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    Slow and Bacon Show!

    in Entertainment

    Fun, Laughter and Stupidity! Join us LIVE at 5 PM CST and share the craziness with The Slow and Bacon Radio Show! Give us a shout at (347)945-7331, or email us at Radioshow@slowandbacon.com!

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    Slow and Bacon Radio Show!

    in Entertainment

    Come join us LIVE at 10 PM Central and share in the fun with Slow, Bacon, The Downtown Hashbrown and The Crew! Call us at (347)945-7331 and give us a shout. All topics of discussion are fair game!

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    Slow and Bacon Radio Show!

    in Entertainment

    Come join Slow, Bacon and the rest of our crazy crew as we strike up more fun and entertaining conversations! Call us at 347-945-7331 and join in the fun on Friday night at 10 PM Central. We'll see you there!

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    Slow and Bacon Show Returns!

    in Entertainment

    The Slow & Bacon Radio Show returns with more fun and laughter! Are you ready? We are, and we hope you'll join us Friday night at 10 pm Central! Call us at 347-945-7331 and let's share some fun!

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    Grilliant Ideas Radio- OMG...We Can't Be Out Of Bacon!

    in Food

    It's time for another adventure of Grilliant Ideas Radio.

    WE'RE OUT OF BACON! Words A Man Never Wants To Hear!

    Come join Laury, Brian, and Grill as we explore the culinary world and search for bacon!

    Food News, Food Commentary, and Eating! There's Nothing More Important!

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    Plum Luv Foods Season 3 Episode 22 Bacon and Beer Classic 2016

    in Food

    Its springtime and that means festivals!! This is the 2016 Bacon and Beer Classic episode! This year the event at Citi field home of the Mets, was amazing! Redleader and I were VIP'd to come and hang out and do some interviews with so many people!! Adam Poch, Matt Kourie, Fire Island Beer, Magic Hat, Big Tumbler brewing, Two roads, Black Hog, so many guests!! This one was a crowd favorite last year I have no doubt this is just as good!

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    Grilliant Ideas Radio- Everything Goes Better With Bacon!

    in Food

    It's that Foodie Time again! Yes-It's Grilliant Ideas Radio with Laury, Brian, and Grill.

    For all of you who don't know..Grill has a thing for Bacon! And he says.."Everything Goes Better With Bacon. Bacon is so misunderstood and under appreciated." But of course Brian doesn't agree. He thinks Grill is obsessed with the Miracle Food of Bacon!

    Come chew the fat with us. See you at the same Bacon Time-Same Bacon Station!

    Eat, Drink, and Be Grilliant!

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    Prophetic Insight with Michael Bacon

    in Religion

    Michael Bacon is Senior Pastor and founder of Glory Tabernacle Church located in Youngsville, NC  and the founder of Prophetic Kingdom TV.  


    He is a dynamic speaker that flows in the prophetic, and apostolic. He is called to equip, train, and ordain the prophetic and apostolic offices throughout the world. The Lord also moves through him in the healing gifts. He is married to Lyn Bacon and has eight children.


    There have been many miracles, signs and wonders that have been witnessed and testified in his ministry. You will be so blessed as he walks in humility and flows decently and in order.  



    He is also author of a new book entitled "Prophet Come Out of Your Cave".

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    Milling About with The Bacon Brothers

    in Entertainment

    The Bacon Brothers, Kevin and Michael join host Robin Milling backstage at City Winery in New York City to talk about their new album 36 Cents. A blend of folk, rock, soul and country; this band of brothers debuted in 1995 and are still going strong 20 years later.

    Their songs have always had a sense of humor, but not always, such as Hookers & Blow which Kevin says has a much darker side. 'With the kind of straight ahead lives that both of us live; being married for a long time we lead pretty normal sort of lives. So when somebody said, 'well how was your weekend my joke is, oh you know it's just the usual, hookers and blow! It's kind of a walk in the shoes of this guy who is messed up.'

    Currently on tour, Kevin tells Robin they've played everywhere from The Roxy in Los Angeles to even a pork festival at Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana. Michael says, 'I think we have a really hardcore group of fans that really appreciate the band's music.' The show featured a young musician from WHEELS (Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School) who jammed with The Bacon Brothers on stage using a donated guitar from WQXR's instrument drive. Kevin says, 'Alot of the schools and kids throughout the five boroughs in the New York City school system don't have access to instruments. And they don't get lessons. Music as you know is a really peaceful, healing, brain-making pleasure. We're trying to raise money now on six degrees.org to refurbish some of these instruments that they have.'

    For more information visit:



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    The Health Benefits of Bacon with Dr. Kaayla Daniel

    in Nutrition

    We so often hear about how bacon is delicious but dangerous, and should be eaten in moderation because it is "unhealthy."

    But is it really? 

    Bacon has the ability to increase your Vitamin D levels, improve fatty acid profile, help your body detox, stabilize blood sugar, and even reduce some other symptoms including anxiety and mood swings. And let's be honest, bacon’s salt and savory sweetness make it a delicious treat (that you don't have to feel guilty about eating any more!)

    Join me as I chat with "Naughty Nutritionist" Dr. Kaayla Daniel to talk about the little known health benefits of bacon including: 

    Why you should be cooking with Bacon fat

    How to cook and buy Bacon so that it is a healthy option

    Why Turkey Bacon is not a "healthier option"


    We will be opening up the phone lines to your questions at the end of the show, so be sure to call in! 

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    Slow and Bacon!

    in Entertainment

    More Slow, Bacon and The Crew sharing some random fun!

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