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    Up Close & Personal with the Latin Tsunami of Salsa, Trumpeter " Luiz Gonzalez"

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    True Classic Salsa
    In the mid 80s, Luis González scored one of the
    most inspiring and career transforming gigs,
    touring and recording with one of his heroes,
    legendary percussionist and bandleader Ray
    Barretto (renowned by the masses for his 60s hit
    “El Watusi”). The Puerto Rican born, Milwaukee
    WI raised trumpeter was flattered when he heard
    Barretto tell a large TV audience that members
    of his large ensemble would someday become
    bandleaders and solo artists in their own right.
    A few decades later, after an extraordinary career
    working with some of his native island’s greatest
    artists (Tito Allen, Santitos Colon, Adalberto
    Santiago, Jerry Rivera) and the world-renowned
    salsa orchestras of Willie Rosario, Mulenze, Luis
    Perico Ortiz and Tommy Olivencia, González
    fulfilled Barretto’s powerful prophecy by launching
    his career as a recording artist.
    Luis González


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    David Gogo, Webb Wilder & CKNM from Wendy DeWitt with Kirk Harwood

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    SHOW # 298 - Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With "Musicians You Should Know"

    David Gogo is a Canadian blues guitarist, singer-songwriter and bandleader. Between 1994 and 2014, he released 12 solo albums. His latest release is entitled Vicksburg Call and we will explore David’s journey.

    Sam Butler was not able to make his scheduled appearance.

    Webb Wilder can sing you a song, or play a detective in a movie called Private Eye. And he does them both with a wiry grin.  Wilder has released Mississippi Möderne (he pronounces it Mo-Durn), his 10th album.  This is going to be a fun one me thinks…

    Couch Kid New Music brings good friends Wendy DeWitt and Kirk Harwood back to The Couch with their most excellent new album, Getaway.  The duo, who we last saw on the IBC Final stage, have brought in some friends to help out, but as always this is about the dynamics between Wendy and Kirk and how it can fill a room.  We’ll caht about their lives and music and more.



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    Old Christmas songs show 2

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    Playing Forgotten Music of the old 78 records    

    Christmas Season show 2

    Fred Waring & His Pennsylvanians ‎– 'Twas the Night before Christmas

    Silent Night (Christmas Hymn). Introducing: Come Unto Him (From "The Messiah")

    Oh Gathering Clouds


     All credit due to the artist, musicians and Record Companies. No profit or income derived from this podcast. Have a historic 78 RPM and story you want to share with my listeners?  Contact me at: www.facebook.com/s3productions2 or curthahn74@yahoo.com

    Fred Waring & His Pennsylvanians ‎– 'Twas the Night before Christmas

    Label: Decca ‎– A-480

    Series: Personality Series –

    Format: 4 × Shellac, 10", 78 RPM, Album, Reissue 

    Released: Oct 1947

    Genre: Classical, Children's, Folk, World, & Country

     A: 'Twas the Night before Christmas Part 1

    Orchestra Glee Club, the Swingarettes, and Twin Trio

    Kim Darby, Clement Moore

    Decca 23662 (A/B)

    B: 'Twas the Night before Christmas Part 2

    Fredrick Malcolm Waring (June 9, 1900 – July 29, 1984) was a popular musician, bandleader and radio-television personality, sometimes referred to as "America's Singing Master" and "The Man Who Taught America How to sing." He was also a promoter, financial backer and eponym of the Waring Blendor, the first modern electric blender on the market

    C: Silent Night (Christmas Hymn). Introducing: Come Unto Him (From "The Messiah")

    Composers Frantz Gruber, Handel

    Glee club Soloist Stuart Churchill


    D: Oh Gathering Clouds

    Composer K. Marjorie Bain

    Glee Club Solist Paul Owen

    23643 B 

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    The58thAngieBowieBarnett&RickHuntRadioShow+JEFF SLATE#58

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    Jeff Slate is taking The Weekend Wilburys all around New York and the North Eastern states. The Weekend Wilburys is the latest Family Friendly entertainment event and features Jeff Slate and the music of Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, George Harrison, Roy Orbison and ELO. Jeff Slate is supported by Steve Holley, Rick Mullen and Jimmy McElliott. Birds of Paradox is Jeff's solo album and was released in 2012 and includes performances from many New York iconic musicians including our favorite Gary Van Scyoc on bass, Adam Ippoloto on Keyboards and Steve Holley on Drums. May Pang is responsible for many of the Birds Of Paradise members meeting each other and cooperating to make thuis wonderful album which featrues the art work of our very own Rick Hunt.November 2013 continued Jeff Slate's wonderful musical contribution to LIVE MUSIC with "Imposters and Attractions" which features 10 original compostions and two Costello classics and this album was released in a digital version. The best description of Jeff Slate's talent is in Jon Friedman's Bob Dylan biography "Forget about Today" "If you want to understand what makes Jeff Slate tick, just watch him perform in concert. It's all you really need to know about him as a bandleader, guitarist and singer. His love of the life and the work comes across in his music. When I caught Jeff at a late night gig here in New York City last summer, I was reminded once again, by the sheer therapeutic power of music to make people feel happy - that is when the sound is in the hands oi someone who loves what he is doing and wants to make a crowd happy."

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Drummer/Producer/Arranger EC3!

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    This will not be the first time that EC3 has visited our show.  Every time he drops by, there is always exciting news to share! And this time is no different - but let's back track....

    EC was born in Naples, the son of a respected tenor saxophonist, composer and arranger.  Early in his life, little Ernest must have decided to follow in his Dad's footsteps.  He was the youngest graduate of the Naval School of Music - and he flew from there!  There was work to be had in Los Angeles, but the call of Las Vegas proved to be a turning point in this drummer's career.  EC met Vincent Falcone, who had been Frank Sinatra's legendary pianist.  And he met Loretta Holloway, a much respected vocalist - who was looking for someone just like our guest.  EC became Ms. Holloway's Music Director - and shouldered some huge shows with her for over 12 years.  It was common to share the stage with Don Rickles, Jay Leno and David Brenner, among many others.  

    One of the biggest introductions that EC ever had was when he met bass master, Al McKibbon.  Al and EC had a connection that lasted for years.  Because of their intense working relationship - sometimes via 18 shows a week! - our Friend developed a fabulous set of career and life skills that have stayed with him.  And that has most certainly helped with the creation of his multiple projects.  When we first met EC, he was making the rounds of various venues in support of his "Her Eyes at Sunset."  Then, it was "It's All About the Rhythm."  Now, there's a new set of tunes - very much in the swinging, sassy, and Jazz-loving EC3 style.  It's called "My Rhythmic Point of View" and it's going to make you get UP and bossa your socks off ;)  We've got our talented visitor in-house to tell us all about it - on 10/6 - join us!

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    "RYAN ROCKS IT ASBURY PARK STYLE".  I am very excited to announce my next special guest is the extremely talented and wonderful guy, my friend, JON HERINGTON-guitarist-singer/songwriter.  Jon will be joining me for an interview Thursday evening, October 8 TH at 5:30 PM.  To listen live call the guest line # (213) 943-3559 or go to my studio, blogtalkradio.com/ryan-rocks-it-asbury-park-style.

    Jon is a longtime New York city based Artist.  In addition to being a fantastic Guitarist-Snger/Songwriter Jon is also a producer and bandleader.  He is the leader of the Jon Herington Band and has been the guitarist of choice with the iconic band STEELY DAN for both recording and touring since 1999.  He has four solo recordings in his discography, the most recent of which is "Time On My Hands", nominated for Vintage Guitar HALL OF FAME Album of the year.  Jon recently released the book, "Arrangements for Guitar", a collection of 18 songs arranged for unaccompanied guitar in the unique "chord melody" style of solo jazz offering his first course on TrueFire, home of the world's most comprehensive library of guitar instruction.  Over the years Jon's work has included session recordings; performing with many Broadway shows; teaching; and work as a composer and arranger.

    Anyone who has ever heard Jon knows he has a deep seeded love of music. I am looking forward to Jon telling us more about his chiildhood memories and how it influenced him to become "The Brilliant Artist that he is today".

    Peace, Nancy <3

    PS  Jon has a fb page:  Jon Herington Musician/Band.  You can also find Jon on his website: http://www.JonHerington.com/heringtonband and also on Twitter.  This interview will be archived on my Nancy Ryan fb page and many others for your listening pleasure and convenience.  :-) 

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    A new year with SkillsUSA

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    9-26-15  Warren High Downey CA. A Impromptu interview  with the student leaders of both the Schurr High Schhol and the Montebello High School SkillsUSA  Teams has the express thier thoughts about the new year with SkillsUSA 

    Joining me is My CoHost Mr Garth Kilne 

    we had limited time to prerecord this show and the new leaders are just recieving training  so things are a bit rough 


    Might even throw in a song or two just because 

    Majestic T1088 4/?/47


    Written by Kaufman - Seiler – Marcus


    Majestic records

    1124B I WONDER, I WONDER, I Wonder

    Written by Daryl Hutchins

    Majestic MER1287 3324 4/?/47


    Edward Evan Duncan "Eddy" Howard (September 12, 1914 – May 23, 1963)  was an American vocalist and bandleader who was popular during the 1940s and 1950s.


  • Holly Stephey & Ron Aprea ! New CD "Ron Aprea pays tribute to John Lennon!

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    Ron Aprea is extremely accomplished in his field for a guy who didn’t know what a saxophone was when he first started out. That’s right – one of the most talented (yet somehow under the radar) saxophone players around thought he was going to be playing clarinet. Ron grew up in Astoria, NY and clearly remembers seeing Pete Fountain playing the clarinet on television. Inspired to play, Ron went to his elementary school band director, Mr. Cahill, and asked to play  what he thought was Pete’s instrument, a saxophone.So that’s what the school gave him. That little mistake has given the world of Jazz an artist that contributes to the genre with exceptional skill to this day. John Lennon's life and artistry were taken from us in 1980, he left behind a treasure trove of musical masterpieces.Ron worked on Lennon's  Walls and Bridges album.  In 2014, Ron searched the former Beatle's library, and now pays a long-overdue tribute to the musical genius of  John Lennon. On Lennon's  Walls and Bridges album, John used 5 horns, dubbing them "Little Big Horns."  Ron's tribute also includes a horn section, along with a string ensemble, and added guest soloists.  The guest artists include trumpeter extraordinaire Brian Lynch, virtuoso violinist Matt Aprea,  jazz guitar veteran Dom Minasi, and a cameo performance by jazz vocalist Angela DeNiro.  Another special guest is trumpeter Steve Madaio, a fitting addition to this album, as Steve was also a member of the Walls and Bridges' Little Big Horns.  This collaboration is a mystical moment on this tribute, as Steve and Ron reunite in  a heart-felt tribute to their former bandleader,  with a stunning rendition of  Lennon's "Imagine".

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    Kenneth Wayne, Abe Lyman, Art Mooney Wednesday night wonders

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    Playing Forgotten Music on 78 RPM Records by Curt Hahn

    Kenneth Wayne, Abe Lyman, Art Mooney Wednesday night wonders

    All credit due to the artist, musicians and Record Companies. No profit or income derived from this podcast. Have a historic 78 RPM and story you want to share with my listeners?  Contact me at: www.facebook.com/s3productions2 or curthahn74@yahoo.com

    Kenneth Wayne & His Orchestra ‎– The Poor People Of Paris

    Label: Broadway Records ‎– 326

    A: The Poor People of Paris

    B1: Rock Right

    B2: Ceci Julian

     Broadway Records

    Profile: US label from Los Angeles.

    Brunswick Records 2912 1925

    A: Sing a Song

    Charlie Chaplin Guest Conductor for both sides 

    Vocal Chorus by Charles Kaley

    Abe Lyman (1897 - 1957) was a popular bandleader from the 1920s to the 1940s. After the band cut their first record under the local label Nordskog Records, they moved a year later to Brunswick Records in summer of 1923. There they made many recordings and were one of Brunswick's leading orchestras straight through 1935, when Lyman signed to Decca.

    B: With you in Bombay Recording Date 1925  

    MGM Records

    10748 A:  You forgot about me


    Vocals Allan Brooks & the Four Clovers

    RKO Movie “Let’s make Music “

    Art Mooney (1911–1993,) was an American popular bandleader. His biggest hits were "I'm Looking over a Four Leaf Clover" and "Baby Face" in 1948 and "Nuttin' For Christmas," with Barry Gordon, in 1955

    MGM 10748 B

    Little Jug 

    Art Mooney & Orchestra

    By Fuentes-Stanton-Macneil

    Vocals Johnny Martin


  • The43rdAngieBowieBarnett&RickHuntRadioShow+DREAMFOUNDRY#43

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    The Dream Foundry took root in 2009, when Kevin Wallbank and Sally
    Sharp-Paulsen met through mutual friend James Lowe, bandleader for The
    Electric Prunes. They found they had much the same taste in music and
    developed an unusual sound through their shared preference in genres and
    common interests. Though Kevin lived in Essex, England and Sally, a
    native Chicagoan, lived on the island of Bømlo in Norway, thanks to
    modern technology they were able to write and record. Sally does writing
    and vocals, and Kevin does the instrumentation, being adept in
    instruments as diverse as keyboards, guitars and mandolin. They are an
    example of how changes in music technology, and shared objective can
    result in a band creating music in two different countries. At present they are working and recording with Steve Ellis of The Love Affair, Widowmaker and The Ellis Band.

    The Dream continues...

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    Wizard Talk: Page of Wands w/guest Paul Peress

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Wizard Talk with host Jason D McKean. Jason is a professional reader of the Wizard Tarot deck and will talk about the Page of Wands. His guest today is Paul Peress, an international NYC-based Jazz Artist, Producer, Composer, Drummer and Bandleader whom the Los Angeles Times has called "A Must See Artist and Master Drummer.” Please join us!