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    Interfaith Journeys: Bahai Basics With Behnaz Moshfegh

    in Religion

    Have you ever met a person from the Bahai faith? Did you walk away wondering just what the Bahai faith is all about and what it is they believe? Did you know that the Bahai Faith is among the fastest-growing of the world's religions?
    Tune into Terri Talk to hear this enlightening interfaith conversation with Behnaz Moshfegh, a member of the Bahai Faith.
    Behnaz Moshfegh is originally from Iran, where the Bahai religion was founded.  Behnaz, came to the United States to continue her education.  She decided to make the U.S. her home (following the Iranian Revolution in 1978) because it is where she can freely practice her religion. Behnaz has devoted her life to the Bahai teachings.  She is a certified domestic violence counselor and leads support groups to empower women.  She also facilitates Bahai study groups in the Boston area for all who have passion for spiritual dialogue.  Behnaz is also a representative of the Bahai Faith for the Hingham/Hull Religious Leaders Association. 

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    Actress Tippi Hedren and The Birds

    in Movies

    Award-winning actress Tippi Hedren talks about her scary experiences while filming The Birds, one of Alfred Hitchcock's classic thrillers. Tippi earned a Golden Globe for her terrific performance in this movie. During her candid interview, Tippi also reminisces about playing opposite Sean Connery in Hitchcock's Marnie. Among Tippi's non-Hitchcock films are such offerings as Charlie Chaplin's The Countess from Hong Kong, I Heart Huckabees, Pacific Heights, Jane Mansfield's Car and Roar, a movie she produced and starred in with her daughter Melanie Griffith. She has also appeared in numerous TV shows. 

    As an avid supporter of animal rights, Tippi is involved in the ROAR Foundation and the Shambala Preserve. She has received many awards for her humanitarain efforts, including the Bahai Faith Humanitarian Award and a "Women of Vision" Honor from Women in Film and Video.

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    Dr. Iraj Khodadoost - The Bahai Faith in America

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Iraj Khodadoost
    Open Minds Open Hearts radio show. Monday, July 2, 2012, 8-9 PM, EDT
    Our guest is Dr. Iraj Khodadoost. He is a practicing Baha'i in the Atlanta Baha'i community. The theme of tonight’s show is the Baha’i faith, and a greater understanding of the peace, compassion and oneness as taught by Baha'u'llah, the founder of the faith.
    Dr. Khodadoost brings his considerable background as an international professor specializing in a variety of aspects of accounting; teaching at the University of Georgia, Landegg Academy in Switzerland, CIMBA in Italy, and KIMEP in Kazakhstan.; along with an International work background: BF Goodrich, Abadan Petrochemical, and Iran Aircraft Industries to his lectures . Retiring in 2006 he now lectures on the Baha'i faith. He has created numerous You Tube videos on the Baha’I faith. You can get more information on Open Minds Open Hearts radio show at our website: www.openmindsopenhearts.net

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    Many Lamps One Light...With Dr Richard Tscherne and Jaimie Love

    in Self Help

    On Journey to Awareness today, we talk to Anthoney Hamm a San Diegan,about his amazing Journey into his own Awareness through The Bahai Faith.

    First we will get to know Anthony and how he found a way to serve humanity through art and his kraft of acting ,And his up and coming performance in "The MENding Monologues" (showing July 5/8/11/13) and then we will talk about how Anthonys Path led him to this not too well known Faith. Bahai  We will learn a little about the Principles of the faith for example the first is" Independant invetigation of the truth" and "Equality between the sexes" etc. and about some of the writings and finally what the ultimate goals of this new World Faith are.

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    Special Episode of Circus Maximus - Guest: Deanna Spingola

    in Radio

    Tonight. Nick from Circus Maximus is filling in. He will be joined by Deanna Spingola; Host of Spingola Speaks. Deanna's show airs Tuesdays on AFP and Sundays on RBN. They will be mainly discussing her newest book regarding the Blackstone Memorial (W.E. Blackstone) and breaking down exactly what the implications were from that.

    Christian Zionism will be the main focus tonight. We will touch on subjects like British Israelism, Christian Identity, Judaism, Islam, Theosophy, and quite possibly the New World religion, the Bahai Faith. Both Nick and Deanna are Chicago inhabitants and understand that the jewish problem is in their own backyard.

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    Walking A Spiritual Path With Practical Feet In Your Career

    in Work

    My guest for this interview was Bahieh Khamsi who is the founder of http://bahaicoaching.com/  and a life coach as well as a trained psychologist with over ten years of experience in assisting people in their personal and professional development.
    In this interview I asked her the following key questions:
    I’m really curious about how you combine a spiritual message with a practical method such as coaching, can you tell me more about that? And also about how the Baha'i Faith informs your work? And how can you actually take your career to the next level based on spiritual principles? Do you have some practical advice for our listeners? What is your view on the Concept that work is worship? What about money…. Would you say making money is a “bad” thing from a spiritual perspective? Can you share your view on the concept of "Being and Doing.” ?      How can people get in touch with you? https://twitter.com/Bahiehk

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    Finding our Way in a Multicultural Society

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    My Guest is Dr. Gregory P. Meyjes
    Our nation is now more multicultural and interfaith than at any other time. How to navigate through the various culture and faith traditions is a question I have asked myself in the interfaith work that I do. What necessary skills do we need, and how does that affect our sense of who we are, in our quickly expanding and changing society?
    Join my guest Dr. Gregory P. Meyjes who is Associate Professor of Linguistics at Kennesaw State University and President of Solidaris Intercultural Services LLC, an intercultural and international competency firm with a focus on language, religion, and race/ethnicity.
    Dr. Meyjes is Bahai’ and  is an applied sociolinguist whose research concerns attitudes, policies, and practices involving the inclusion of cultural minority groups. He has pursued a rights-based approach to social change for decades. The recipient of several post-doctoral awards including two Fulbright assignments, his current teaching focuses on intercultural competency and international conflict management.

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    Bahaism vs. Christianity

    in Spirituality

    It is no secret that we are headed toward a one world religion and a one world government.  In an age where Christianity is patrolled by the  "thought police" and often accused of "hate speech," it is the task of the Church to examine different belief systems and defend the truth of the Gospel.  We must be ready to give answers, a reason for the hope that we have.  Tonight, Walter Martin takes a closer look at the Bahai religion in the light of biblical truth.

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    Jack McLean - Baha'i Scholar, Creative Writer and Columnist

    in Religion

    Jack McLean is a long-time Baha'i scholar, poet, creative writer and columnist in Ottawa, Canada.
    John Allan/Jack McLean was born in Toronto, Canada on June 7, 1945. He became a Bahá'í in 1962 when he was 16 years old. He holds undergraduate degrees in French literature from the Sorbonne (1968) and French and Religious Studies from Trinity College, the University of Toronto (1970). 
    He graduated with distinction with an M.A. in the History of Religions from the University of Ottawa (1972) studying under Samaritan religion scholar, professor emeritus Reinhard Pummer (Ph.D Theology, Vienna). 
    Jack also studied Introductory Persian at the Institute of Islamic Studies at the University of Toronto.
    Among Jack's teachers were the well-known Islamic scholar, Aziz Ahmad (Islamic History) and the famous literary critic Northrop Frye (Biblical Symbolism). A list of Jack McLean's works are posted at  https://sites.google.com/site/mcleantitles/