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    Babyboomer Job Search Strategies

    in Jobs

    Babyboomer Job Search Strategies

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    Welcome Ken Solin - Author & Columnist

    in Relationships

    Author and columnist Ken Solin is a boomer Dating Expert for The Huffington Post, AARP, About.com, and Maria Shriver, and also writes about boomer sex and relationships. Ken’s new book, The Boomer Guide To Finding True Love Online offers real-life boomer dating solutions based on Ken’s online dating experience and the experiences of tens of thousands of readers who comment on his articles. His relationship philosophy is simple. “You can’t think your way through a relationship. You have to feel your way.”

    Ken’s website: http://www.kensolin.com

    Ken’s new book: http://amzn.to/1uhvOMJ

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    Spring Cleaning for Your Mind, Body & Soul with #WiseSisters

    in Women

    Spring Cleaning for Your Mind, Body and Soul

    Hey #WiseSisters! In this episode, we'll talk about spring cleaning. Let's face it, we all have rooms of stuff that need to go out. Lori talks about her latest home DIY project. Spring is also a good time to clear up relationships. Why hang on to old feelings when you can forgive and make way for new growth?  

    Rejuvenation: Forgiveness 

    Spring Cleaning: Industrial Strength

    Fashion: Bill Murray dresses for SxSw - did you see this? 

    Food: Arsenic and Old Vines + Ceviche

    Tech: Selfie Sticks - Yes or No?

    Co-hosted by Barbara and Lori Rozgonyi, two Hungarian sisters.



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    Partner with Diet Free Life and Join the Wellness Revolution

    in Weight Loss

    If you are already in the business of wellness, partnering with Diet Free Life is a no-brainer. If you have been thinking about how you can earn extra money or begin a new career helping others, look no further. The only requirement is that you have a heart of a teacher.

    Think about this: Most Wellness Industry sales did not even exist two decades ago. Today, over $300 billion dollars a year in sales are related to wellness (i.e., weight loss, better sleep, stop smoking). By the end of this decade it will exceed $1 trillion dollars.

    If you are a babyboomer, you get this because you understand the power of anti-aging, better health and wellness. We have made it possible for you to be part of the "WELLNESS BOOM!" We provide you with your very own "Wellness Room" that you can share with friends, families, people in your community and even businesses that want to provide their employees with easy access to everything from a variety of personalized fitness programs to a nutrition program that shows people how to eat real food in fat burning combinations. JOIN THE REVOLUTION and bring "Wellness" to your community.


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    Have You Had "The Conversation" Yet? Plus, Charlie Poznek Speaks To Boomers

    in Business

    Sociologists have called death the "last American taboo."  Only about 30% of Americans have any sort of plan in place to deal with the issues involved when they die.  This leaves loved ones with overwhelming financial and emotional burdens; burdens that could have been avoided simply by formulating a solid end-of-life plan and going over it with loved ones... before the end.  

    On this special edition of Business Exit Round Table, Heath spends some time with Christopher P. Hill, RFC, founder of Funeral Resources.com, a specialty website devoted to helping people plan ahead for their "final exit."  

    Christopher believes that too many people are avoiding talking about, and planning for, the end of their lives.    He urges everyone to have "the conversation" and calls for insurance and financial professionals to lead the way in helping their clients understand the importance of talking about their final plans RIGHT NOW.

    Also on today's show is media coach, writer, and former financial services professional Charlie Poznek.  Poznek's popular podcast. The Boomer Business Owner, addresses issues faced by business owners who want to retire. Poznek's program features guest experts and actual business owners who have discovered solutions to business succession's thorniest problems.


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    Physical health during difficult times

    in Self Help

    CareGiverStory.com is proud to have as our very special guest, Margo Rose founder of www.BodyAwareGrieving.com.

    Margo Rose Bio: While working as a fitness trainer for over 14 years, Margo Rose observed how common it is for people's health to decline during challenges like: loss of a loved one or pet, relationship problems, financial concerns or the ongoing stress many caregivers experience.

    Margo Rose now shares practical ways to help care for our physical and emotional health during difficult times. To learn more, check out her website:www.BodyAwareGrieving.com, follow her on Twitter@BodyAwareGrief or Facebook https://m.facebook.com/BodyAwareGrieving

    If you would like to be personally notified when her upcoming book is available email her at: margo@bodyawaregrieving.com


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    Babyboomers Live by EZ WAY BROADCASTING Episode #2

    in Entertainment

    Presents Babyboomers Live hosed by actress Reatha Grey best known for the hit show on Lifetime "Betty Whites off their rockers" & Hollywood it guy EZ's dad James Zuley. This show gives you all the insights in the babyboomer world. 

    Please like their fans page.


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    Life after death-A babyboomers dilemma.

    in Radio

    I will be talking about life after death. Before the babyboomer used to think about what am I here for. Now, they have come of age and now think about life after death. What is there for me. We will have an open discussion of life after death, from grown ups who have died, to children. This is the show to ask hard questions for or against. But, like always it will be entertaining.

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    THE CAREER DOCTOR - BABYBOOMER Special - Reinventing Your Place in This Economy

    in Jobs

    JOIN Susie Bonham-Craig and featured guest, THE CAREER DOCTOR, DEBRA WHEATMAN. Debra has more than 18 years of experience in a strategic human resource capacity, working with leading employers in the financial services, media, publishing, and advertising industries.

    Featured on Fox Business News, WNYW with Brian Lehrer, and quoted in leading online, print, and trade publications, including Forbes.com, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, Debra has been dubbed "The Career Doctor". She provides clients with valuable career advisory and planning services, including professionally prepared documents to help individuals obtain highly desired interviews for competitive positions. Debra invests in clients’ personal successes. With a holistic approach to exploring and understanding needs and drivers, Debra is able to help her clients obtain positions that facilitate ongoing development. She is Founder and Chief Career Strategist of ResumesDoneWrite.

    How do you find your place in this economy? Whether you've been downsized, rightsized, or just plain outsized...whether your heart is calling you forward to something completely different, or just because jobs are scarce, doesn't mean there is no job for you!

    Journey with us as Debra shares some strategies, valuable tips and tricks for getting back on the career path.

    Got a Pressing question for Debra?

    CALL IN ON 718-305-6584

    LIVING in the FIRE of CHANGE Conference |
    Receive SHOW UPDATES

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    Babyboomers-And assisted suicide.

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    Babyboomers and assisted suicide-As babyboomers get older chronic diseases (cancer, heart problems,and other diseases)start taking over their bodies causing unbearable pain. The arguement about assisted suicide will come up more and more in the news. The babyboomer generation is about 60% of the population an estimated 15% will die in pain from these diseases. With todays pain killers becoming so addictive you have no choice but to take them. This why we must discuss assisted suicide. If we like to or not, good or bad the discussion must be held.

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    Musical Diary of a Baby Boomer

    in Music

    Join Ken Hopkins for a nostalgic look at the babyboomer years 1946-1964. Hear and talk about the music we grew up with in the 50s-60s and beyond. Ken has had a fantastic musical journey Hear do-wop, classic rock and roll artists such as Elvis, Pat Boone, Bobby Darin, Chuck Berry, Johnny Mathis, Connie Francis, Brenda Lee and great groups such as Franki Valli and the Four Seasons, Bill Haley, Everly Brothers, The Beatles, Stones, Hollies and many more.Country and Western artists Marty Robbins, Ray Stevens, The Statler Brothers, Oak Ridfge Boys. You'll even hear smooth jazz and easy-to-listen-to numbers from artists past and present.