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    #GivingTuesday Episode / Art of the Evolution with guest Wes Days

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    Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014 is celebrated worldwide as #GivingTuesday, a day where charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world come together for the purpose of celebrating generosity and giving. Planet Restoration will do its part during our weekly "PR 13:20" show to celebrate giving by highlighting a few very special initiatives including Vancouver, BC's Project Blue Hands Society, Los Angeles' Playing For Change Foundation, and Washington, D.C.'s One Common Unity.

    Also, our guest will be Wes Days, musical artist, teacher, and U.S. expat now residing in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil with his beautiful family. His life has taken him on a phenomenal journey to several countries around the world, including a 4-year journey on a school bus from Washington, D.C. to Costa Rica, with a community of artists and musicians. For several years, he's been engaged in peace and reconciliation initiatives, having worked with Seeds of Peace and One Common Unity, and is now making another evolutionary leap, soon moving from Salvador, Bahia to Rio de Janeiro, where he's continuing his life path and purpose of engaging communities via the arts and transformative culture, bringing the power of creative change where its needed most.

    In the spirit of #GivingTuesday, we encourage people to visit Planet Restoration's online store at http://www.PlanetRestoration.info/#Store and purchase the #EraseEbola and #StandUPforAfrica t-shirts. Proceeds from these sales benefit the work of EmergencyUSA in their efforts to stop the spread of Ebola in Sierra Leone.

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    Cartoneros se oponen a trabajar sin caballos en Bahia Blanca

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    Página 12



    Comienza la instalación de los microchips en caballos cocheros
    Los dispositivos funcionan como un sistema de identificación.

    24 Baires

    Cartoneros se oponen a trabajar sin caballos en Bahía Blanca

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    Bahia Street

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    Bahia Street breaks cycles of poverty, inequality and violence by providing high quality educational opportunities for economically-impoverished young women and girls in Brazil. The program was developed by African-Brazilian residents of shantytowns in Salvador, Brazil to provide a solution to what they believe to be their most pressing problems.

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    Comedy Playhouse - Prep-A-Zishun Preposterous

    in Comedy

    The Merriment begins in earnest - With only a Laugh a minute interludes

    with Verity Biz-Mouff providing the News she Chooses to Lose, Ms Misty Shores

    providing the latest Education Report via her hand puppet and co-conspirator Grady Flaytion.

    Some very Useful Zen Humor provided via the Sin-tallating Sin-sation Cintra

    The Latest Olympic News from our Bazillian Bombshelter of a Gal Ms Rita Bahia-Rio

    and with a Froward-flash  from the Perilous Past - with Senator Elect Ms. Gwendolyne of The Seventh Seas

    performing her interpretation from a Searing Censorship Tome a little piece entitled...

    Ya'll just have-ta be here!

    TUNE IN 8:30pm Friday (Eastern) and with just a wee bit of LUCK
    some Fluff from Bhagdad thrown in.... duck!

    produced for Florida Media Labs by that microscopic mime from MIME to yers

     Rick Spisak
    Writer / Producer / Director
    Comedy Playhouse

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    Wanda's Picks Special: Tania Santiago's Aguas Dance Company

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    TANIA SANTIAGO, the Artistic Director of Aguas Dance Company in "Movendo com Capoeira" Friday-Sat., Feb. 14-15 at 8pm and Sun., Feb 16 at 7pm. Born and raised in Salvador, Bahia, Tania Santiago grew up in the heart of African Brazil. In Brazil she has taught, danced, and choreographed for many well-known companies including Olodum, an arts group famous for its Carnaval parade performances and credited with developing the music style known as samba reggae. While her specialties are folkloric and contemporary Afro-Brazilian dance, Santiago is also conversant in jazz, ballet, West African, Afro-Cuban and modern dance forms. Santiago has resided in California since 1997, and has taught packed classes regularly at ODC School & Rhythm and Motion Dance Program since 2005. In 2001, Santiago received a three-year grant from the California Arts Council to teach young people throughout the San Francisco Unified School District. In addition, Santiago performs with her own company Aguas (formerly known as Aguas da Bahia), the Ramon Alayo Dance Company, and Deep Waters Dance Company. Santiago's choreography has also been performed by many local groups including Loco Bloco, Axe Abada, Kuumba, Quimbanda Grupo Carnavalesco, and Abada Capoeira. Each year in San Francisco, Santiago teaches a performance workshop in the Bahian Carnaval tradition. The workshop culminates in the annual Carnaval parade in May. Santiago also leads annual dance intensives in Salvador, Bahia as part of her cross-cultural work. Tickets available on line for $23 and at the door for $27 @ http://www.odcdance.org (415) 863-9834. 

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    WWIAAL DJ Gatsby Interviews Authors Celia Laratte & Elva NelsonHayes

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    Elva NelsonHayes is an author, artist, and a teacher. The UNNAMED, her freshman project, is an autobionovel, a work of urban fiction that reads like an autobiography. The UNNAMED chronicles Opal’s journey as she struggles to overcome identity issues stemming from being improperly named at birth by her feuding teenage parents. The story takes you on an emotional ride with Opal. When you meet her she is a young girl from very humble beginnings, overwhelmed with the realization of the entire spectrum of negative stigma assigned to children, such as her, who are born in the projects and born out of wedlock. 
    Through her journeys for self-acceptance and self-empowerment; you will also see the teenage parents’ characters grow as the story develops. The UNNAMED opens in the 69th village projects of the author’s hometown Oakland, California. It’s the summer of 1965. The story is captivating and riveting from beginning to end. 

    Celia Laratte was born in October 1956 in the city of Salvador in Bahia, Brazil. In 1976, at the age of twenty, she moved to the United States. She decided to leave her country because she was abused physically and psychologically at the time. She is now married and a mother of two, living in the city of New York and working at Rockland Psychiatric Center and Rockland County Mental Health Association, helping people with mental disabilities for 28 years.

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    Wanda's Picks Radio Show: Brazil Fulbright Project

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    Dr. Siri Brown, Ache Lytle & Mama Naomi Diouf join us to talk about a recent grant the Department of African American Studies at Merritt College received which took them and other educators to Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. There is a reportback tomorrow at Merritt College 10-12 where the educators will share curriculum developed during the intensive month long Fulbright project which looked at, Culture as Power: Teaching Afro-Brazilian History, Politics, and Culture--A Curriculum Development Project for Community College and High School Educators. The project reflects African American Studies’ deep-seated commitment to providing access to a global Pan African education for undeserved, students of color and it offers educators opportunity for professional and curriculum development and consisted of educators. Visit www.merrittafram.com Dr. Eugene B. Redmond, Poet Laureate of East St. Louis, Illinois (ESLI); Emeritus Professor of English, Founding Editor of Drumvoices Revue, and former Chairman of Creative Writing Committee at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, joins us from ESLI, to talk about the Black Arts Movement at almost 50 years and Malcolm X on the anniversary of his killing in 1965. Visit http://eugenebredmond.com/home/biography/

    We close with a conversation about healing with Sister Omitola Akinwunmi, KuumbaKreates, Life By Divine Design - Azikiwe Health. She is a clinician who has completed Level 2 Kemetic Reiki which is being offered once again this weekend by Kajara Nia Yaa Nebthet who arrives this evening for a book talk at Wose House of Amen Ra, http://wosecommunity.org/ 

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    Learn Moor About Bahia's Sharif Ali

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    Sharif Ali shares tons of info about Brazil, and Afro Brazilian Tours. Founder of Black Diamond, an independent label, Ali is a U.S. expatriate who settled in Bahia, Brazil. En route to Brazil, while living in Miami, he and his wife Sakkara made a series of videos aimed at raising consciousness/awareness in the black community and the world in general.

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    Ronnie Lucas, CEO of Viva Brazil

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    Travel Thursday is back and to re-launch our series we welcome Ronnie Lucas who is the CEO of Viva Brazil and lives in the metro DC area.  A frequent traveller to Rio de Janiero many times as well as Bahia, Ronnie is highly knowledgeable when it comes to travel to this area and making excellent business and real estate investments in Brazil. 

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    Wanda's Picks Radio Show: Final Live Episode for 2013

    in Art

    8 a.m. – Opal Palmer Adisa, Author
    8-8:30 a.m. – Pedro Gomez, Musical Director
    9-9:30 a.m. – Micia Mosely, Comic
    9:40-11:00 a.m. – Juliejean Jordan, Mother of Peace Zimbabwe

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    Going Global - Brazil - Chris Barreto via NYC

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    Career MilestonesIn 2001, Chris was invited to exhibit BEHUMANART at The Guggenheim Museum in New York. It is an honor that has been bestowed on very few of her colleagues. Chris’ apparel was on display and she gave a live performance piece representing the indigenous influence in the Brazilian culture through the use of body painting "It was an honor and so important for me representing my country in "Brazil, Body and Soul. All of my art was accessible.In 2002, she was paired with Master Pastry Chef, Francois Payard in the International Chocolate Show, and designed a dress for the fashion show made entirely from chocolate. It was the only chocolate garment chosen for exhibition by the Museum of Natural History - New York. From that year on, she was invited to design for the annual show.In 2003 Chris premiered her ready to wear collection during New York Fashion Week.In 2004, she mass-produced and distributed the her line for the first time.Since 2004, Chris has been developing her line of Brazilian Bikinis, crafted entirely in her native Brazil, and working out the details for mass distribution. She continues to show her collections of ready to wear and couture and to perform and promote her indigenous culture.In 2005 Chris moved to Hawaii and created her line of Bikinis, and Resort wear"BRASIL SEGREDO".In 2009 Chris moved back to NYC, and incorporated her multimedia talents as an actor and singer, performing in the city.2011- Chris launched her first music album: "BERIMBAU REGGAE" a mix of electronic and organic beats recorded and produced in Hawaii.In 2012- Chris went to Brazil and opened her new season of Art work showing her paints at PINDORAMA Arte Brasileira in Trancoso Bahia .

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