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    Ryan Ringbloom is LIVE on THE LIBRARIAN

    in Books

    Host Tabatha Pope welcomes author Ryan Ringbloom to THE LIBRARIAN on the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network.

    Ryan Ringbloom is a YA/NA author who lives for anything Romance. The passion, love, angst, awkwardness... she loves all of it. When Ryan needs a break from reality she sneaks off to read a romantic story or write one of her own. Drinking coffee, reading Tweets and hugs from her five year old are the best part of her day. Visit Ryan's website for more information about her and her books.

    Host of "The Librarian", Tabatha Pope, can be found at All For Love of the Word and Facebook.

    This is a copyrighted and trademarked podcast owned solely by the Authors On the Air Global Network LLC. on the web at authorsontheair.com.

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    BDSIR Prents Suckah Free Radio wth KME, Rivera, and Hugo

    in Entertainment

    Today's show our theme is improving social skills.  How do you improve your social skills and get rid of awkward behavior.  We will give you the skinny tonight.  Don't miss tonight's episode!! 

    Twitter @KMEzDoes it @RealHugoRuedo

    e-mail SuckahFreeRadio@gmail.com

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    Can You Get Bored Sexually Being With The Same Person?

    in Romance

    One of the appealing things about sex is the vulnerability. It is a situation where you can be physically vulnerable with another person and let yourself go. It is the discomfort, nervousness, awkwardness, that makes it exciting and more pleasurable. This is why when couples say…”keep it exciting” what they are talking about is trying new things (positions, toys, environments, etc) that taking them a little out of their comfort zone and bring back some of the vulnerable/ awkward feelings. 

    Why is it that great sex so often fades for couples who claim to love each other as much as ever? Can we want what we already have? Why does good intimacy not guarantee great sex? Why is the forbidden erotic? Why does the transition to parenthood deliver such an erotic blow? And when we love what do we feel and when we desire how is it different?

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    Man Vs Woman: why can't we get along

    in Entertainment

    What do woman want? what do us men want?. How long does a man have to date a chick without payng for one of her bills? I'm new to this dating thing. All I know is that man and woman need each other to make it. Why are things so difficult between us?

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    in Christianity

    Do You Find Yourself:

    Replaying mistakes you made...
    Preoccupied with you errors...
    Fantasizing about being able to go backwards in time and correct... what you did wrong...
    Obsessed with shame...

    Stay tuned as Dr. Mike shares with you from the Scriptures how God can break the chains of   shame in your life and in due course show you how you can live the abundant life Jesus promises the willing!!!!!!!!!

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    Laughter & Confusion: Premium Cable Shows...The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

    in Television

    This week we explore the unadulteraded world of premium cable. You know... where full frontal nudity, cursing like a sailor and having complete awkwardness in front of your family is the absolute norm. 

     Your friends, The TV Talkers, will discuss the best (and worst) of Cable TV. 

    From new and recurring series like:


    True Detective 

    Survivors Remorse

    The Leftovers

    To some all-time classics like:


    Curb Your Enthusiasm

    Sex and The City 

    Like  us on instagram, tune in weekly and catch up on previous episodes (here) , tweet us your thoughts on the show,  and most importantly follow us daily (@expertviewertv and @cruzmedia) as we live-tweet the shows that we're tuning into and the ones we consider dropping from the rotation.

    XOXO EV and KC! 

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    Fear & Lies

    in Politics

    One thing I have learned well in my life is that there is no need for courage if there is nothing to fear.

    I take it as part of my duty as an educated and enlightened Black man-to stand in front of young Black boys and young Black men to show them their own possibilities, because I come from the same places from whence many of them hail.

    Sometimes, I am joined by other Black men, within whom the fear and awkwardness is so apparent I nearly feel sorry for them.

    They feel awkward because of the lies some of us believe that we have "arrived." There is fear because we have merely bought into the empty promise of America--the illusion of the melting pot and the reward for pretending that there are no racial barriers and that hard work and education are always rewarded for everyone.

    The belief in this illusion is the intrinsic barrier between open and honest communication with the youth, because they are still wise enough to know that there is a problem. Some of them embrace that problem as a reason to work twice as hard, while some of them embrace that problem as a reason to give up.

    But sadly, many grown men are in derelict of duty, because frankly, we are afraid of what we escaped from, and/or whom we left behind.

    And so we tell them lies. Lies to cover our fear and lies to cover our mistakes.

    And Blacks are afraid of so much more.

    Discuss Fear & Lies with Host Darryl James and Co-Hosts, Tracy Powell, Marcus Legall III, Dr. John Hamilton & DJ Gates on one of the smartest radio shows on the Internet--The Bridge Radio.

    Tune in each Sunday at 4PM Pacific Time for "The Bridge," a smarter radio show.

    Call in and add your view! (347) 857-2846 to listen LIVE and/or comment!

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    Japako Jenga Jams

    in Music

    K-pop, Awkwardness, and Me.  I swear it's not all that bad

    (Psst.. I took all of Jimin's Jams.)

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    SpokenHeard with Ryler Dustin and Susan Dobbe Chase

    in Poetry

    Ryler Dustin grew up in Bellingham, Washington, where he met the friends who introduced him to poetry and continue to inspire him. A finalist of both the Ruth Lilly Prize and the Individual World Poetry Slam, his work bridges the gaps between people to celebrate the common strangeness of being human. It examines the bizarre elegance of our biology, the awkwardness of love, and the awe inspired by our increasingly wide view of the universe.

    Ryler recently graduated from the University of Houston's MFA program, where he was awarded the prestigious Verlain Poetry Prize. He teaches poetry to middle school students with the Houston nonprofits Writers in the Schools and Project Row Houses.

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    Children's Corner: The Popular Teen w/ Jonathan & David Bennett

    in Family

    Children's Corner: The Popular Teen w/ Jonathan & David Bennett

    Any teen can become popular! When you’re popular, life is exciting. Popular people are surrounded by close friends, fans, and secret admirers. They have the skills to form meaningful romantic relationships and rarely get bullied, because they have the confidence to stand up for themselves and others. Wouldn't it feel great to give a class presentation without anxiety? To have the confidence and right words to ask that special someone to the dance? Or to be able to read your crush’s body language to know what he or she really thinks about you? How would your life change if you replaced your feelings of loneliness, awkwardness, and frustration with happiness and self-confidence? But...Can you be popular? Yes! Popular teens think and act in ways that make them loved and admired. This book reveals these scientifically-backed "popularity secrets” and makes learning and applying them in your life fun and easy. Don’t worry, The Teen Popularity Handbook isn't going to turn you into a bully or “mean girl,” but a confident, fun, and well-liked teen everyone wants to get to know. Also, since studies show that popular high-schoolers earn more money later in life than unpopular teens, the benefits of being popular never end. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to start your exciting transformation into a popular teen right now!

    For more information visit: http://thepopularteen.com/

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    Ep. 16 Sex, Drugs and taking Calls

    in Comedy

    Nikki and Phil Discuss their drug history and get into the awkwardness that is sober sex.

    Call in with your questions at 347-467-1240

    Follow @NikkiGlaser @PhilMHanley and @standupnylabs. Visit www.StandUpNY.com to see when Phil and Nikki are performing live at Stand Up NY. Listen to all our other great podcasts at www.StandUpNYLabs.com

    Check out all of our shows at standupnylabs.com