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    Wake up to your Happy & Balanced Life!

    in Family

    Have you ever felt so busy, so under pressure, surrounded by the noises and busyness of Life!  Yep! I can relate!  We get so caught up in daily life we totally forget to think about happiness, let alone live in it!  And Balance? Yep, that's out the door too!  I've learned to make happiness and balance my daily mantra and I'd love to show you how easy it is! 

    Join Belynda Farias, Happy Entrepreneur & Creativity Educator,  for Monday Morning Mindset and start your way towards living a Happy and Balanced Life! 

    We want to spread the Happy Balance seeds everywhere, so please share this post with your friends, on your FB page and let them know it's easy to get on the Happy Balanced Life train, and this is the key to your new, Incredible Life!

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    Socialization The Key To A Balanced Life

    in Motivation

    We have been created sociial beings, and as such interaction with othersto necessary to help us create and maintain a balanced life?  Today on WISE Wednesday's Marilyn and Sonja take on this question. The ladies discuss why they think it is true that  people who are consistently involved in social activities have  healthier, happier, more productive lives than their reclusive contemporaries.  You won't want to miss this provocative conversation.  

    This half hour (1/2 hr.) is going to be just like sitting down with your girlfriends having a cup of your favorite beverage.  So call your girls, grab your cup, turn up the volume and Get Ready to be INSPIRED.  It's time for WISE WEDNESDAY's on BlogTalkRadio.Com

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    Sometimes it's Funny, Sometimes it's Harsh, but its ALWAYS, ALWAYS 100% REAL.  You can join the convo and be a part of the conversation by calling (347) 855-8966 or email us ast wisewomenofpower@gmail.com.  You can call us at (866)333-5501.  Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @ WISE91605952 and like our FB Page WISE Women Inspired Sisters Empowered

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    Keeping Fair & Balanced -April 26

    in Current Events

    Fair and Balanced interviewed Damion Crawford and discuss issues on the political scenes 

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    Keeping Fair & Balanced April 10

    in Current Events

    Topics being discussed: 


    The PNP NEC meeting.

     Peter Buntings decision to challenge for leadership and Mark Goldings ambitions for becoming MP

    Is PSMs backing Peter Phillips for presidency?

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    Be There for Your People with Melyssa Griffin

    in Entrepreneur

    Melyssa Griffin is a major online course powerhouse. She made over 100,000 in March ALONE! Melyssa shares specific ways to use pinterest to grow your email list, how she stays balanced and her biggest business flop. Melyssa Griffin teaches online courses and workshops for entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to turn their passion into a full-time business. 

    Read more at nicoleculverblog.com

    CHEAT SHEET: Reduce Stress + Get Focused!

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    Focus on the small things with Katie Jesionowski, My Super Foods

    in Entrepreneur

    What you'll learn from this episode:

    How Katie started her successful kids food company, My Super Foods
    Her biggest disappointment, not being able to bring her healthy foods to the school system.
    Why PERSISTANCE is KEY in business.
    Where she sees her business in 5 years from now.

    Read more at nicoleculverblog.com

    CHEAT SHEET: Reduce Stress + Get Focused!

    Connect with me on Twitter and Instagram! 

    Read more at nicoleculverblog.com

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    Cat Bites: Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute

    in Health

    In this Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute, Dr. Brian Carlsen explains why it's important to treat cat bites seriously. To listen, click the link below. Cat Bites

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    Nourish your body, mind and spirit in the seasons of life for balanced health

    in Health

    Are you exercising all your hours away from the office to be sure you are healthy?  Do you demand your diet take top priority regardless of anything else going on in your life?  Did you give up religion and the concept of spirituality when you gave up your last house that tanked with the economy?  What does balance mean to you, greens all day and booze all night?  Is your life of extremes and you feel like a bouncing ball that never rests?

    Randi Ragan, author of A Year of Living Mindfully: Seasonal Practices of Nourish Body, Mind and Spirit shares all her tools and tips for a balanced life.  There are a lot of different options for physical movement techniques, emotional connections in community and foods that provide nutrients without holding you to a diet that limits a good feeling of living.  Comfort and support can be found every day and if you are challenged, open the book and change up your day.  Experimentation is a great thing to say you are present and living each moment.

    For more information visit: www.RandiRagan.com

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    Balanced Life Part 2-Personhood

    in Christianity

    We all know about grace and mercy we need to get through our time here on earth,but what else do we need for our personhood to thrive?  This is Part 2 of what I started to present on Monday.  We all need to realize we as a person require things to live in a happy atmosphere with God which is a balanced life here on earth.  You are welcome to come join the discussion, for 2016 is going to be a celebration of the life we live.................God is GRRAT!

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    Keeping It Fair & Balanced- March 6

    in Current Events

    Your current affairs show with Arlene, Sandrene & Clive

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    Keeping Fair & Balanced April 3, 2016

    in Current Events

    We will go in depth on the $18,000 Comrades were expected on April 1st ...

    Comrade Leader revelations during her interview this week...

    With 10 Jamaicans denied entry in Trinidad we will revisit the CCJ, and the continued calls to boycott Trinidad products....

    Minister Hannah straightforward e mail joining the call for the Gen.Sec head and the expected decisions from the NEC meeting today!!!!!!

    If you think blogging in Fair&Balanced is exciting......YOU HAVE TO TUNE IN TO FAIR&BALANCE RADIO!!!!!!! IT'S AN ENTIRE DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE!!!!!!