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    Knucklebones Rude Awakening Hangout

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    temp host Joe Axe. We are hoping Knucklebones (who is ill) friends will join in and show support as well as discuss the topics that he loves and lives to cover. Hopefully Larry himself will join us.

    The Rude Awakening is a 911 Truth and New World Order resistance talk radio show. Current Events, History, Music, and Interviews concerning the topics.  Come participate on the air! When all else fails it's a variety show. Founded by Larry Knucklebones Dickieson.

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    The Helios Biblios Hour (the Sun book) Is Anybody Listening

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    Chad's Giants
    1 These giants, according to the natives, were called the Saos.

    Scholars who traced their history say they came from Kheiber, located north of Mecca, to Bilma, which is situated about three hundred miles north of Lake Chad. A people with a "well-developed religion and culture," they grew in numbers and founded communities at Fort Lamy, Mahaya, Midigue, and Goulfeil. They lived in peace in their new land until the close of the ninth century when the Moslems made wars against them, intending to force their accep-tance of the Islamic faith. The Saos giants who converted to the faith lived to become servants of the Arabs. But those who steadfastly refused to convert were eventually wiped out. By the end of the sixteenth century not many Saos remained. (See Jericho's Giants; also see Curigueres; Ifrikish ibn Kais; Sudan's Giants; Watusi Giants; Zanzibar's Giants)

    Moroccan Find
    "discovered a complete arsenal of hunting weapons including five hundred double-edged axes weighing seventeen and a half pounds, i.e. twenty times as heavy as would be convenient for modern man. Apart from the question of weight, to handle the axe at all one would need to have hands of a size appropriate to a giant with a stature of at least 13 feet.

    Zanzibar's Giants
    In recounting his travels, Marco Polo tells of running into a gigantic people in Zanzibar. Concerning them, he wrote:

    "Zanzibar is situated off the coast of Tanganyika. Nearly 53 miles long and 24 miles wide, it is the largest coral island on the African coast.... Numerous bays, reefs, and islets are found along the western coast, while the eastern side is much more regular.

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    Proper Rose Pruning Techniques

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    Pruning is a necessary part of maintaining a healthy garden as it is for humans to groom themselves. Certainly, you would not want to use toe nail clippers to give yourself a haircut just as you would not want to use an axe to trim your roses.

    What are the proper tools that should be used for pruning?  How do you know where to prune and when?  What is a good seasonal guide to follow? What do you do if you make a mistake?

    Tune in to this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, as host, June Stoyer, talks to award-winning Rosarian, Susan Fox as she shares some of her bestpruning tips in preparation for the new growing season! Stay tuned!

    Today’s show is sponsored by Austria’s Finest Naturally Authentic Pumpkin Seeds and Pumpkin Seed Oil from the Steiermark available at OrganicUniverse.com. Listeners of TheOrganicView can receive $1 off their purchase by using the coupon code "orgview".  For more offers, please visit our website at www.theorganicview.com



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    Westminster Dog Show LIVE & Best and Worst Presidents Polls

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    Happy President's Day!  In honor of the national holiday, hosts Rez and Andy will be welcoming your calls and opinions about the BEST U.S. Presidents...and the worst.  They'll also be talking LIVE to two handlers at the 2015 Westminster Dog Show in New York City--Tommy and Mary Jean Millner who won Best of Breed today showing their French Briard, Sparkles, and National Junior Handler, Kaycee Klang.



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    Taste Test w/ "Three Degrees of Heat" Authors

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    Join us for this roundtable discussion where we gather the authors of your favorite anthologies. Many brilliant minds meet at this table to give insight, inspiration, and often, hilarity. Taste Test offers just a small sample of each author’s style and voice that contribute an ingredient of the recipe.

    This episode's featured anthology is…Three Degrees of Heat

    When Leash Alpha Joe Fields turns feral everyone in the clan suffers, but none more so than his son Landon and Leash Omega Scotty Stephens. After months of abuse in private, Landon escapes and Joe finally snaps, making Scotty an example in public. When Joe crosses the line from cruel to psychotic, Leash Beta Alexander Axe Ashe knows he has to do something. In a desperate attempt to keep Axe from unforgivable violence, his brother Ben steps in and challenges Joe, ultimately becoming the Leash’s reluctant new Alpha. It will take the love of unexpected Omega foster to heal the new Alpha and the Leash, and the love of Axe and the youngest Ashe brother Chase to heal Joe’s two most broken victims.

    Buy this book here!

    Join Wt Prater each month for this lively, interactive chat that will leave you always wanting more.

    Taste Test is produced by WON Radio as part of Writers Online Network (WON). More information about WON is available at www.writersonlinenetwork.com They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter @won_radio and @writersonnet

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    Part 1 - The quest for the ultimate tone is a constant struggle for guitarists. I've yet to meet a guitarist who is wholly satisfied with every aspect of their sound. Coaxing a great tone out of your guitar and amplifier is certainly a frustrating experience for most of us - even with great equipment, that "perfect sound" always seems to be just out of our grasp. Let's examine several ways of changing your guitar sound without shelling out wads of coin for a new axe or amp.

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    Incubi Incarnate Broadcast's Valentine's Day Special with Ben Hansen - 2/10/2015

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    Tonight on Incubi Incarnate Broadcast's Valentine's Day Special broadcast, your host Bill Bachman welcomes very special guest Ben Hansen.

    Because his parents were so supportive, Ben developed an obsession for trying new things. These endeavors included becoming a licensed airplane pilot, amateur radio operator, licensed falconer, certified SCUBA diver, hang glider, Search and Rescue dog handler, and earning the Eagle Scout award in Boy Scouts. He graduated with honors from the University of Utah with a Bachelors degree in Sociology, certification in Criminology and Corrections, a Spanish minor, and a year of study abroad in Australia. After graduating college, he worked for several private and public agencies, including investigating child sex crimes and severe physical abuse on the Utah County Sex Crimes Task Force. His training and work later brought him to work in the position of Special Agent for the FBI. Ben also felt compelled to seize an opportunity presented to him to assist in forming a new investigative reality TV show. Departing from the mainstream paranormal shows prevalent at the time, this new show would not only conduct observation-based field investigations; it would focus primarily on alleged evidence already at hand. Ben and the show developers felt that after a methodical process of experimentation, whatever evidence remained unexplained... also became more compelling. From this concept was born the SyFy hit television show Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. On Fact or Faked from the beginning, Ben led a team of five who traveled the world looking for answers to these mysteries. Ben also films aerial video and photography with remote control multi-rotor helicopters and teaches basic and advanced firearms courses as an instructor.  Ben also works as a Sr. Research Analyst for a non-profit disaster relief organization which is awaiting funding to fully launch.

    To learn more about Ben Hansen go to www.benhansen.com

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    EFG #281 - Going Slick with Style.. Ruahh!!

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    Join a cast of EFed Guerillas Hosts tonight as we bring you another LIVE Friday Night show, at 9pm EST / 8pm CST. Confirmed hosts for the show are @snowjorden, @ACWAntiStar, and El Gringo Loco! We should have more poeple on the line, as we usually do. There's a couple things in the works for the show as of right now, including an interview segment with "Slick" Rick Styles.. a retired eWrestling handler who began his career in 1997. Also, Jorden Snow has a *HUGE* breaking news announcement that could turn the eWrestling world upside down. Also, expect some of your usual UWL, Jolt, LOC, nbW, etc banter. Join us folks!

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    L&C: All About TV Talk Shows From Day-Night

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    This week The TV Talkers with be discussing TV Talk Shows.

    Do you remember running home to catch Jenny Jones or Ricki Lake? Well talk shows have changed a lot since then. Now the question is- Who's better, Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon? The TV Talkers will break down which shows are worth watching and which aren't worth your time.

    Listening to KC and EV is like having a conversation with friends. They're clever and fun. To be a part of the live broadcast call 516-531-9237 on Wednesday at 12:00PM EST.

    To keep up in real-time, follow @TheTVTalkers:

    EV @ExpertViewerTV and KC @CruzMedia on Twitter.

    Like us on Instagram @TheTVTalkers.
    Catch up on previous episodes at www.blogtalkradio.com/tvtalkers. 

    EV and KC! 

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    PSHRadio Introduces you to Charles Banks Author of Paranormal Experiences

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    Charles Banks Also known as Chuck for short it the author of Paranormal Experiences: Death the Final he has had several Paranormal Experiences of which some he can explain and some he is unsure about the reason he decided to write Paranormal Experiences: Death the Final was so he could tell people his story and the Experiances he has had. He has had activity at all 3 residences they have lived at in the past 13 years. 

    He has visited places as Bullock Hotel in Deadwood, South Dakota and Villisica axe murder house in villisica Iowa. He has not writen this book to get to "Fame" he has written it so the readers can understand some of his occurences he has had through his life and make your own mind up and to better understand things.

    If you would like to ask any questions to Chuck you are more than welcome to rind in or speak to us via the chat room also tweet us 

    You can Follow us on twitter @PSHRadio also you can Follow Chuck @ChuckBanks1

    If you would like to purchase his book here is the page on Amazon its available in a Kindle version or Paperback http://www.amazon.com/Paranormal-Experiences-Death-Final-Frontier-ebook/dp/B00PF3C4I8/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1415649349&sr=1-1&keywords=paranormal+experiences

    You can also like his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Paranormal-Experiences/823386777683312

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    Who will win the Paul Bunyan Axe? Wisconsin vs. Minnesota game preview

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    In this episode of The Red Light Sports Rant; presented by The Red Light Sports Network, Evan Witalison and Troy Otradovec will preview the Wisconsin Badgers vs. the Minnesota Golden Gophers.  There is more than just an axe at stake today.  The winner of this game will get a berth, in the Big Ten Championship Game.  The Badgers (9-2, 6-1) are led by Heisman hopeful, Melvin Gordon.  Gordon has rushed for 2,109 yards already, and has found the end zone 25 times.  The Gophers (8-3, 5-2) could be without their leading rusher David Carr.  He was listed as questionable, after being injured, against Nebraska.  The series has been lopsided, as of late, with the Badgers winning 10 straight.  The Gophers last win, in Madison, was in 1994.  However, this is a different Minnesota team, and they have hopes of bringing the Axe over the border.  Listen in and leave your comments on twitter; @RedLightSports or @edubsrlsn.

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