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  • 01:11

    Bama Breaks it down!

    in Sports

    Stay up to date with recent BAMA information. Will the football powers tell the NCAA to "stuff it"?  Thomas "Rock" Watts tells us why the new Royal is "not his". Listen this Wednesday for all things BAMA!

  • 01:03

    Rap Sensation - Bama Aces

    in Entertainment

    Don't Miss Hot Rap Sensation Eddrick EddieKane Malone (aka) "Bama Aces" Live Interview On Wed Aug 6th at 6:00pm (est) This Interview Is Courtesy Of JayWah Management Services.
    "Making Your Dream A Reality" Tune In As WBOKRADIO / INTRO TO INFOs Mikeisha Best & Co-host RoyalityFirst QueenNique (aka) Queen Of Hearts Interviews Bama Aces .. They Will Also Premiere Their Brand New Tracks.

  • 03:01

    Bama sports.... we have other stuff besides Football. Really.

    in Sports

    Hunker down with your BAMS crew tonite as we postulate (Big word Aubs...look it up) on all things BAMA for sports.  A bit tongue in cheek, but we have pretty spot on opinions about anything that touches the Bama shore.  Bird, CC Bama, Rock Watts, The Legend, and Drew DeArmond convene to put the competition in our cross-hairs.  Special guest Heather Thomas of My Crimson Chaos comes on to discuss Alabama Baseball with us. 

  • 00:05

    Time to get all Go-rilla. Baseball, basketball, NFL combines, and BAMA news

    in Sports

    Baseball is back and we watch the Basketball season slowly sink into a less than mediocre finish. The Legend, CC Bama, Rock Watts, Drew DeArmond from Alabama Intel and the Bird combine to bring you all the news unfit to print about the Crimson Tide.

  • 01:35

    Gnoradio interviews Bama the Bombshell

    in Radio

    Succoso Magazine Presents  Girls Night Out Radio

    Friday April 10, 2015 at 9p.m. est

    Hot interviews with @officialkia_b & @the_bama_bombshell

    Juicy topic: what is the best way to end a reltionship 
    Hottest music played on GNO Radio's playlist

    Hosted by: @trinastarz1 & @sundayys_creations

    Tune in on www.blogtalkradio.com/gnoradio 
    Or call in at 646-595-2366

  • 02:05

    The Lane Train? Bama Basketball? AJ no Senior Bowl? Bye Bye Del Rio

    in Sports

    Your BAMS Crew of "square pegs in round holes" will cogitate on the coaching additions and subtractions. Join us for analysis of new coaches, new players, guys who will impact and those who might be a tad "green".  Get ready to don your Crimson glasses with Bird, Rock Watts, Cary Clark and maybe, The Legend, as we discuss all things Bama. 

  • 03:00

    Ash Tuesday means it's BAMS Wednesday.... BAMA sports

    in Sports

    The first hour of BAMS kicks off with Rock Watts, Bird, Legend and special guest Brad Radice from CBS 42 discussing the "you know what" rule.  I say take the skirts off the wide receivers and they can do all the tricky junk they want!

    8 PM brings on Cary Clark for basketball analysis, and what to expect for the final home game against Arkansas.

    9 PM we have the honor of hosting Drew DeArmond from Alabamaintel.com for those hidden recruiting gems that seem to get passed over. 


  • 02:16

    BAMS is back in prime time!

    in Sports

    After a needed break, BAMS is back and we're in primetime! The secret of the break? The hamsters operating our show needed a long vacation. We'll be talking transfers, spring sports, and everything inbetween at the Capstone. The action starts at 7 with Cary Clark, Drew DeArmond and Thomas Watts. Be there or be Auburn.

  • 02:05

    Bama Commit Deionte Thompson Joins BAMSradio!

    in Sports

    The BAMSradio crew has been working on a whole bunch of guests for the week, and we've got Deionte Thompson, 2015 Alabama Crimson Tide football commitment scheduled to join us at 8:00. After the young man, we have Dennis Gile, Blake Barnett's QB coach at The Quarterback Academy scheduled to join us at 8:30. Our guests will be rounded out by Rodney Orr, TiderInsider himself, at 9:00 to talk Tide. Be sure to tune in to Cary Clark, Drew DeArmond and Thomas Watts as we navigate the recent news surrounding the Crimson Tide starting at 8, and running until 10:00 this evening!

  • 00:05

    Climate change mandated by Barack Insane Obama to cadets, TPP Bill!

    in Politics Conservative

    Mcminnville, TN,  5/24/2015 – Memorial Day Weekend show with host ‘Bing Fischer,’ as he talks about President ‘Barack Insane Obama’s’ recent commencement address at the US Coast Guard Academy.

    He actually tells them that Climate Change is the most serious threat to our country. Not ISIS, not Islam, but Climate Change.

    Serious are we, young Jedi?

    We will also talk about how the senate Republicans are on the Dali Bama’s side concerning the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This is a bill so secretive that nobody knows what’s in it as usual with this administration.  The same president that touts transparency in all things but lacks badly in the implementation of it!

    The legislative package also includes new funding for labor training for workers that are certified for having lost their jobs because of foreign competition. Can anybody say

    While this bill brings in more foreign competition it seems to not matter to the King as he is bent on destroying America as we know it from within.

    Remember Nikita Khrushchev banging his shoe on the UN floor?

    As always, our ‘How Bizarre’ segment of the week!

    So join us this Sunday, 5-7pm CST on American By Design!

  • 01:05

    Florida Gators v Bama College Football Preview Show Live!!

    in Sports

    BamaPlus.com writer Erik Stennett and Gator Radio Personality Patrick Infante will join me to discuss the match up between the Gators and the Tide. They kickoff their game at 330pm on Saturday in Tuscaloosa. Do the Gators have a chance at all to win this match up. On paper it seems like no contest. But, Florida has some horses/talent. Can they put it all together for one game away from home. They struggled with Kentucky at home last week. 

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