs?  What was your favorite gift you received?  How do you say Thank You to a gift that isn't what you want?  When do you take your tree down?  Plus we will announce our Holiday Traditions winner and hear their Holiday Tradition.

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    Get to Know Your Neighborhood Bank with Sunflower Bank President Eric Comeau

    in Entrepreneur

    Smart Companies-KC welcomes Eric Comeau, the Kansas City Market President of Sunflower Bank. Sunflower Bank, a long-standing name across Kansas but a relative newcomer to Kansas City. Sunflower Bank is a $1.7 billion community bank founded in 1892 in Salina, Kansas and has recently moved into the Kansas City area with three locations. The Bank has 39 locations in Kansas, Missouri, and Colorado.

    On this episode discover what it's like to work with a community bank and learn how community banks such as Sunflower can be a good choice for small businesses.

    To hear more shows with host Kelly Scanlon, please visit the archives.

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    Holiday Blues

    in Health

    www.psychologytoday.com says:

    Part of what happens in the holiday season,  may occur because of the stressfulness of holiday events. Overdrinking, overeating, and fatigue may also cause it. The demands of the season are many: shopping, cooking, travel, houseguests, family reunions, office parties, more shopping and extra financial burden. 

     Do not overbook yourself into a state of exhaustion--this makes people cranky, irritable, and depressed.

     Decide upon your priorities and stick to them. Organize your time.

     the holidays do not automatically take away feelings of aloneness, sadness, frustration, anger, and fear.

     Be careful about resentments related to holidays past. 

     Don't expect the holidays to be just as they were when you were a child. 

     There are many, many opportunities for doing community service. No one can be depressed when they are doing community service.

     Plan unstructured, low-cost fun holiday activities

     If you drink, do not let the holidays become a reason for over-indulging and hangovers.

     Give yourself a break; create time for yourself to do the things YOU love and need to do for your physical and mental wellness

     Most of all, if you find yourself feeling blue just remember  The choice is always yours

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    Awakening and Revival 2016 episode IV - What's in Your Heavenly Bank Account?

    in Christianity

    We are about to gather in the harvest of the seed we have sown over the years. For years we have been making deposits into our heavenly bank account, and that has accumulated. 

    In this episode, we will discuss what God has to say to us about the season of reaping, and what to expect in the harvest in our lives. What will your harvest bring?

    This Tuesday night, Join Deborah Nazemi with guest Terry Lewis.

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    Starting Your Own Private Family Bank

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall make people aware Private Family Banking.  With a family owning their own private bank, family members will learn that they have save money and earn money within the family and promote generational wealth.

    Banking is a "process" and a "private family" bank you will be allowed to circulate funds within the family (legally).

    The operative terms here is "private family".  You will NOT BE OFFERING SERVICES TO THE PUBLIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This information is to be used ONLY for "your own family".

    Call to listen to "It's My House Radio" 24/7 by calling 712-432-8863

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    "Dealing With Depression During The Holiday Season"

    in Self Help

    Although the holidays are a time of joy for many, they can also trigger symptoms of anxiety and depression for others.  It's not easy fighting the holiday blues but a little effort goes a long way.  This show has cues and clues for the holiday blues.  Don't give up just yet!

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    January Jones - Holiday Music with Sarantos

    in Music

    Visit with January and Sarantos sharing his Holiday Music for your listening pleasure. 

    Starting with:

    It's Christmas Time!

    Close Your Eyes!

    Easy To Believe!

    (This one makes January cry!)

    Ending with "On This Night!"

    Happy Holidays to you and yours from

    January Jones and Sarantos!



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    Relaxing Holiday Time

    in Self Help

    Letting go of stress at holiday times with family and other pressures, to achieve calm, from Suzanne at www.NewAgeLondon.com and www.EFT-Scripts.com for self-help and development - Enjoy!

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    Holiday Movies

    in Entertainment

    Besides the summer the holidays do bring us the best in new movies. And I just realized there's more this season than just the new Star Wars :) Creed is another one on my list of must see movies. So tonight we're going to talk about what's coming up moviewise in the next few weeks. Best break from the shopping and the family.... 2 hours with a bucket of popcorn and some great film making. Can't wait for Star Wars? Or you need to hear about everything else that's out there? Join me tonight for the holiday movie preview.

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    The Holiday Is Over

    in Religion

    Well the holiday is over and Bill, Greg and I are back and the world is still spining out of control and God is still in control. Its time to put aside the world and get right with God. We as christians need to understand that we can not continue to walk in the world and think all will be ok. We cannot serve two gods you serve one or the other, who will you choose today. Time is going by so fast some of us may not have much time to choose so you should choose now and not wait untill it is to late. Just take a look around you and see what is happening to the world around you and tell me there is nothing wrong. JESUS is the only one that can get you through what is coming on the earth get your head out of the sand get on your face christian and repent for the day of the Lord draws near.

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    CMC Radio Presents: Rudi Deruytter, CEO of CKV Bank - Part 1

    in Finance

    CMC Radio Presents: Rudi Deruytter, CEO of CKV Bank - Part 1