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    9-24-14 - Dr. Hildy® and MarcTheArcturian - IT HAS BEGUN

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    Wednesday, September 24, 2014
    1:00-3:00PM Pacific
    (2-4pm Mountain; 3-5pm Central,4-6pm Eastern)

    Marc the Arcturian is back, planetside, and on his most recent jaunt as he approached Earth he couldn't help but notice immediately that in just 3 yrs away...  IT has begun.

    This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy welcomes returning guest, Marc the Arcturian to discuss major changes on our planet – the tilt of the earth, oceans rising, volcanoes, earthquakes, plates colliding, weather changes, big winds and more - and it is all prophesized in his 2012 video.

    Among the topics being discussed is the notion that the Earth is tilted on its axis far past it's usual 23.5-degree tilt. While challenged by some scientists, many believe that the planet may have changed its axial tile by as much as 20 degrees – an enormous change that would have disastrous effects on our climate and seasons.

    In addition, Dr. Hildy and Marc will discuss the increase in earthquake activity in Oklahoma. Since 2008, more than 2,500 earthquakes have shaken this area, with no clear answer as to why. Some point to the increase of fracking in the area. But is the problem indicative of something greater, hundreds of miles away?

    In Yellowstone National Park there lies a dormant danger that could mean the end of life as we know it on the planet. A supervolcano that is overdue to blow threatens the entirety of the country. MORE AT THE WEBSITE >>>>http://onecellonelightradio.wordpress.com/2014/09/24/dr-hildy-marc-it-has-begun/  

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    1870 - 001 : The day the world changes - the Great Earthquake - The 6th seal

    in The Bible

    A ministudy into the beginning of the day of the lord. This is the event that sets the book of revelation into motion. From this point there is no return.

    Revelation ch 6:12-17

    Isaiah ch 24

    Book of Zephaniah


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    "The Greatest Talk Show's Secret Tapes"

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    "The Greatest Talk Show's Secret Tapes"
    We all know that mainstream media withholds and filters the information they feed to the general public -YOU- and with possible good reason. But did you know that agents from NSA, CIA and/or Homeland are stationed at ALL major networks? WHY??!? To make sure they don't broadcast stories which could _____. Q.) IS there information SO 'Earth-Shattering' that even The Greatest Talk Show is hesitant to broadcast? Be as a fly on the wall overhearing this secret recording of the three musketeers, Marco*, Polo* & Sh0sh0*, getting real about the state of the world during this behind-closed-doors meeting on such topics as:
    SuperTyphoon Haiyan Sandy & Katrina The Boulder 1,000 yr Flood 2013 Floods: Germany, Alaska, Jakarta, Phillippines, Texas, Boulder, et al SuperTornado Of The Century - Oklahoma SuperStorms on Saturn, Mars, Jupiter & Uranus ISon [#1 Son?] - The Blue Kachina - Nibiru - CaresWho? The Current Solar Magnetic Flip The New North Pole - Now moving @ 365 Mi per yr Earth's Increased Axial Tilt - From 23.5' to 40'+ Tectonic Faults Ripping At The SeamsPLUSWhat COULD turn out to be our most imminent of all;"Frankenstein Fukishima"- A Potential Extinction Level Category EventWhat on EARTH do any of these have to do with YOU?Muchless WHAT -If anything-  can you or should you do about it?Call in # to speak with your Host(s):  347-324-3445

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    Doesn't take a genius. It takes you.

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    Giving less head. Giving more heart.

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    In a world where we are consumers consuming we are consumed with information that constantly shifts our perception from "this" to "that" making it feel impossible to "keep up" with the changes we are all going through collectively.I have been told that I speak to "head in the clouds" so, I am going to bring it down a notch and reopen my youtube account to reflect personal development in a step by step 1,2,3 approach that will make HOW we can begin looking at our personal issues with a little less regret and frustration.Some of us do better when we talk about our own self and some of us work through our issues by marking who we were, are and are becoming by contrasting it with each person we meet.I was born knowing we could all "wake up" if we simply stopped our incessant belief that everyone has to believe the same thing the same way we each uniquely do. No two CRC belivers are the same. No two Hindu's are the same either. Not a single Muslim, Jain, Catholic, Luthran, or Buddhist are the same.I have watched so many wonderful versions of all the afore mentioned and others grow into an even more beautiful version of that very expression simply by looking within to improve one's own person without feeling as though others were against them for being who they were born into being.Be well, get out of your head except for monitoring your inner logistics and get into your heart to see it expand to accept more and more belief systems as we traverse the wild chasm of what I call "The Bridge to Living Awaker".Be well. Be Brave. Be Bold. 

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    A BRIDGE to IndepenDANCE daisy.

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    Being a pART of something great means being able to SEA. We are connect.EDGet createive with the life you have. It's not always pretty. It's not always a breeze.

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    Learn to speak you already.

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    We are only as true as we are right here and right now. It is our past and future selves that balance that.
    Learning to speak your language requires you become a Self Directed individual who longs to communicate their most whole person.                                                                                                            
    Life... it's an organic joy-ride! in.JOY IT~  

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    It takes one to know one.

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    In the shift we have come to certain insights that few of us are likely talking about. It's almost un wordable. But, we can feel it. It comes in waves and on different days and during times when we may least expect it, or, for some of us, who like to push the envelope, it comes when we most expect it to through sources we never expected.

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    Something is bound to happen.

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    We work daily to create an amazing life. Even just to have one amazing thing happen to us. Some of us have a really easy time doing that, some of us struggle.As a collective organism that matters, we must encourage one another when we can and find refuge in teaching one another to graduate from one place of understanding to the next without trauma and desparate clinging.This is not a competition and you will know when others are doing it. They blame others for their misfortune and can't find the ability to move beyond their experience without it.I have lived with virtually and literally nothing for so long, I have no idea what it even means to want it anymore. Or to want anything for that matter. And I really believe, feel and think that is the highest form a person can attain in this physical reality we call life.There is nothing to be ashamed about or worried about if you are taking responsibility to make good on deals you made with the planet when you came here at your birth.Forgive the experience for all its painful lessons. Love the experience for all the really amazing memories and Share in the living of it with anyone interested in looking for things that are not always so clear.

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    When we give a shift.

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    I like to keep it simple. I don't have any other way. I am not here for the same purpose most ar because I dont have any agenda other than to make an expression. If I happen to make an impression, that is on you, not me.

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    Living the Advertising Dream.

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    Commercials running your life?