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    The falsification of HIV Data in the Ballroom Community

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    On Today's Show -

           We will be discussing the ballroom scene, Houses and there relationship to the Philadelphia LGBTQ Community at large and HIV Testing. Is the ballroom community intentionally falsifying HIV data by instructing it's members to get tsted repeatedly using different names and information? There are many ballroom community members that are doing great things for the community and they shall also be mentioned. 

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    The Magic of Ballroom-Premier

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    Heather Menard and Teresa Maron of Dance Arts Ballroom in Houston Texas, introduce the format for this entertaining approach to the phenomenon of Social dancing. What could be better than an evening of dancing, music, beautiful clothes and Romance. What special event isn't enhanced by dancing? What can feel better than being asked to dance by that handsome stranger with all the right moves. From Tango to Salsa the Dance Arts students and staff take you to the best places, interview the best dancers and give you dance tips with the Step of the Week! See you on the Dance Floor!

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    Transform your life through Ballroom Dance

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    Dancing creates a place of strength where you will see quality, integrity, and capability increase in all avenues of life! At Prestige Ballroom our students find acceptance – we provide a fun environment where everyone is admired, valued and loved. Prestige Ballroom helps people dare to achieve their dreams and become what they’ve always dreamed of being!

    David Thompson is the fun people person owner of Prestige Ballroom. He is all about inspiring others and having a great time!  He has a penchant for motivating people to strive for their highest callings, and assisting anyone who wants to grow.  He began teaching ballroom as a way of personal reinvention, self-development, and artistic expression.  He specializes in bringing anyone—singles or couples, youth or adult, social or competitive—regardless of background, to a higher place in not only dance, but also personally.  He focuses on fun, excitement and the promise of future growth—by building self-respect, discipline, confidence and strength.

    His partner, Jaysa has always been very active and she loves helping others improve their lives through fitness, transforming into happier, healthier individuals.  Jaysa began teaching ballroom as a means to help improve people’s lives mentally, emotionally and physically.  After months of intense training she has absolutely fallen in love with Ballroom Dance!  “I have been very blessed in my life to have had many exciting jobs that I love, but teaching Ballroom tops the list!”

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    THE BALLROOM STATE OF EMERGENCY: Enough is Enough with all the VIOLENCE, BALLS, HOUSES, STATUES, ETC. Its time to STAND UP and start the process to Change our Community. ONE ON ONE with JASMINE COUTURE. NO HOLDS BARRED, THE TRUTH & THE FACTS. TUNE IN TONIGHT AT 11pm At 347-215-6820 or www.blogtalkradio.com/tensorchops HOSTED BY The CEO Herself Jasmine Couture www.facebook.com/msjasminecouture -ITS GOING TO GET PERSONAL...

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    Experts say Ballroom Dancing keeps the body healthy and happy.

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    Owner of Londance Studios, Patricia West joins TV News Personaltiy Eric Turcio, on Talk With Turcio, discussing the health benefits of Ballroom Dancing. 

    Londance has been named the "Premier Orange County Dance Studio" for Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Swing, Wedding First Dances and DanceSport dancing classes.

    Londance serves all of Orange County. POwner, Patricia West says their instructors are carefully selected, specially trained and certified. "It's to make you feel comfortable on any dance floor with any dance partner, even after your first lesson," says West.

    West told "Talk With Turcio" she has been in the Ballroom Dance business for over 25 years. "We have created a dance studio that provides you excellent instruction, superior service and a warm, friendly atmosphere."

    West told Eric, having a partner is not needed to begin your ballroom lessons at her studio. "Whether you are single or a couple, our professional instructors will work with you at your own pace to reach your dancing goals," said West.

    Patricia West began her Ballrom Dancing Career in England and  started her Empire in the States, settling her studio in Laguna Niguel, California. West also judges ballroom competitions all over the United States and Internationally. 

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    NY Comic Con, check it out THIS weekend! #76

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    Join Huggy, Zuul & Krayola as they promote NY Comic Con happening this weekend. We will talk about this amazing convention, the talent that is going to be there, where you can check out more information on the event & what we think of it from past and present. With so many conventions happening in the month of October, this is definitely one that you cannot miss. <3

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    BALLROOM TEA PARTY TUESDAYS: TUNE IN LIVE AT 347 215 6820 For the Latest in Ballroom News & Gossip & HOT TOPICS with The Tea Party Cast, ITS GOING TO BE A KEE KEE. I'm broadcasting live on the air at www.blogtalkradio.com/tensorchops Also Visit LONDON'S Group LONDONS TEE PARTY at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/574948595868166/  for LIVE UPDATES during the show.

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    Fantom Fest/Scare-A-Con 2014 + southern stereotypes/Oksana Baiul/God #74

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    Officially named the 'Oksana Baiul of Horror."  But I am also honoring her tonight with a tribute, as well as Southern women! 

    Welcome to the show tonight. Had a small delay. Apologies. I had the pleasure of swinging by this convention and saw a few people. Amy Steel is one of my favorites, wasn't there I don't think this year, but she surprised me with some goodies! They are posted on my official FB page, so you guys can check that out, and more 'gossip' (in a good way) on how people looked. Join our new guest 'Zuul'(Identity not revealed), Krayola, and me Huggy, as we shamelessly promote FANTOM FEST in all our geek glory, as the celebs line up to go to this convention. They've been posting about it forever, and it's finally happening TONIGHT, Friday, October 3rd, 2014, and will be happening for the remainder of this weekend.

    Information about this convention will be given as we promote it, and I will personally be stopping by at this event hopefully this saturday & sunday.



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    Hot Springs Horror Film Festival (w/Huggy, Zuul & Kray) + Halloween 5 love #75

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    Join the triumverate of horror, Huggy, Zuul & Krayola (we're just having fun, it's a joke), as we discuss the upcoming HOT SPRINGS HORROR FILM FESTIVAL. I absolutely love this convention, and while I wasn't able to make it there, I wish I could be there in spirit. It has some of the most amazing talent you can possibly think of, and I am more than happy to promote this fabulous convention.


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