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    The Stalky Bananas Demands

    in Culture

    This month's Stalky Bananas show is going to be a bit of a free for all. There has been a lot in the last month to talk about, and the Stalky Bananas will attempt to cover as much as possible in 30 minutes on air (15 minutes off air).
    The Wall Street protests, the "99%", and all of the bitching and whining that has occured in the last month.
    Come join us while the Stalky Bananas go fracken nutty bananas!

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    We Apologize To Mo'Nique, Iman Shumpert Blasts 'Empire,' Spider Bananas, & More!

    in Entertainment

    Listen to the 'ICC Morning Show" to find out why we issued an apology to Mo'Nique following her most recent interview in Atlanta. We'll tell you why Iman Shumpert feels some type a way about "Empire," and you definitely want to find out why you better check your bananas before eating them! 

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    Striped Bananas interview

    in Music

    Concocted from the brain waves of three social conglomerates, the Striped Bananas are pushing into new sounds for exquisite people.Through Duncan's sunglasses is the darkened world of psychedelic music that is birthed through his guitar.

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    Going Bananas on CSGO

    in Video Games

    First up is our talk about the recent ESL One Katowice CSGO event. Our second topic will be Valve's decision to replace Nuke with the new Train and our third topic will be about the map Cobblestone.

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    The Final WakeUp Call: Falling 4The Bananas In The TalePipe: AGAIN

    in Culture

    In Association with the T.E.A.B.A.G. Enterprises Incorporated
    A BLACK LIONS PRODUCTION (619) 924-9883
    Brought to you by Abruptly Wake Up the Sleeping 
    Mondays 8-10 PM E.S.T.
    For over four hundred years the Stolen Afrikan in AmeriKKKa has been robbed of Afrikan ancestry, robbed of their Afrikan spirituality, robbed of their science and robbed of their Story,
    The Stolen Afrikans in AmeriKKKa have been uprooted and are quickly dying, Like a tree without roots. The results of governmental-institutionalracism & genocide are chaotic; single parent households, unwed mothers, incarceration coupled with miss-education and the under educated have practically destroyed the black family. Their right minds are being destroyed with religion, drug addition, the prison & miss-education system.
    The continuous bombardments of the court systems manipulation and negative media influence have taken a toll targeted on black children, men and women.
    Society has brainwashed the black women into believing that they don't need their black men. 
    Our women don't believe this because they refuse to see their own reflection, which is their black man because society has convinced the black females to destroy the only true hope for their survival....The Black Man!
    The Black Lions are here to help our women experience the presence of a man so they do not try to defunct his true nature.
    The Black Lions are here to take back our communities, businesses, families & kin our children and our women....Maybe then our black women will discover that A Black Man was all she really needed in the first place.
    We need our women by our side in the revolution. Let’s Talk about it. (619) 924-9883
    All viewpoints expressed on this show are the sole responsibility of the creators of 
    Abruptly Wake up the Sleeping: Join the conversation - Uhuru Sasa

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    in Entertainment


    EPISODE #028 - Bananas

    Written by Jonithan Patrick Russell 

    Rated U - for Universal Audiences!

    Has Shin Wipe gone bananas?! Or is this just a tired running gag?! And why are there two of her?! Has she finally found true happiness?! Or does she miss the Titan 1 Crew so bad that she's willing to give up paradise to return to them?! (Duration: 19:03)

    Visit their website at: http://dreamrealmsite.com

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    KEMTopTalk catches up with MunkeyBarz Going Bananas!

    in Fun

    The innovative sexual and fashionable belt - CEO Mike Beadle discusses how the phemomna of his creation is taking off. Since our interview in August of 2012 with Mike on Kink~E Magazine (http://kinkemagazine.com/issue/august-all-male-review-issue-issue-2012/article/munkeybarz-it-s-not-something-you-hang-from) a lot has changed. Listen in as we catch up with MIke and the crew and the sexy women going along for the ride! Going BANANAS!

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    Independent Music Showcase featuring Striped Bananas

    in Music

    We will play songs from The Striped Bananas new album 
    ''Lady Sunshine '' . 

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    Web Camming with Sammy & Sage (Episode #22 Guest Lena Romano)

    in Entertainment

    YEAHHHHH we are finally back, hope you missed us!!

    Today on Web Camming with Sammy & Sage our sexy guest is Lena Romano

    Here is a little about Lena if you have not had the chance to get to know this sexy cam girl.

    Lena is a natural curvy Mexican, Italian, Brazilian mixed girl with a splash of sexy fun (Hello that's a whole lot of sexiness).

    She is very dominanat and loves the way she gets to free herself on cam. Lena has been camming on and off for about 6 years and she loves driving men and women crazy, and messing with your imagination, it's the best part of cam for Lena.

    Lena offers couples shows and she'll get nice and naughty and invite another sexy woman into her cam show, but Lenas favorite thing is her vibrator HMMMMMMM..... She says just thinking about it drives her crazy and gets her wet. Lenas wish is to have a guys cock vibrate while pleasing her and well hello girls wouldn't we all go bananas for a vibrating cock that would mean we would wanna have sex all the time just saying.

    Wow this is going to be one hell of a hot sexy show so make sure you break out the lube and toys boys and girls cuz it's time to cam with Sammy & Sage.

    Follow us on Twitter: @SammyBrooks69, @SageMontana1, @Missromano69, @Dollhouse_radio

    Catch our live Cam shows: Sammy_Brooks.cammodels.com, SageMontana.cammodels.com, Lenaromano.cammodels.com

    And we are live here every Thursday from 7-8 PM ET Live only on Dollhouse Radio


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    Guest--Comedy Zone Headliner- Mikey Mason

    in Comedy

    Tonight on The Charleston Comedy podcast we have guest comic Mikey Mason. Mikey will be at the Comedy Zone here in South Charleston this weekend. One show on Friday at 8 and  two shows on Saturday 7 and 9! Tickets are just ten dollars! 

    Born in Kentucky and dragged throughout the south before settling in Indiana to be raised in a trailer, Mikey Mason has a diverse background to draw material from. With his abnormal childhood, five siblings, two marriages, two children, multiple pets, college experiences, and many career changes (ranging from fast food, to working at a funeral home, to teaching middle school, high school and college, as well as working with at-risk youth,) he's got a lot to talk-and sing-about.


    Mikey went from performing in bands and sketch and improv. comedy troupes to performing standup over the last 15 years. He's performed at Crackers, the Comedy Caravan, Wiley's Comedy Nightclub, Snickerz Comedy Bar, Mason City Limits, Go Bananas, and One Liners, as well as many bars, clubs, fraternities, and private parties in and around the Midwest. He's performed with Todd Yohn, John Fox, Rob Haney, Lord Carrett, Steve Lott, Troy Davis, Chris Speyrer, Tracey Tedesco, and Tim Rowlands, among others, and has made multiple regional television and radio appearances. With a strong stage presence, infectiously hilarious songs, and a wit almost as fast as his mouth, Mikey is an unforgettable performer.

    Mikey draws the audience in with his saucy, irreverent blend of storytelling and outrageous songs. No subject or musical style is off limits. From country to rock, pop to rap, religion to relationships, politics to childhood insecurities, Mikey is unabashed, unafraid, and unquestionably funny. 

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