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    Football is Back! Fantasy Football Talk Begins Now

    in Football

    We like football. We like drinking. We like talking to people. So we created a Fantasy Football and NFL show where we can do all three. 

    The show consists of 3 hosts who will regularly get together before the show 30 to 45 minutes and consume alcohol prior to going live. During the show the drinking will continue while the 3 hosts continue to drink and talk Fantasy Football and NFL.  There will be code words each week that if said will result in a drinking penalty forcing the host to take a sip of their drink.

    This is our first show and we look forward to doing many more throughout the season. We do aim to give advice on starts but please note we'll be drunk so don't hold us responsible if you fuck up your week listening to us.

    Host Names: X, Fuggets and Mean Greene (click for twitter)

    Follow Us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook... or don't, who are we to tell you what to do?

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    Back To Basics

    in Wrestling

    Come join Suzy "The Elf" & Count Zrathknock as we talk about Wrestler Unstoppable and getting back to basics, going back to the old school type of radio shows. IN CHARACTER ONLY!! Leave your manager at home! This will be strictly enforced.

    Call in to promote your company, stable or wrestler, cause only YOU can really promote them! Want to become a sponsor of Back to Basics? Contact Suzy and she will get you the details! If you are a sponsor of B2B and want your special event highlighted, then let Suzy know and she will highlight your event.

    We will discuss what is going on in WU and also discuss topics like Trash Talk, cutting promos, etc. If you have a topic that you would like us to talk about, then message Suzy or Count and we will take all topics into consideration!
    Suzy and Count Zrathknock will be starting a contest where we will accept messages for Subject ideas, and If we use your idea, we will give you 10wbs.

    Want to hear past B2B shows? Check out our archives scene! (Shows will be updated soon, I promise!)

    Call in and let's get Back to Basics! Sign into Blog Talk and if you have skype, you can call in for free or use the guest call in number (646)-478-0073. Callers are welcome, just please keep with the topic!

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    C and C Football Factory: The Boys are Back In Town!

    in Football

    After a much needed break, Ciro (CJ) and Carlos are back to weigh in on everything Jets' related from prospective free-agent signings, to the NFL's new rule changes, to the upcoming draft! As always, this show doesn't work without you, THE FAN, and we want to hear your thoughts! Don't forget to call in at 917.889.7042 and have your say! 

    The Boys are back and ready to bring you some great radio for this upcoming 2014 season!

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    Debut Author Frank Lankaster Joins Kori on the Back Porch

    in Books

    Based in North London, Frank Lankaster is a semi-retired academic and community development worker with many years experience in education, working both in the UK and US. Today Frank continues to work as a freelance researcher and writer. In his spare time he enjoys watching football and is a keen Liverpool fan. Tim Connor Hits Trouble by Frank Lankaster (published by Clink Street Publishing RRP $12.99, ebook RRP $4.99 ebook) is available to buy online from March 25th from retailers including Amazon.com and to order from all good bookstores. 

    The book: Emerging from an emotionally exhausting relationship break-up, and with his young daughter still contriving to make him feel as guilty as possible, Tim Connor hopes to regain his equilibrium in his new role as lecturer of Social Sciences at the University of Wash. An exciting new romance is also whetting Tim’s appetite. 

    Meanwhile, the college’s resident alcoholic dinosaur, Henry Jones, is at loggerheads with the Dean of Faculty, Howard Swankie and beset by bickering with his stoutly feminist wife. As tensions mount and the battle lines are drawn, Tim finds himself increasingly pulled in, until one day both Henry and Howard inexplicably go missing leaving Tim to deal with the crisis.  

    Set against the backdrop of the financial crisis of 2008, Frank Lankaster has cleverly drawn upon his considerable experience within the education system and brilliantly captures its inherently political landscape. Tim Connor Hits Trouble skillfully and entertainingly combines the clash of ideas, warring egos, the pressure to perform and the delicate balance between working as an academic and as a teacher to produce an uproarious debut novel. 

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    Nique & Chuck Pro Football Talk

    in Football

    2015 NFL Draft live show, live pick by pick updates and analysis! 

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    Author Oscar Reynard Joins Kori on the Back Porch

    in Books

    From the cut-throat capitalism of the 1980’s, through to the modern-day, A Clean Pair of Hands reveals how the corporate practices of the late 20th century are now being exposed and condemned.  Before becoming one of the directors of the family’s business consultancy firm, Oscar Reynard enjoyed a successful career working in senior management roles for a high profile industrial manufacturing  corporation in the United States. Reynard has been widely published in various trade magazines, co-authored a business training manual and written as a critic for business titles. He divides his time between Surrey and the south-west of France. 

    From the cut-throat capitalism of the 1980’s through modern-day, A Clean Pair of Hands reveals how the corporate practices of the late 20th century are now being exposed and condemned through the eyes of a French businessman who succumbs to the seductive and unbridled excesses enjoyed by the country’s ruling elite and slowly becomes trapped by rampant corruption and moral decay that will threaten his family and his own survival. 




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    Fantasy Football Insiders: 2015 NFL Draft Class

    in Sports

    Hosts Ric Serritella and Joe Everett preview the skill position prospects from the 2015 NFL Draft Class and discuss which players should be on your fantasy football. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @NFLDraftBible for all the latest news, mock drafts and updates!

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    Nique and Chuck Pro Football Talk

    in Football

    Latest NFL transactions/news and our final NFL Mock Draft

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    Fantasy Football - Bruce Kimbrough - Dynasty Football Warehouse

    in Sports

    Join AllPurposeRoto as they welcome Bruce Kimbrough from Dynasty Football Warehouse.

    Bruce has run and set up over 100 mocks this off season.

    His mocks include rookie only, IDP only, mixed, etc.

    We will look at ADP, discuss suprise value players or players who are overdrafted.

    Chris Polk, Andre Johnson, Victor Cruz,  Greg Jenngins . . . . where do they belong.




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    Nuts And Bolts Sports Present: "The Football Shows 2015 NFL Draft Special"

    in Sports

    Welcome to the 2015 NFL Draft! Nuts and Bolts Sports are proud to bring you live coverage and reaction to this event. We have a great group of NFL junkies who eat, sleep, and drink the game. NBS Founder Joe "Cright" Cardoso will host and is joinded by Senior editor Larry "LBizzy" Bisagni and our panel of NBS NFL Writer Ryan"Cross"Crossingham, Host of the "One And Dunne" hit sports podcast, Donovan James NFL Draft Analyst for rsenreport.com. We are JACKED!! This is where Super Bowl winners are made or lost ask the Seahawks and Pats. Look at the Browns or the Jets.


    We are wall to wall with the trades, surpirse picks, bone head moves and more. So tune in and join us as the next great crop of NFL players are drafted. What does the team you cheer for need? 

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    Nique & Chuck Pro Football Talk

    in Football

    Latest NFL news/transactions and our updated mock draft picks 10-20