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    Independent Music Showcase Striped Bananas ''Cosmic Carnival'' in its entirety

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    We will play The Striped Bananas latest album ''Cosmic Carnival'' in its entirety . The band will join me Saturday night Oct 24 ,2015 on John Talk Radio . . 

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    The Striped Bananas Cosmic Carnival interview

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    We will talk to the band about it's  latest album ''Cosmic Carnival'' .. 

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    The Stalky Bananas Demands

    in Culture

    This month's Stalky Bananas show is going to be a bit of a free for all. There has been a lot in the last month to talk about, and the Stalky Bananas will attempt to cover as much as possible in 30 minutes on air (15 minutes off air).
    The Wall Street protests, the "99%", and all of the bitching and whining that has occured in the last month.
    Come join us while the Stalky Bananas go fracken nutty bananas!

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    I can see this quisling gafawing at communist controlled cocktail parties. CBS trying to out do the FIX news hit on Trump. They goaded him hoping he would lose his cool. Instead El Trumpo mashed Scott's bananas.  Our hero would have none of it. CBS was using the communist tactic of asking a question and half way through the answer ask another question.  All you could see was the venom dripping from Scott's fangs and the evil look in his eye. I think I saw him dressed as a Nazi officer in the movie Schindler's list. If Scott was Oscar Shindler,  the only name on the list to save would be his. But he did his job for the Communist Broadcasting System or as Mother Theresa called them the  Catholic Bashing System. She really did not say that.  It was me who said that.  I was only playing democrat/rino. 

    Trump looked great and fielded the quisling questions with panache. There is one thing that Trump is not telling the voter. He does not like drug, alcohol and cigarettes. Imagine Trump wins and Carson joins him as surgeon general. What a save America team. Add Ted Cruz as senate majority leader.

    In the house we can go with  whoever Mark Levin picks. Definetley not a Boehner clone like McCarthy. The only McCarthy I trust is Joe who the communists killed and took over the government.

    Trump will put more people to work keeping more of what they earn.  He will pull more Latinos than you think and he will pull more blacks than you think. He will pull all the Americans . He wants a great military, stronger than any military

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    Striped Bananas interview

    in Music

    Concocted from the brain waves of three social conglomerates, the Striped Bananas are pushing into new sounds for exquisite people.Through Duncan's sunglasses is the darkened world of psychedelic music that is birthed through his guitar.

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    Indie Playground TOD: Banana Assault????

    in Music

    Indie Playground TOD: Banana Assault????



    Crazy News Stories

    ur email address is ipgradio@mail.com and grmmusicsubmission@gmail.com

    Artists Services:


    bio about me


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    Spiritist Awareness: Chico Xavier, Bananas, and much more...

    in Spirituality

    Kardec Radio segment hosts take us in a journey of Spiritist Awareness!

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    NFL Week 10 Recap + Titans vs. Jaguars

    in Football

    Jay and Dre talk about a bananas Week 10 in the NFL, which saw Andy Reid's bye week voodoo cast a spell on Peyton Manning, the Pats have Super Bowl flashbacks against the Giants, Dre nailing one of his all-time picks of calling the Lions upsetting the Pack, and the Cards and Hawks making a case for all major spotlight division games to be played after a double bye.  Then the boys spend about 25 seconds examining the Thursday nighter as Tennessee visits Jacksonville.


    Theme music credit:  "Breaking Bad" by Jahzzar


    CC BY-SA 3.0

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    We Apologize To Mo'Nique, Iman Shumpert Blasts 'Empire,' Spider Bananas, & More!

    in Entertainment

    Listen to the 'ICC Morning Show" to find out why we issued an apology to Mo'Nique following her most recent interview in Atlanta. We'll tell you why Iman Shumpert feels some type a way about "Empire," and you definitely want to find out why you better check your bananas before eating them! 

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    The Becky Bookamiliar Book Club-DanaPSpeaksNetwork-Talk Live Radio Show

    in Books

    The Becky Bookamiliar Book Club is excited to bring you another episode of Temporal Tuesday and looking forward to sharing a nugget that will help you catch the BLAZE of this great talk show. I am please to share with you from a great book I discovered sometime ago at the store that sales other people's cast off. Looking through the books for long before I was doing Becky Book Club I was always going to these places and coming home with a bag or two of books that others had read and those out to be resold as second hand storeware. "God In Our Lives" by Reverend Garry A Schuer, Jr., is one of the many treasures I brought home from these weekly trip that I used to enjoy with my BGF who is bananas for garage sales and bargains and second hand or reconditioned or repriced or whatever the name for such places is today. As revealed in the cover of this book these are actual accounts of individual from many walks of life whose faith in God and His power has made it possible to triumph over tribulation an find the inner peace that can only come from Him. Dawn is that time just before night ends and the day begins. The song says; weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning light. I don't feel that these two are referencing different experiences but one and the same. Night is night no matter how you slice it; but dawn is day and day is light. Come and enjoy some powerful stories and hopefully be influenced by the  instance between darkness and daylight which is the dawn of the Spirit.  And now The Thief's Christ

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    The Infamous Adventures of Tuck and Sean...The Shenanigans Continue....

    in Motivation

    Tonight we will do what many want to do...be themselves!  We will talk about the "Fake Hospice Nurse that cared for Bobbi Kris, We will laugh about the GOP debate. Follow us as we dicuss the way that a Republican leader declared that his party was bananas!  Oh and Mz O is PISSED because the Mets did NOT win the World Series and The "Royal Turnout".  Also, Dem Boyz THEY SUCK!!!  Our show is often duplicated but never replicated, watch us on UStream too!



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