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    Befriending Money, A Woman's Perspective

    in Self Help

    Join Essence Coach Brenda Jacobi this week as we look at what it is to be in a state of natural flow vs. that of manipulation or coercion.
    Moving the equation to look something more like this:
    I am balnced and whole.  =  As I give I naturally receive.
    (Equal energetic exchange.)
    I am incomplete.  How can I fill the void of my lack?
    (Not balanced.  No equal exchange of energy.)
    As above so below.  As below, so above.
    Where's your energy?

  • 01:00

    How to Obtain & Maintain a Healthy Relationship Part II

    in Romance

    Welllllll after the end of last week's show it was obvious that there was more to say....There were MEN with different views and there were women that still had a lot to say ....soooooooo it's only right that we pick up right where we left off.....
    Join us in this always talked about topic and let your voice be heard!!!!!
    Once you have connected with that significant other in your life, how do you maintain a balnced and healthy relationship???

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    in Caregiving

    All of us seem to be, at least to some degree, concerned about our health. However, are we truly listening to our bodies? When the body produces symptoms, it’s just ringing its alarms. It's telling us that its resources might be short to meet an environmental challenge. How are we responding to this warning/alert? Are we just shutting down alarms by popping pills or are we seeking ways to support the body's inner healer so that it can go back to balance?