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    da da da da da da da da da I did a show about nothing really

    in Entertainment

    This is really a show about nothing, for now, but it will be  ashow about something soon


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    Are backup offers worth it?

    in Real Estate

    Are backup offers worth it for buyers to submit? Is it worth it for a seller to accept backup offers? As a buyer, how should you put together your backup offer? As a seller, how should you handle backup offers? Is it different from a "normal" offer? All this a lots more in this weeks show

    Your host, Robert Whitelaw, a licensed real estate broker in Morgan Hill, California, will guide you through all the latest information on loan rates, foreclosures, short sales and more. He will also give you insights into the purchase process that can help you navigate the waters of a real estate transaction easier.

    So tune in live and join the show with your real estate related questions!


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    show for a show for a show for a show

    in Entertainment

    This is a back up account created to record shows early for another program, in case I can't do them live.  Preety smart, eh???  I think so ...  If you haven't thought about doing this before, try it out.  It can help save you from last minute emergencies and mishaps.

  • Cowboys 90 Minute Sunday: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. Romo/McFadden

    in Professional

    The Good:


    Both looked good, really good. They gave us a potential preview of what this season could look like, and it should be a pleasing thing to Cowboys fans everywhere. Romo was sharp, as usual, and McFadden showed not just blazing speed but ability to hit holes and take contact. If he stays healthy, this run game could be better than expected. 

    The Bad: 

    Does 0-3 preseason mean anything?

    This Cowboys team, that finished 12-4 last season, went 0-4 in last years pre-season. Despite some good plays from rookies and some flashes of potential, this team has failed to even look remotely close to ready. Should we weight the pre-season at all or is it basically practice and we should focus all attention on the Sept. 13 opener?

    The Ugly: 

    Confidence in backups? Who is the best/worst backup? They have been flat out bad all around, and the hosts debate whether or not these guys have any hope or if the starters NEED to stay healthy. 

    Bonus topic:

    Who had the better season, Dez or Odell?

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    DST 8/29/15: Lions/Jaguars Preseason Wrap w/ Robb Gillies, Tigers/Blue Jays

    in Sports

    The Lions nip the Jacksonville Jaguars by the final score of 22-17 at EverBank Field in Jacksonville. Robb Gillies analyzes the pros and cons (including too many penalties) of it with me. The debate for the backup QB position just got heated up a little.

    I recap the series opener between the Tigers and the AL East-leading Toronto Blue Jays from Rogers Centre. The Tigers lose again 5-3 and thus fall 7 games below the .500 mark. The evaluation for Tigers manager Brad Ausmus early on is not looking good thus far in the late stages of the 2015 MLB regular season.

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    A Conversation with Martha Reeves

    in Lifestyle

    From the outset, Martha Reeves’ voice possessed an earthy, direct quality that distinguished her from other female singers - such as sultry Mary Wells or demure Diana Ross - at Motown. Her voice bore the righteous fervor of gospel and the flinty edginess of rhythm & blues, which, combined with Motown’s stylized pop-soul approach, made for a compelling package. Together with her backup singers, the Vandellas, Reeves recorded a classic run of singles in the mid-Sixties, most of them composed by the songwriting team of Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier and Eddie Holland. The Vandellas’ hit streak included what may be the definitive Motown anthem, “Dancing in the Street,” as well as such danceable blockbusters as “(Love Is Like a) Heat Wave,” “Nowhere to Run” and “Jimmy Mack.”  This conversation is a real treat for our listening audience and those who loved Motown back in the day.

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    It looks like there is somebody who can beat Hillary Clinton...Hillary Clinton

    in Politics Conservative

    It looks like there is somebody out there who can beat Hillary and it is herself.  The polls are showing she is losing to several GOP candidates and she is supposed to be the strongest candidate. Now what is the Democratic Party going to do.  It looks like they are going into their bag of tricks to look for backup candidates Al Gore and Joe Bidden who might be able to stop the GOP from kicking their asses.  Donald Trump and Ben Carson (the two non-politicians) are leading both parties.  People are tired of the politicians in Washington DC and this is the reason why they are doing so well.  Hillary has done it to herself again.  She turned over her server to the FBI and guess what was on it…nothing.  Doesn’t that give any logical voter room for pause?  Why was it so important to delete the information on it if there was no chance of a breach?  Why was it so important to send out a 13 page explanation of the complexity of her server? The Republicans are so worried about Donald Trump going with a third party but Democrats need to worry about Hillary Clinton running as a third party because I can’t see her conceding her chance of losing another presidential run

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    You Don't Know What The Hell I've Been Through!

    in Christianity

    How dare some of you so called pastors, preachers, deacons, bishops, reverends, anybody who think they the audicity to criticize me for what I say on my radio show. I don't understand why you have a problem with me giving secular issues that has a biblical backup. Who is it causing a problem for? You or anybody like you? I told ya'll, I keeps it 100% real. It seems to me ya'll got a problem with realism. If that's the case, then why are you preaching? Stop preaching. Stop ministering to people who have issues, and sit your ass down somewhere. Stop wasting your time, hurting God's people. I'm sick of the nonsense. I had enough abuse at my last home church. Now I getting it on BTR? Really? Ok, well, bring the noize.

    They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death (REV 12: 11)

  • NY Jets Training Camp Updates ; Special Guest Kristian Dyer

    in Sports

    The New York Jets are preparing to take on the Atlanta Falcons and Kristian Dyer joins the Brandon Dowling show to give his updates from training camp. Geno Smith is still out, Ryan Fitzpatrick is the starting QB. And Matt Flynn has been brought in as a veteran backup.

    Glenn Naughton has also been covering #JetsCamp for JetNation.com and he calls in to give his insight.

    We also want to hear from you, so call in and let us know what you think about the Jets. Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter @JetNationRadio.

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    August 19th Home Court Sports Show

    in Sports

    Topics tonight:

    1. Would you be surprised if Tom Brady is reinstated for week 1?

    2. Should the University of Wisconsin lower admission standards after losing several top level recruits in basketball and football?

    3.  Would you take Ray Rice as a cheap backup for the Green Bay Packers?

    4.  With the recent hiring of an female assistant coach by the Arizona Cardinals, how long before an female head coach.

    Call in at 347.945.7002

    Listen Live at www.blogtalkradio.com/homecourtsports

    Show starts at 7:00 p.m.