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    B2C Radio Show - 9.30.11

    in Sports

    Past weekend recap of youth football games.  Big Game Ready discussions with Coach Shelly of Central DeKalb Jaguars & Coach Muck of Glenwood Panthers, Coach Pritchett of McDonough Cougars & Coach Terrian of North Henry Tigers, and Coach Oomp of Ben Hill Tigers & Coach Makin of Central DeKalb Jaguars. The B2C Lockeroom special guest was Keion Carpenter and the Roll Call special guest was  Coach Ray of the Dallas, TX TRUTH.

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    in Health

    Lisa Sheppard is a proven leader of US and international sales and marketing organizations, with expertise in developing successful growth strategies. She is known for creating dynamic campaigns that engage consumers and take away business from the competition in direct response, digital, social, traditional, product and mobile marketing. She has proven success leading internal and external teams to successful victories while overcoming challenges and road blocks. From luxury brands like Giorgio Beverly Hills Fragrance®, to multi-billion dollar brands such as Herbalife®, to $100 million brands such as Natrol®and entrepreneurial brands such as SOZO®, she has experience in both B2C as well as B2B.  Join me as we find out what Lisa is up to today and what the future holds for her.

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    Lunch With Phil Reviews Driving Loyalty B2B and B2C Social Marketing Initiative

    in Automotive

    Today's Lunch With Phil show, hosted by Philip Zelinger the President of Ad Agency Online, will discuss the use of social media by Driving Loyalty to support their data base marketing system.

    Automotive advertising agencies must combine the old with the new in an ever changing technology driven marketplace.  Phil uses Driving Loyalty's newly announced Social Marketing Initiative as an example of a next generation vendor that is combining established marketing methods and media with consumer driven social media to extend the reach, frequency and influence of their auto dealer client's marketing messages.

    Driving Loyalty uses email, direct mail, PURL's and an outbound call center to deliver equity and service alerts to qualified customers in an auto dealers DMS.  Their social marketing initiative provides a B2C and B2B platform to enhance their solution for dealers and leverage relationships with other likeminded vendors to attract new business.

    Networking vendors partnering with Driving Loyalty include CallRevu, IntellaCar, DealerAppVantage and OfferLogix.

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    Brent Bannon shares Facebook experience on Thug Metrics: Hosted by Bryan Wempen

    in Technology

    Brent Bannon, PhD, Founder of LearnRig, Growth & Quantitative Research Consultant and former Facebook Research Manager, Growth Team shares his experience with Big Data from his days at Facebook. We're talking about what most surprised him about data at Facebook? and how does data relate to growth? Crazy rad stuff on this show, it will blow you away.

    Connect with Brent:




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    B2C Radio Show - 4/18/2012

    in Baseball

    Review of the 2012 B2C College Road Trip to the University of Florida.  Past weekend recap of the Triple Crown Backyard Brawl Baseball Tournament with Coach Mooney of the 10u Champions - the East Cobb Astros, Baseball Poppa of the 13u Champions - Bandits Baseball, and Coach Marlon of the 8u Champions - the GA Yard Dogs.

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    Monday-March 16-321 Topics-1-Biz

    in Marketing

    Welcome to the 321 Monday Morning Show. The 321 9-Step Sales System is about helping Producers do more business. Each Monday show lasts 15 minutes

    The 321 system is primarily for real estate, financial services and select traditional small business owners.

    Ideally, if you are a Producer who needs more than one transaction every other month, more than a random transaction every now and then, or more transactions than working purely on a referral basis, then you will probably find some productive value in the 321 system.

    Specifically, the 321 system is for Producers who want to control their businesses, communicate with both B2B and B2C clients, and learn how to sell without using tricky sales techniques.

    We are the authority on "selling without appearing to sell". Therefore, you will NEVER hear a 321 sales pitch. So, how do you "sell without appearing to sell"?

    Our training, coaching and business development company ONLY takes on new clients who self-identify at least 3 areas where their business falls short. If the business prospect has no need to improve on 3 of 9 business areas, then there are no areas to improve.

    The business prospect must be transparent enough to say there is a need for improvement.

    The 321 Monday Morning Show will highlight a few topics offered in our 321 online or live classes. Our training areas include this abbreviated list of topics:

    Understanding Business.
    How Economics Affects Business
    What is Capitalism
    Transitioning from Employee to Salesperson
    Salesperson Transformation to Consultant
    Marketing vs. Advertising
    The Sales Process Works
    Always Ask for the Business

    We hope you enjoy today's show on "Understanding Business"

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    Talk For Profit With Gwen Taylor

    in Entrepreneur

    Gwen Taylor  is a leader in Learning & Development with over 15 years of training facilitation, elearning, authoring courseware and curriculum development for a wide-range of organizations locally and globally.  Her clients include international enterprises, technology OEM and software developers, big data scientist and even rocket scientist. She works with governments, finance and banking, manufacturing, and service providers both B2B and B2C.

    She is known for her enthusiasm and style flexibility that help her create a comfortable learning environment with diverse workers and international audiences.  Gwen enjoys unique challenges. She works with extremes - for example, introverts who are pragmatic and objective such as technology and F&A professionals who need to develop their subjective people or soft skills in order to lead and inspire to manufacturing supervisors and shop managers who need to apply managerial tools in a high-volume, continuous environment.

    The learner benefits using extensive hands-on exercises because Gwen engages them by using a variety of training techniques that include accelerated adult learning, gamification, case studies, role play, analytics, tools, assessments, self-reflection and goal setting. 

    She is an advocate of having fun as an element to learning while she guides the audience to take action immediately that improves their at-work situations and relationships.

    Gwen works closely with SMEs, C-Suite, Executives, Officers, Sponsors, Directors and Managers to explore the current landscape and determine what is needed as well as providing a debrief upon completion.


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    The ALI Nation Show with Q. ALI - Business Talk Thursdays with Special Guest

    in Business

    The ALI Nation Show with your host Q. ALI


    business-to-business,adj. Of or relating to commerce between businesses, as distinguished

    from commerce between a business and consumers. — Abbr. B2B. Cf.



    business-to-business e-commerce. Electronic commerce between businesses over the Internet.


    business-to-consumer,adj. Of or relating to commerce between a business and consumers, as

    distinguished from commerce between businesses. — Abbr. B2C. Cf.



    business-to-consumer e-commerce. Electronic commerce between a business and consumers

    over the Internet.


    business transaction. An action that affects the actor's financial or economic interests,

    including the making of a contract.


    actor. 1. One who acts; a person whose conduct is in question. 2. Archaic. A male plaintiff.

    3.Hist. An advocate or pleader; one who acted for another in legal matters. Cf. REUS(1).4.Roman

    law. (ital.) A person who sues; a claimant. — Also termed (in sense 4) petitor. Pl. (in sense 4)


    Tune in Monday - Friday @ 3 PM PST / 6 PM EST


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    Market Research In Digital Marketing With Donna Balinkie of Firedrive Marketing

    in Marketing

    In this episode, Dan speaks with Donna Balinkie about the why’s and how’s of market research. Hear how defining your target audience can save you time and money with your campaigns. Learn how the experts perform their research and what tools you can use if you’re on a limited budget. Download the slide deck in the podcast here.

    Donna Balinkie is a seasoned marketing, product management, and business development executive with over 20 years of experience growing and managing P&Ls of start-up, growth-stage, and established B2B and B2C organizations.

    Her firm, Firedrive Marketing develops breakthrough strategic plans and drives flawless execution that accelerates growth and maximizes profitability.

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    Three Ways to Invest for Your Future Today

    in Business

    On January 21, my guest will be be Brisciel Rey, the Marketing Director and Financial Blogger for Jakob Pek Fund. With over eight years of combined professional experience in business management and marketing, she has cultivated a unique skill set along with defined expertise throughout the course of her creative, yet business-oriented career. Along with managing the marketing strategy and branding initiatives for Jakob Pek Fund, she also keeps readers informed on matters related to personal finance through her witty, yet refreshing writing style found on the Jakob Pek Fund blog. 

    Her knowledge has been a direct result of working with multiple industries such as retail, home services, premium brands, e-commerce (B2B & B2C), manufacturing and distribution, and financial services. During her role as a Marketing Director for an Apple Specialist in Florida, Brisciel worked closely with Apple, Inc. to implement marketing campaigns and business development strategies for several retail locations. At this point in her career is where she acquired much of the marketing and design experience she now applies in her work today.

    Brisciel double-majored in International Business and Marketing and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Florida International University’s Landon School of Business. To increase her understanding in the field of Marketing, she also earned a certificate in Web Design by The University of Miami. Brisciel also continues her education and training through local seminars related to finance, compliance and marketing. 

    Aside from her professional endeavors, Brisciel is strongly dedicated to her philanthropic work in the community and is a member of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, the New York Junior League, and other non-profit organizations.

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