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    The Axl Rotten Show

    in Sports

    ECW professional wrestling legend AXL ROTTEN takes to the airwaves for a 'no holds barred' attack on the ears of the world. Axl is outspoken and nothing is OFF LIMITS! Wrestling, Movies, Music, Pop Culture, News & all things going on in the world! Axl will entertain, inform & offend!

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    Rampage Rants Presents A Tribute To Brian "Axl Rotten" Knighton

    in Wrestling

    We have just been given the shocking news of the passing of Brian Knighton, known to ECW fans as Axl Rotten. Axl and Ian (John Williams) known collectively as The Bad Breed were a major force early on in the tag scene in ECW. Whether as a team or feuding, they were always entertaining.

    In recent years Brian had been dealing with numerous issues related to collective injuries. His struggle to be able to even be able to walk again was the subject of a documentary.

    He had been with us just a couple of months ago when we paid tribute to Hack Myers and things according to him were looking good and his ability to walk was vastly improving so the shock is beyond words.

    We will be joined briefly by Joel Gertner and may be joined by Jim Mollineaux and possibly other ECW Originals.

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    The Axl Rotten Show

    in Sports

    ECW professional wrestling legend AXL ROTTEN takes to the airwaves for a 'no holds barred' attack on the ears of the world. Axl is outspoken and nothing is OFF LIMITS! Wrestling, Movies, Music, Pop Culture, News & all things going on in the world! Axl will entertain, inform & offend!

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    World Domination welcomes ECW Hardcore Legend Axl Rotten

    in Wrestling

    Few people personified the Hardcore style of ECW better than Axl Rotten, but the long-time star is much more than just a "hardcore" wrestler.  He's a talented wrestler who has worked all over the world.  Axl is not afraid to tell it like it is, and he is brutally honest about his battles with addictions to pain pills and heroin.

    We'll talk about working in Global, WCW, the WWF, and of course, ECW, and discuss many of the talented wrestlers he's crossed paths with over the years.  

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    JC Rotten joins Turnbuckle Turmoil

    in Sports

    Second generation competitor JC Rotten joins Turnbuckle Turmoil for the first time. He has already competed in some of the most hardcore matches seen by fans. He's thrilled audiences in the Kentuckiana region since he's started. We'll find out more about this great young wrestler when he debuts on Turnbuckle Turmoil.

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    IWX 16 AXL Rotten Interview

    in Wrestling

    Anything goes when the original hardcore chair swinging freak of the ECW, Axl Rotten joins us for an in depth interview that promises to blow your mind. Put the kids to bed for this one folks.
    Call in and be part of this hardcore interview. 646-478-0388

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    John Calvin Rotten and Andrew Hunter Face Off

    in Entertainment

    Tonight John Gray and Mean Mitch Page sit down with 2 gentlemen with a lot to say to each othe!!!

    The social media lines have been drawn between JC Rotten and Andrew Hunter after Andrew allegedly took liberties with an untrained person who got in the ring.  

    When these two sit down sparks are sure to fly in this REAL SIDE EXCLUSIVE.  

    In the 2nd hour Producer Karen joins us to talk about this weeks hot topic news stories trending in wrestling, with our opinioand yours!!

    ALSO THE Debut of "Inside The Mind Of An Independant Legend" with MEAN MITCH PAGE!!!

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    John Cariani of Something Rotten!

    in Entertainment

    Join us as we talk with Broadway star John Cariani about his early years, Law & Order, writing the highly successful play Almost, Maine, and starring as Nigel Bottom in the smash Broadway hit Something Rotten!.

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    Live at Fenix Studio with Pauls Peace Inc Foundation

    in Rock Music

    Always a great show when we can be live from FENIX Studio's. This show is extra special because we will be previewing our May 21st benefit for the Pauls Peace Inc Foundation. We will have 2 members of the Foundation in studio to talk about what they do and what they expect from the benefit.

    We should have our 2 comedians and some members of our bands in studio to talk about the benefit, Staten Ilsnads music scene and the increasing amounts of benefits being on the Island.

    We will also be talking Sports and with the Hockey and Basketball play-offs Started, Baseball going in full and the NFL draft a week away there will be no shortage of things to talk about.

    In music the big news is the official announcement that Axl Rose will be the lead singer of AC/DC for the remainder of the tour. I will definitely have some thoughts on this topic and I imagine I will coak a few words from Jeff as well

    So much to do and so little time to do it.

    Please tune inthis Thursday Night starting at 6:30 pm est to blogtalkradio.com to hear all of this exciting news


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    Rock Manager Vicky Hamilton , Appetite For Dysfunction: A Cautionary Tale

    in Books

    At 22, Vicky Hamilton left her hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana, and arrived on the Sunset Strip as a wide-eyed blonde with an ear for rock & roll: “I was back home interviewing Tom Petty for Three Rivers Review,” says Hamilton, “He told me I was a ‘real California girl’, and that’s all it took.” It was 1981, and Hamilton arrived at the center of Hollywood, where the scene was erupting with spandex, sex, cocaine, Aqua Net hairspray and madcap visionaries. Hamilton discovered Guns N’ Roses and became their first manager and surrogate mother, living in her apartment as Axl Rose ducked a rape charge. “I was basically harboring a fugitive,” she says,  "Axl ended up crashing on my couch for six months.” Hamilton then negotiated GNR’s contract with Geffen Records. In 1986, she was let go and forced to sue the band to recoup the $25,000 she’d borrowed to bankroll them. Hamilton now shares her stories in a memoir about a woman who rode the crazy train with some of rock’s wildest frontmen, and matched their hard-partying ways. Sober for 15 years, Hamilton spent that last seven excavating her private collection of photos, flyers, contracts, letters, and interviews to create a revealing look into her fascinating life. Her book includes new details about her turbulent relationship with Axl Rose and Poison’s Bret Michaels, her experience as an A&R rep for Geffen, and above all, Appetite for Dysfunction: is the story of her rise and fall, and how she regained her life by becoming a Grammy Award winning executive that helped relaunch the career of June Carter Cash in 1999. Steven Adler (drummer, Guns N’ Roses): “Vicky was probably the best thing that happened to us in the early days. She dealt with us when nobody else would, and made everything happen for us. I’m grateful for that.

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    The A.T.S Show

    in Politics

    With the ongoing violence inside our communities which are perpetuated by our own and the militarized gangs under the blue code as well as the corrupt political puppets only showing their faces for a check we will expose all. Our communities are rotten along with the self hate mentality constantly plaguing our people, we have to face the truth in order to combat the elites agenda. NO MORE GMO, HOUSE NEGROS, NO MORE REACTIONARIES AND THEFT OF OUR ECONOMY. LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION!!!!!!

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