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    Episode 197: The Bossman and The Badman

    in Sports

    JR the Bossman and The Badman make their Bob Sullivan Show debuts to discuss Tyler Perry, Steve Harvey, Adam Sandler, and Black/White issues.

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    Interop Preview: An Interview with Lee Badman

    in Technology

    An Interop Preview interview with Lee Badman, chair of the mobility track at Interop.

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    in Movies

    If you haven’t heard of me yet, you will soon enough.  His name is Dave “The Badman” Huckaba, and he's an MMA fighter specializing in what fans love to see…. KO’s. He currently work for the Sacramento City Unified School District and prior to working with the school district;He was a Union Iron Worker for 8 years.  His life manages to stay very busy.  Both of his children are active in sports all year round and he has just recently opened Huckaba’s Next Generation MMA Training Center along with his wife and business partners John Padlo and Ron Diacon. He teaches the full spectrum of MMA to adult and youth members.  his professional team currently holds several MMA belts at the local level.

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    Graham Badman and Home Schooling

    in Lifestyle

    Graham Badman, Delyth Morgan and Ed Balls have cooked up a report to stop parents in the UK having freedom to home school their children in peace without state control

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    Bossman Show (The Death of The Voice of Reason w/ Badman)

    in Lifestyle

    JR The Bossman and his buddy "Badman" will break down and analyze the one who calls themself "The Voice of Reason" and warn women of the signs that they been in the midst of "The Voice of Reason".

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    Bad Behavior feat. The Badman

    in Parents

    On tonight's show, I'll be discussing why some people just seem to lack home training.  They have no idea how to act in public.  Whether it's talking loudly in a restaurant to being rude in an airport, they just don't get it.
    To discuss this with me, making his 1st appearance on the show as a featured guest will be Show Legend, The Badman!
    We'll also discuss why some people go out in public dressed in pajamas, or with hair rollers or etc.  Why not present yourself in public with some decency?
    We'll talk about stupid people, their children and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!
    "No experts.  Just opinions."
    Show No. 213

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    The Real Man Show

    in Comedy

    Anything we deem manly. Tonight Dave BADMAN Huckaba talks about his super fight with David "Bulletproof" Mitchell

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    Luther "Badman" Keith

    in Entertainment

    His vocals have been compared to Jimi Hendrix,  his guitar style and energy to Luther Allison with a songwriting gift and sense  of humor all his own. All this from a guy  who didn’t pick up a guitar until he was  past 30 years old and didn’t play his first  professional gig until he was well into his 40s.
    Come join us with Luther "Badman" Keith for some good ol' Detroit funky Blues.

  • 01:31

    Best Damn MMA Show Episode 6

    in MMA

    Dave "BADMAN" Huckaba
    Doug "The Rhino" Marshall
    Anthony "The Shark" Avila

  • 01:48

    Show 200: What is a "Real Woman?"

    in Women

    T2Q kicks off Women's History Month with a simple question: what is a real woman?   We've seen it defined as being "strong, loving and independent." Are those a recipe for a "real woman?" A man's definition of those terms can be completely different than a woman's.   I'll call upon my male Show Legends to ask the tough questions to figure out just what exactly a "real woman" is in this second installment of "Men Asking Women Tough Questions."   Joining the panel as a guest will be first-timer, Mone't, Show Legend, Amanda, and also returning will be sisters, Brittany and Erica!   We'll also discuss guilt. You've heard of "white guilt," but never "male guilt." Should men publicly apologize for the mistreatment of women over the course of history just as whites did to blacks?   These things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! Ladies, it's your month, so if you don't represent for yourself, then I'm not responsible for what M&M, Ray, Buck, Badman, TrueSpeech or any other dude says on the show! :)   "No experts. Just opinions."   www.Talk2Q.com

  • 01:51

    #T2Q Turns 2!

    in Current Events

    The Talk 2 Q Radio Show has reached its 2nd birthday!  It's hard to believe that what started as a 15 minute show with no callers has turned into a 90+ minute entertainment session with 60,000+ listens and counting!
    Join me tonight as I discuss a wide range of topics with some of my favorite guests from the past two years!
    We'll discuss if the world is ready for a non-white Pope, does the size of a wedding ring really matter, are women more mentally stable than men and more!
    Confirmed guests: TrueSpeech, Charli Penn, Ms. Fabulous B, Derrick of The Green Chimp Show, Jesenia Bailey, Jenni Ruiza, The Badman, Redhead_702, Elina Madison and more!
    "No experts.  Just opinions."
    Show No. 198