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    The Baja Now Radio Show on PFO

    in Sports

    Travel to the Baja peninsula for some great fishing, travel, food and some of the best people you will meet on the face of this earth.

    In La Paz, an angler hooks a 250-pound blue marlin along the beach in only 10-feet of water. Jonathan Roldan has the story and more from Tailhunter International.

    Mark Rayor form Jen Wren Sportfishing has all the latest from Baja’s East Cape as does Graham Hebson who just made a father/son trip to Baja. Big tuna, marlin, sharks and more.

    Ady Moya has the latest from Cabo San Lucas including more tuna in the area for the Pisces Fleet boats.

    Plus breaking news from Ensenada, the Coronado Islands and the Northern Baja tuna bite for the San Diego Fleet.

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    The Baja Now Show on PFO Radio

    in Sports

    Mark Rayor from Jen Wren Sportfishing has the latest on some incredible fishing going on in Baja's East Cape with water temperatures abnormally warm for May at 84 degrees. Rayor talks about some great marlin fishing, including some very early blue marlin. Also yellowfin tuna, dorado and roosterfish. Make sure you visit Jen Wren Sportfishing on Facebook.

    Sergio Sussarey form Sergio’s Sportfishing Center has the latest on the yellowtail bite and more in Ensenada. Lots of yellows have been zooming around Todos Santos Islands and elsewhere. Find out if the bite is still on?

    Jonathan Roldan checks in with some great fishing in La Paz with all kinds of crazy stuff going on. Warm water has roosters on the beach, billfish offshore and lots more going on in the Capital of Baja California Sur. Also, take a swim with a whale shark. 

    We’ll get a check on the bite for the San Diego boats fishing for bluefin and yellowfin tuna as well as kelp paddy yellowtail in the rich and abundant waters of Baja Norte.

    Wesley Brough has all the latest from the red hot surf bite in Cabo San Lucas. Can you imagine roosterfish over 50 pounds in the surf. And how about a pending NEW WORLD RECORD that Wesley will tell you all about.

    Ady Moya has the latest from Pisces Fleet in Cabo San Lucas where there has been more and more dorado showing up along with some great marlin fishing.

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    New Revelation on Gentile False Religion Received April 30, 2015, Baja, Mexico

    in Politics

    SECTION 161.

    Rebuke of Gentiles for practicing false religion before the Lord. Received April 30, 2015, Baja, Mexico.


    The Gentiles have the writing of the Jews, from which they plagiarized and then mixed with their foolish opinions, thereby fabricating apostate Christianity, which is an abomination in the sight of the Lord. That is why God does not speak to you, O ye Gentiles. But he sends me to speak with you in the midst of your depravity and false tradition, comprising Babylon the Great which shall fall. Yea, you compass yourselves about with sparks of your own making and walk in the light of your sparks, which is foolishness and depravity before the Lord. For holy is he, and he walketh not in crooked paths, which are thy false modes of worship and religion, saith the Lord. Therefore gird thyselves, make straight thy paths and walk before me in holiness. Learn of me and my ways through the mouth of mine anointed, for my ways are not thy ways, and my thoughts are not thy thoughts, for my ways are above thy ways as the heavens are above the earth. Therefore repent ye! Repent ye, and make my paths straight, that I may again walk and talk with thee as before the flood with the Fathers, and once again take up my abode upon the earth as anciently, that I may make my footstool once more my habitation as before the flood. Yea, but ye must separate thyselves from the black race of Cain, which is taught among men as right by that Martin Luther King and others who know not my ways and my decrees which were made before the foundation of the world concerning the races, and send them to their own place, but allow not thy children to mingle with them, for they are corrupted, saith the Lord. Depart ye! Depart ye! Go ye out from thence that ye be not partakers of her sins and partakers of her plagues, Yea, even Babylon which shall fall. Even so. Amen.

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    X Games & Baja Champions on Air

    in Automotive

    Jim Beaver and the Down & Dirty Radio Show are bringing you a HUGE show today!  We'll have X Games champions Scott Speed and Mitchell DeJong on air, Baja 500 Champ Bryce Menzies, and one of the guys originally behind Speed Energy and Stadium Super Trucks, Kevin Wilson of Head Held High.  We'll have full X Games results, Baja 500 results, and the latest MX coverage.  #GameOn

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    Retire in BAJA

    in Business

    Ever dreamed of living in or retiring to BAJA?  Learn from the experts about living the dream of retiring on the beach in Mexico.  Join thousands of people living the dream and enjoying life.

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    The Baja Noww Radio Show on PFO Radio

    in Sports

    Meteorologist Chris Dunn joins us with the possibility of a perfect warm water storm and some great fishing ahead. He also talks about Hurricane Amanda as the strongest May storm on record in the Eastern Pacific.

    Take a trip about 1 hours south of Ensenada to Erendira where you will find an awesome fishing and Baja Adventure. Cruz Soto joins us with the details from his weekend trip with Deborah Felix and friends.

    Ady Moya from Pisces Fleet in Cabo San Lucas has the latest for you and we have reports about fishing in Ensenada, La Paz, Loreto and elsewhere in the beautiful Baja Peninsula.

    Make sure you check out www.PFORadio.com today and thank you so much for joining us! 

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    Baja Now on Phil Friedman Outdoors Radio

    in Sports

    Catherine Miller invites you to this Sunday’s Day at the Docks. Free kids fishing, visit your favorite long range boats, great food, raffles, boat rides, live music and more. Catherine fills you in on all the rest.

    Great times await you at the Rosarito Beach Hotel; www.RosaritoBeachHotel.com.

    Fishing updates from Cabo, La Paz, Ensenada and more.

    Philip Friedman turns 23 as Patrick Friedman gets ready for a rugby game as his San Jose Spartans take on Stanford in a playoff game this Saturday.

    Check out Phil Friedman Outdoors, PFO, Baja Now, on Facebook. 

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    Author Patricia Walker Donating Proceeds From Her Book For Baja Disaster Relief

    in Spirituality

    Join Host Reverend Sue and Author Patricia Walker as they talk about the Hurricane Odile relief efforts in Baja Mexico and how we can help.

    Patricia is donating all proceeds from her amazing book "Dance of the Electric Hummingbird"~ Patricia's real life story of Surthrival and spiritual awakening thanks to the Red Rocker himself, Sammy Hagar.  

    Please help those in need from the recent devastating hurricane in Baja, Mexico.

    Please click on www.bajarockpat.net and buy her book to help those who lost so much to the recent Hurricane Odile.


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    #14-13: Baja Exodus: The Fulfillment of Prophecies.

    in Spirituality

    For the first time, we will be interviewing with some of the members of the International Congregation of Lord RayEl who left America and have created Sanctuary in Baja! Learn more about their journey, prophecies and hear the DIRECT message from Lord RayEl himself to one of our special guests, CJ Isaac! Additionally, there will be several announcements from John Griffin II as well as some interesting developments that came out of the Psychic Fair! You DO NOT want to miss this episode!

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    The Legend Levi Lavallee & Baja 1000 Champion Mike Johnson

    in Automotive

    Jim Beaver and the Down & Dirty Radio Show have one of the most talented snowmobile riders of all time on air today… X-Games Gold Medalist, World Record Holder, and Snocross Champion Levi Lavallee! Also calling in is Baja 1000 Class 10 Champion and professional stunt driver Mike Johnson. We’ll be getting a 2014 GRC season recap from Chris Leone and Cortney McRae will be on air to talk about the Endurocross Finale from Ontario, CA. We’ll also have a lot of talk on the Baja 1000 and dive in to the action motorsports silly season. #GameOn

    Be sure and chat live with us during the show by tagging @JimBeaver15 on Twitter

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    Baja Ahorita en Phil Friedman Outdoors Radio

    in Sports

    Baja ahora Phil Friedman OutdoorsRadio tiene todas la última pesca, viajes, camping y más de hermosa Baja California. Usted aprenderá acerca de la mejor pesca en Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, Loreto, Ensenada, Rosarito Beach y otros grandes lugares de Baja. También tenemos gran información sobre camping, los mejores lugares para alojarse y comer y grandes eco-tours incluyendo ballenas viendo y así mucho más. Asegúrese de que sintoniza todos los viernes a 14 escuchar la Baja ahora Radio Show Phil Friedman Outdoors para aprender todo sobre el magnífico Baja California.