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    Thoughts in more than one language

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    What language do you think in? Sounds like a bit of a strange question – but if you are bilingual, the question might make some sense. If you are monolingual, you can still think in strange languages. I will explain the whole concept during this broadcast.

    Also, is there any mileage to being a man or woman of few words? We shall be discussing this as well. And what’s it about taking responsibility? All these, plus music and so much fun will be part of this broadcast.

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    Can you be authentic in an unauthentic world

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    Can you really be authentic – be who you really are, display your true qualities and reveal your real person in a world where assumedly, everyone is trying to be someone else? In a world where we find people being more fake than real. In a world where we pretend to like each other so that we can get what we want. In a world where the ‘speaker’ is performing rather than presenting. In a world where it’s easier to put on an act rather than being yourself if you really want to be accepted. 

    So can you really afford to be authentic?

    Listen to this show to find out. 


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    Office Politics & Office Gossip

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    Office Gossip, Office Politics, Back Biting. Rumour Spreading – and all the other shenanigans that go on in the office are usually described as being negative – and they can have a detrimental effect on you and your career apparently. But is that really true.

    Can office politics actually be good for you in more ways than you actually realise?

    Please join me as I explore this subject tonight from 7.30pm. There will also be music, loads of it - and you can call in during the show. 

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    Something you cannot afford to lose

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    Sometimes due to carelessness, or maybe some unfortunate situation – we suffer losses. Many times, these losses are painful, and many can never be regained. there are some losses where there’s a slight possibility of regaining what might have gone, but they could be at a cost. There is something however that you can never ever afford to lose.  

    On tonight’s show, I will be elaborating on what this ‘unlosable’ thing might be – why we cannot afford to lose it, and what must be done to ensure that it never ever goes away from us.

    News Highlights are on the agenda as well.

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    Having those difficult conversations

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    There are times when you just have to have those conversations; the ones that you either don't want to have or those that you might find a bit daunting. Probably the potential outcome is a bit scary, or you might not be comfortable with having those conversations. 

    Unfortunately, we just have to have those conversations otherwise, things might just get worse.

    This show will look at some of the difficulties I have had, and what I have to do to deal with having the much needed conversations.   

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    Page 3 Girl Dropped

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    Apparently, The Sun Newspaper might have dropped the idea of the Page 3. This has been a feature of the best selling newspaper in the UK for 44 years. The suggestion is that it’s all ended – or maybe not! Who knows? Either way, the Page 3 ladies have not featured this week. How will this affect the distribution of the Newspaper?

    Also, I want to discuss other interesting subjects that made the news this week.

    This a rather lighthearted show – and I hope you will enjoy it. 

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    Knowing when to fight back, and when to hold your peace

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    I was a bit thrown back by a comment from someone today when I told them what my plan for the week was. I was not sure if I had just been insulted or undermined – either way I was shocked. I had to bite my tongue because I knew that an immediate response would only make things worse. But what do you think I should have done? Or what should I do now?

    I will be discussing this and other issues tonight during my show. Please join me. 

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    Done after seven seconds

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    We are judged by what others see in us – and according to a research that was conducted sometimes when, this takes a whole seven seconds. This means that people will make an initially assessment of what you are all about, and make a decision about you within seven seconds of meeting you. Harsh, but true.  This will also mean that it will take you a whole seven seconds to ‘size’ other people up.

    However; what happens after the seven seconds? Would you be able to convert the previously unimpressed?

    There’s one key that will determine what happens after the initial seven seconds. This key will be discussed tonight. 

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    You can't afford to give up - ever

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    There are times when you would probably ask yourself, “What’s the point?” That’s a sign of wanting to give up. There are times when you will look back and think of the efforts and the near misses that you might have had and then start to ask yourself if it had all been worth the trouble. Again – an indication that you might be giving up soon. But that’s exactly what you can’t afford. You have to hold on to what you believe in a keep matching on.

    That’s exactly what tonight’s show is all about. 

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    Do something New

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    Life is constantly changing - so why would you remain a constant? To keep evolving, we have to keep moving. The more we are willing to do something new, the more relevant we remain. So many of us are comfortable with the Status Quo which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it could limit you. In tonight's show - we want to look at why we find it difficult to start something new, and how we can get over the hinderance, and then discuss the advantages of eventually overcoming stagnation.



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    Re-Awakening Minds: with - Dr. Nailah Bakari Gilliam and Guest Dr. Keira Taylor

    in Religion

    Do your soul a favor and give it something refreshing to "drink"!

    WARNING: This truth is 180° proof and guaranteed to get you high(er) in conscious awareness! Join us tonight on Re-Awakening Minds…where we're re-awakening minds, one mind at a time. Are you awake yet?


    When we know about our ancestors, when we sense them as living and as supporting us, then we feel connected to the genetic life-stream, and we draw strength and nourishment from this.

    Wearing the conscious cloud...In truth there is only energy. There is no separation. We are constantly in relationship with all beings, at all times. Real relationship requires that we engage all others from the disposition of love, serving and inspiring one another’s awakening to consciousness.

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