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    Boston's Best Country Call- In

    in Country Music

    Call In for Country Requests on www.spreaker.com/user/bostonsbestcountry 

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    In The Country Triple Play - May 31

    in Music

    In The Country Triple Play - May 31, 2015

    Tune in to hear stories & songs - and the latest news - from these three talented Canadian Country artists.


    Ontario's Delaney Grant's latest single is called "Black and Blue."


    Saskatchewan's Alex Runions' latest single is called "Passenger Seat."


    Ontario's Tanya Marie Harris' latest single is called "Treat Me Like Your Girlfriend."


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    In The Country June Triple Play

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    The latest single from Saskatchewan's Curits Grambo is Little White Dress.



    The latest single from Alberta's Olivia Rose is Make Up To Mud.



    The latest single from Ontario's Matt Williams is Spinnin' Around.


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    Country Round Up Today!

    in Current Events

    Our great show tonight features some of the very best in harmonies and songs!


    From MTS Managment we will have Billy Grima on at 730pm ET

    The Kirk Johnson Family Singers-Wonderful  true Southern Gospel Artists at 7:15pmET

    Bobby Miller will grace us with great music and hopefully a super interview-folks this is one super fast rising star and one great Country Artist.

    Sponsored by Ross Country Jamboree of Scottsburg Indiana, and heard throughout this great world wide web, we are honored to be going into our many years of broadcasting keeping family traditions and pride intact.

    Scott will be with us and we will have a Country pleasing great time-join us and bring a snack and some great friends and share in the best of the best.

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    Dolly McCarthy interviews Country singer Josh Thompson

    in Radio

    Dolly chats with Country music singer Josh Thompson 

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    "Good" Debt versus "Bad" Debt

    in Christianity

    Do you see debt as God sees it or only as the financial sector see it? What is your understanding what people call GOOD DEBT and BAD DEBT?  How does knowing the difference affect you now and in the future?  How much “good” and “bad” debt do you have?  Can a changed perspective and spirit about "good" and "bad" debt transform your present and future financial condition?  In our final episode of our monthly series for June 2015, you’ll receive more than “information,” but the truth behind how we are to responsibly interact with credit and debt.

    Week 4 - June 25, 2015   - "Good" Debt versus "Bad" Debt

    Showtime is at 8pm EST.  Guests can call-in at (347) 215-7934 to listen, comment or question. You may also listen on-line at http://tobtr.com/7653357

    Hosts: Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Dunlap, Jr., Adia Sanders, Shatara Sherwood, Warren Feaster, and Mary Ann Williams

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    Ashley Matte, Country,Pop, Rock Singer/Songwriter

    in Country Music

    Tonight pop art painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes Country, Country/Pop Singer/Songer Writer Ashely Matte to the show:


    Ashley Matte will be discusing her crowdfunding campaign for her new album. 
    Ashley’s humor, grace, and connection to fans are evident at every show. Ashley’s music is greatly poetic and is inspired by the soulful influence of her Southern roots. Her lyrics are deeply personal yet fused with meaning for the audience. While listening to a song, one cannot help but wonder whether Ashley has penned the lyrics to a bit of ones own history. Nashville tradition, coffeehouse intimacy, and intricate guitar riffs are all trademarks of Ashley Matte. Anyone who loves a passionate voice and converging musical influences will be instantly pleased.

    For Media Inquires: 

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    Country Star Hicks returns

    in Entertainment

    Getting ready to tour this summer, country sensation Hicks is back with a new single "I Belong to You" which was co-written by Erik Martensson and Jörgen Elofsson, boith who have collaborated with Kelly Clarkson.

    We will talk to Hicks about his busy summer and he recent successes in Europe,

  • Tell the Truth Tuesday

    in Social Networking

    Disc Jockeys better known as "DJs" don't always get paid the homage required. On today's show we will pay respect to all DJs by outlining what's all required in their duties. To excel in the DJ world you must be passionate about your craft. The importance of having a well rounded and equipped DJ is a must. Join Ms. Mack and my "DJ" Tore Roc as we keep it real on the role of DJs in today's industry. You get first hand info on how to become and maintain legendary DJ stats

  • Your Credit Score Can Cost YOU!!

    in Finance

    Most people know that bad credit can cost you but they really don't know HOW...listen in to learn. To connect with Troy call 443.943.2259. To connect with Leroy call 443.762.2324

    To read the full article visit http://www.melonisworks.com

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    A Better Person to be President Is On Blog Talk Radio At 5:30pm - Curtis Clinton

    in Elections

    The Title says it. Why? It makes sense. My place is not so different from yours, maybe a little better. We have more common ground than the others. I am not campaigning for your money, am not a Politician, will not be, will be among the best smart Commander-In-Chiefs, even protecting our military men and women. Your day to day is closer to ours and we live it with nearly similar DNA: Daily Numerous Adversities; Daily Numerous Ailments; Daily Numerous Aspirations. Yes, an unknown person has little chance to be seen by you. I know that it appears stupid to do this. It may even look more than stupid. But it’s not that stupid when you consider all the stupid things that are going on right now, that have just happened or will with politics. Please see me in a better smart light. I say things that you may not like or want to hear. But they are said for our own good. They need to be said and brought to light and right. There are some well known people running for President. I am not one of them. I am one among many, if you can understand that in all its fullness. It is surmised that when you reach the White House, things change you. Except for becoming better, I will not change the good, right, smart within me or what must and should be done. I want much better for all, even you and our cohabitant animals and our earth. The White House belongs to you, with a person of the people, ordinary if necessary and not to a Political Party. If you see it that way, could you and will you put together 120,000,000 Write-In Ballots for a Presidency being for us, with just one of us in there seeing to a better United States and for Americans of all blood types of O's, A's, B's and AB's. If that many are cast, we will not have a divided country or Congress. One willing caring for all doing person can start a better world. You can begin with such a President. This idea is for you, c2it, i am Curt Clinton, c2…

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