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    Interview with the B2B Social Media Tools Expert Ian Cleary

    in Marketing

    B2B Social Media Tools Expert Ian Cleary (who is considered one of the rising stars in the social media industry and is coming to us all the way from Ireland) joins New York Times recognized social media expert Kristina Jaramillo on the B2B Marketing Insider’s Radio Show. During the radio, we don’t cover the social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.) – BUT we are covering specific management, analtyics, content marketing and other tools around these platforms that will maximize your time, efforts and money that you invest in social media marketing.
    During this radio show interview, Ian and Kristina will cover…
    At least 4 LinkedIn marketing tools including a tool that helped Jamie Turner (60 second marketer) convert 120 LinkedIn connections to his email subscription service  
    8 social media tools in beta that’s worth testing  
    A competitive intelligence tool that will help you uncover your competitors’ most shared content – and what you should be doing with this content  
    The best social media management and measurement tools that will help you manage your social media efforts, track return on investment and manage lead generation  
    Plus much more… Listen to this radio interview with Ian Cleary then grab Ian's FREE Social Media Tools Guide PLUS our other guest expert's resources at:

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    Franchise Social Media in Houston

    in Technology

    This week we will preview an upcoming event with the Houston Franchise Association featuring a panel discussion on Social Media for Franchises with your Social Geek Radio hosts Deb Evans and Jack Monson!


    Our guest will be Jason Duncan, President of the Houston Franchise Association who will tell us about the group and what's new with his franchise tech firm, ManagerComplete.


    Join us live Wednesday at 8pm ET / 7pm CT!







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    B2B Marketing Radio Show Social Media Engagement Debate

    in Marketing

    Website conversion consultant Adam Hommey (Founder of Help My Website Sell and Creator of the Business Creator's Institute) debates New York Times recognized social media and LinkedIn marketing expert Kristina Jaramillo on social media engagement strategies.
    Join us for a 360 degree view on how you should be connecting and interacting with your social media connections. Listen to the recording and sign up for our guest expert's resources by going to: http://www.B2BMarketingRadioShow.com - and see how you can get up to 20 hours of video and audio instruction for free.

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    Smart & Not-So-Smart B2B Social Media Marketing Moves

    in Marketing

    In this B2B Marketing Insider's Radio Show, LinkedIn Marketing Expert Kristina Jaramillo interviews Jose Palomino on the smart and not so smart social media marketing moves B2B business owners, mid-market CEOs and Fortune 1000 marketing exectives are making.
    Uncover the social media marketing actions you need to be taking - and what you should stop doing right now!
    Listen to this interview then grab 2 of Jose's free ebooks plus a free e-course by clicking on: "Get Our Expert's FREE Resources" at B2BMarketingRadioShow.com

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    How to Build Your B2B Business with Webinars & Social Media

    in Marketing

    During this B2B Marketing Insiders Radio Show Interview LinkedIn Marketing Expert Kristina Jaramillo at http://www.GetLinkedInHelp.com will interview Mike Agron( Co-Founder and Executive Producer at http://www.webattract.com)During their 60-minute radio show conversation they will share with you:•How Mercer International won a 7-figure deal to be the first nucelar facility to be built in the United States in 3 decades as a result of webinar marketing •How the Friedman Group which provides large and small retailers with reality-based methodologies for developing high-performance stores that exceed expectations closed a $1 million deal with a major big box retailer as a result of the webinars they are now producing. •Webinar marketing strategies that Amazon web services, altia, Content Marketing Institute, Citrix, CoreLogic, Google, Harvard Business Review, Exelis, Hewlet Packard, IBM, HR.com, Microsoft, Mcgraw Hill, Oracle, SalesFusion, Sales Force and many more B2B organizations are using to engage prospects further •Why you need to mix webinar marketing with social media marketing •Kristina Jaramillo’s 14-step marketing plan to promoting your webinar events on LinkedIn •How to attract the right audience and drive registrations for your webinar through the roof •3 best practices for audience engagement •How to extend the shelf life of your webinar (after it’s over)Plus much more. Listen to the interview then grab his free ebook:Webinar Ready - A Step-By-Step Guide to making successful webinars.Get this free resource at:http://www.b2bmarketingradioshow.com/resources

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    Online Marketing with Social Media

    in Business

    Dr. Ron Capps, aka the Nicheprof, is a communications professor. He has been online since the mid-90s and follows trends in social media.

    The show is hosted and produced by Ken English.

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    Can You Make Money From Your Social Media Platforms?

    in Business

    For many years only a few people made money directly from their social media platforms.  Now that is beginning to change. 

    On the show this week we discuss how to set up your social media platforms to make money. We also asked for questions during our last podcast and we will also discuss this one from @Iconoclastic_Au  

    They asked:"Hi @gavinmcgarry and #socialmediachaos team. Next ep can we talk about monetizing social content in multiple international markets?"

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    Having Trouble Writing Social Media Content? After This Show You Won't

    in Business

    Are you having trouble creating content for your social media campaigns on a regular basis? Let host Christopher Tompkins share his insider tips on today's episode!

    The Social Marketing Academy, presented by The Go! Agency, is your ongoing classroom for all of the social media topics that you want to learn more about. Host Christopher Tompkins, CEO of The Go! Agency, will be covering a wide array of topics from how to get your business step up using social media to more advanced tactics and techniques. Tune in live or on-demand to take full advantage of all of the social media marketing information provided in each show. Visit The Go! Agency online for more details: http://www.thegoagencyusa.com

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    Guy Kawasaki's The Art of Social Media

    in Technology

    This week on Social Geek Radio, Deb Evans and Jack Monson will review the new book The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick. The book will be released December 4 but you can get an exclusive sneak preview Wednesday night at 8pm ET / 7pm CT! 



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    Launch of Patriot Voices Of Social Media- Radio For Patriots

    in Current Events

    This was project was a quick inspiriation born of being punished for conservative, libertarian thoughts.  Many people were being punished by having their social media accounts suspended because those OTHER people were offended, couldn't handle the truth.  Those other people were the perpetually offended, unable to think for themselves.  The chronically unemployed, living on the government plantation.  These arre the people who take and take from the sysytem, but never give or contribute to the American society.  They blame America for the world's problems, they are afraid to be responsible for any decisions they make, and they do not want ANYONE to disagree with them.  If you do, they report you.  You get suspended.  Tonight all that ends....  Tonight no matter your post or tweet is, to whomever it is, you will not be suspeded.  You see, in the arena ideas, liberals lose everytime, and they cannot argue the point, they only scream and call you names--NOT here- here this is where we stand, here is where they fall!!

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    Lunch With Phil; B2B Social Marketing and Social Networking Using Social Media

    in Automotive

    Today's Lunch With Phil show, hosted by Philip Zelinger the President of Ad Agency Online, LLC, will discuss how auto industry vendors are using social media to increase market share.

    The power of social media is typically applied to B2C social marketing initiatives.  The leverage of networking consumer generated content and the viral results is a proven method to extend the reach and influence of an auto dealer's marketing message to attract new "friends" and customers.

    Auto industry vendors recognize that in their case, the "C" in B2C represents dealers and other vendors so B2B is natural application of the same social marketing principals..  The people part of social networking is universal and the same social media habits apply.

    An example of a B2B social media marketing partnership will be discussed hosted by  Driving Loyalty. They are an automated data base marketing platform powered by proprietary algorithms that develop personalized consumer messages from an auto dealer's DMS delivered via email, direct mail and PURL's.  Driving Loyalty has joined forces with networking vendor partners to leverage their resources, relationships and social marketing efforts.  Their B2B social marketing initiative includes networking vendor partners like CallRevu, IntellaCar, DealerAppVantage and OfferLogix who share in their concept to build their dealer base together using social media.

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