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  • 01:49

    Screenwriter Lorna O and Singer/Songwriter Donica Knight

    in Entertainment

    Lorna O has worked on many shows including "The Sheild" and "Daybreak" and now is looking to find success in her own tv show.

    She has written a pilot for a tv show called "Mercy Road" and is asking for input from the public so she can produce so she can gage what the audeince wants. 

    We will talk to her about her storyline and her thought processes in writing.

    Then our friend Richard Oliver returns to talk about the relaunch of "The Rhyme Impersonator Show" and his busy 2015.

    Having peformed with some of the great in rock and country, Donica Knight has been a road warrior. Having performed over 350 times across the southeast opening for Kid Rock, Luke Bryan, and the Band Perry, she also has sung duets with country legend Ronnie Milsap.

    We will talk to Knight about her new single "Love Ain't a Prize" and writing music for television movies.


  • 00:26

    Mammograms Wine & Man Bits

    in Pop Culture

    When the girls have mammograms together it gets crazy, but then when mama Santa joins us with a bottle of wine, we end up measuring a man's nipples.  This is Part One of a two part series of Girls In Heels.

  • 01:57

    Braiding Hair W/O A License

    in Art

    Our guest for tonight is Isis Brantley. Isis Brantley is the creator and owner of Institute of Ancestral Braiding located in Dallas, TX. where she teaches the art of African Hair Braiding. In 1997 Isis was arrested for practicing her craft w/o a license.

    Jpoin us for this amazing story of how one woman who spent 20 years in prison for practicing her craft is still in the fight for those who practice the ancient craft!


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    O Santo Rosario em Portugues

    in Religion

    O Terço entre famílias

  • 01:03

    The DJ Cee O and Holloway's Idea Takeover

    in Hip Hop Music

    Join Dj Cee O and Holloway's Idea creater Lloyd Holloway as they play some of their favorite records from the Golden Era of Hip Hop.  For those that don't know, the Golden Era stretches from the late 80's to the mid 90s, give or take a year or two. Topics such as the top MCs, DJs, and most influential producers amd albums will be discussed.  This episode will focus on The Wu Tang Clan and producer Easy Mo Bee (Biggie, 2Pac, Alicia Keys, Big Daddy Kane, Rza, Gza, Etc.)

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    O Santo Rosario em Português

    in Religion

    O Terço entre flamílias

  • 02:12

    O YE DRYBONES : The Real Thanksgiving with special guest DR.DAVID IMHOTEP

    in Current Events

    Starting with the Pilgrims not only leaves out the Indians, but also the Spanish. In the summer of 1526 five hundred Spaniards and one hundred black slaves founded a town near the mouth of the Pedee River in what is now South Carolina. Disease and disputes with nearby Indians caused many deaths. Finally, in November the slaves rebelled, killed some of their masters, and escaped to the Indians. By now only 150 Spaniards survived, and they evacuated back to Haiti. The ex-slaves remained behind. So the first non-Native settlers in "the country we now know as the United States" were Africans.The Spanish continued their settling in 1565, when they massacred a settlement of French Protestants at St. Augustine, Florida, and replaced it with their own fort. Some Spanish were pilgrims, seeking regions new to them to secure religious liberty: these were Spanish Jews

    Beginning with 1620 also omits the Dutch, who were living in what is now Albany by 1614. Indeed, 1620 is not even the date of the first permanent British settlement, for in 1607, the London Company sent settlers to Jamestown, Virginia. No matter. The mythic origin of "the country we now know as the United States"

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    O Santo Rosario em Portugues

    in Religion

    O Terço entre Familias

  • 00:17

    O-Naje with Conversation on Music,his path thur being a rapper and life goals

    in Pop Culture

    O-naje, which means “the sensitive one” in Swahili, is a Hip Hop artist from the Bay Area, California. While always staying true to the core values of Hip Hop (love, peace and having fun), his music is also infused with elements from Soul, R&B and Jazz. An alleged distant cousin of Blues legend, Muddy Waters and member of a family where everyone plays instruments or sings - you could say music runs through his blood.

    O-naje | CD Baby Music Store


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    o Santo Rosario em Portugues

    in Religion

    O Terço entre familias

  • 00:39

    O Santo Rosario em Portugues

    in Religion

    O Terço entre familias