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    Auditor or Advisor-Sonia Luna Interviews Jay Qatato

    in Finance

    In this interview with Jay Qatado, Director of Internal Audit at Calpine, we discuss how being an adviser, rather than an auditor can help an organization in the context of the new Revenue Recognition standard

    Jay is the Director of Internal Audit with Calpine Corporation based in Houston, Texas. Jay has an extensive background in Operations, Auditing and Shared Services. Prior to joining Calpine, he worked for Mobil Oil, KPMG, Hewlett Packard and Nabors Industries. He has held positions in Engineering, Procurement, Corporate Audit, Shared Services and as a Consultant.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas in Austin. He is a Certified Internal Auditor, Certified in Control Self-Assessment and a Certified Investment and Derivatives Auditor. Jay is a current member of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) recently authored an article for the IIA titled Auditor or Adviser.

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    Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: SU Hoops and Aaron Goldfarb's "The Guide"

    in Basketball

    John is joined by former TNIAAM contributor Aaron Goldfarb to discuss his new books, "The Guides for the Single Man/Woman," his recent SU-related version and Orange basketball (plus beer, of course).

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    Sonia Luna Interviews Daniel Selby

    in Business

    Get the academic perspective on Accounting and Internal Audit from Dr. Daniel Selby, Professor at University of Richmond's Robins School of Business.

    Dr. Selby is founder and CEO of Daniel Selby PLLC. He has over 25 years’ hands-on experience with Fortune 100 entities via corporate reporting, external auditing, internal auditing, regulatory compliance, and SOC/SSAE16 services. He is a Certified Public Accountant (licensed in multiple states) and Certified Information Systems Auditor with a master’s and PhD from Florida State University.  He is currently affiliated with the University of Richmond’s Robins School of Business, where he has taught accounting information systems, financial and management accounting, auditing, and graduate IT auditing. His research on accounting, auditing, and information systems has been published in ISACA Journal, and other distinguished publications.

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    Beauty is Only Skin Deep: Learning to Love Yourself from the Inside Out

    in Self Help

    Images displayed by the mass media play a tremendous role in defining “beauty.” Often times, the images we are subjected to, however, are nothing more than social constructs that have been created and edited by the media to make people feel poorly about themselves and their body image. The bottom line is always about profit and rarely about making the consumer feel more “beautiful.”

     In this eye-opening LIVE discussion, Certified Wellness Coach, Lisa Marie Pepe, and Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practioner, Gina Costa-Goldfarb will dive in to discuss how the media influences how we see ourselves and what we can do to deconstruct the beauty “myth” and reclaim our inner peace.

    Lisa Marie Pepe is a Certified Wellness Coach and the owner of Positive Transformation Wellness Coaching. She specializes in empowering young women to embrace how beautiful they truly are by providing them with the tools they need to live more healthfully, have more self-confidence, and to meet the world on their terms. She resides in Connecticut and is currently accepting new client referrrals. She can be reached at lisa@positivetransformation.net or by calling 203-671-0139.

    Gina Costa-Goldfarb is a breast cancer survivor and a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practioner. She is the owner of New Beginnings Coaching Services, LLC . She helps women diagnosed with breast cancer cope, step by step, with the emotional and physical challenges they experience, so they gain confidence and feel in control of their life again. She is dedicated to helping her clients to embrace new beginnings in the aftermath of being diagnosed with breast cancer. She currently resides in New Jersey. Gina can be reached at gina@newbeginningswithgina.com.


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    Bert Martinez talks with Richard Oshins, Shelagh Cummins, Dr. Aviva Boxer

    in Business

    Richard Oshins member of the Las Vegas law firm of Oshins & Associates, LLC where he concentrates in tax and estate planning with a substantial emphasis on multigenerational wealth planning particularly with regard to closely held businesses. Mr. Oshins is regarded as one of America’s top estate planning lawyers advising wealthy clients throughout the United States

    Dr. Aviva Boxer,OMD best selling author and speaker, and the online authority in end-of-life care. Experienced in natural healthcare and death care, she is considered a “double agent” in the medical world. For over 35 years she has worked both on the conventional pharmaceutical side and the alternative sides of medical treatment. She is well known for being a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, an Herbalist, Acupuncturist, Homeopathic Doctor, and Naturopath

    Shelagh Cummins sought after business trainer, speaker & consultant for women entrepreneurs. Her Grow Your Business signature program blends set curriculum, intensive training and consulting for women who are ready to break through their business bottlenecks and accelerate the growth of their business. Shelagh is known for delivering engaging, empowering, educational and insightful sessions

    Bill Bartman Founder and CEO of CFS2 and an aggressive advocate for reform of the debt-collection industry, said, “I am convinced we are on the right track to reforming an industry of rampant abuse and Governor Henry will play a big role in helping to deliver our message to regulators and capital sources.  His commitment to be a part of our company is proof of his belief that what we are doing is important and that we have the ability to change millions of lives.”



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    Sonia Luna Interviews Joe Koenig

    in Business

    Discover what Certified Fraud Examiner, Joe Koenig, has to say about deception in Internal Auditing. 

    Joe retired from the Michigan State Police after 26 years and has 45 years of investigative experience in both the public and private sectors. He was lead investigator on the James R. Hoffa case, and investigated homicides, organized crime, financial crimes, narcotics, and public corruption. He is Past President of the Michigan FBI National Academy Associates. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), holds a BS in Accounting from Wayne State University, and a Masters in Public Administration from Eastern Michigan University where he was a member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. He now owns a financial fraud investigations firm, called KMI Investigations, located in Western Michigan. He is the author of a new book entitled, Getting the Truth, which is available on Amazon.

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    Real Housewives of New York Star Aviva Drescher Discusses Latest Projects

    in Entertainment

    Neil Haley, The Total Tutor host of the Total Celebrity Show, interviewed Aviva Drescher to find out about her memoir, Leggy Blonde, her latest product—all natural anti-anxiety supplement called “Tranquil Day,”—and her current relationship with her castmates on the “Real Housewives of New York City (RHONY).”

    According to Drescher, who lost her left leg in a farm accident when she was 6 years old, she has never let this tragedy define who she is. She worked hard to receive a Bachelors of Arts degree from Vassar College, a Masters degree in French from New York University, and a JD from The Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. She is the National Spokesperson for One Step Ahead and CAF organizations helping amputees, as well as an Advisory Board Member of Cancer Schmancer/Trash Cancer and for her work with the Live4Life Foundation.


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    Do you have unhealthy beliefs about being healthy?

    in Self Help

    When it comes to your health, what you believe could make a big difference.  Join Gina Costa-Goldfarb, Connie Rogers and Kim Ravida as they discuss how our beliefs could be keeping us unhealthy and even making us sicker than we need to be.

    Gina Costa-Goldfarb is a breast cancer survivor and Certified Professional Coach & Energy Leadership Master Practitioner. She has also been in the role of a caregiver. She is Dedicated to New Beginnings After Cancer. She is the founder of New Beginnings Coaching Services, LLC which helps women diagnosed with breast cancer cope, step by step, with the emotional and physical challenges they experience, so they gain confidence and feel in control of their life again.

    Connie Rogers, a Certified Integrative Holistic Health Coach, 37 year Cosmetologist and a Reiki Master. She is a fellow Radio show host on Life Coach Chat Channel, Published Author, Founder & Owner of Bite Size Pieces …where she coaches and supports men and women with Cancer Prevention, Weight Loss, Hormone Balance, Digestive & Skin Health. Expert in toxins that can disrupt our skin, metabolic and endocrine health.  As she works with each client, they open a door that empowers them to rewrite their life!

    Kim Ravida, ACC, ELI-MP is the owner and founder of Kim Ravida Coaching.  Kim is a Certified Professional Coach and Profit First Professional who works with professional women and women in business so that they fit their business into their lifestyle.

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    Sonia Luna Interview John Livingston

    in Business

    In recent major headlines we’ve noticed a lot of bad PR surrounding cyber security. In this indepth interview, John Livingston, Senior IT Auditor at Medical Mutual, discusses what compliance professionals should do to stay on top of ever changing IT risks.

    John Livingston is a Senior IT Auditor at Medical Mutual. He has over 20 years’ experience in accounting, financial analysis, internal audit, enterprise risk management and IT operations. Previously, John worked for 8 years in IT operations for Rockwell Automation, a Fortune 500 company. He has extensive experience in designing, implementing and managing ITIL processes, including IT Change, Problem, Incident, and Configuration Management. John is a Certified Information System Auditor, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and holds certifications in ITIL and COBIT.

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    Will New Beginnings or Old Habits Drive Your Life?

    in Self Help

    We are creatures of habit.  We settle on a way of doings things and we like to stick with it.  But what if those habits aren't working for us anymore.  How can we start new and create new beginnings?  Join Barbara Hetzel, Kim Ravida, and Gina Costa Goldfarb in the discussion.

    Barbara E. Hetzel is the owner and founder of Ridge Top Coaching, a life and leadership coaching firm that engages leaders and teams in developing and expanding their gifts and talents for the world.  As an accomplished professional in the field of training and organizational development, she has over 25 years of experience helping others discover and embrace true calling.

    Kim Ravida, ACC, ELI-MP is the owner and founder of Kim Ravida Coaching.  Kim is a Certified Professional Coach who works with professional women and women in business to take powerful money actions and make solid, productive business and work decisions that positively impact them personally and professionally.

    Gina Costa is a breast cancer survivor and Certified Professional Coach & Energy Leadership Master Practitioner. she has also been in the role of a caregiver. She is Dedicated to New Beginnings After Cancer. Gina is the founder of New Beginnings Coaching Services, LLC which helps women diagnosed with breast cancer cope, step by step, with the emotional and physical challenges they experience, so they gain confidence and feel in control of their life again.

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    Living in your vision with "Aviva Visions Video"

    in Self Help

    As part of our featured topic in May "Transition", the professional vision coach Eileen Rackus is here to help you clearly design your future vision with her unique "Aviva Visions Videos" Tool. 

    Eileen Rackus is a professional vision coach who has extensive experience managing and motivating groups and teams of people from all over the world. Her past corporate experiences involve managing a team of Global Customer Support people servicing customers for a software development company. She has worked with all levels of people within organizations and is very empathetic, compassionate, patient and most of all, fun!

    Aviva Visions Videos involve a session with Eileen where we clearly identify your vision for your future. We work together to define a clear, detailed picture of what you want your life to look like in the near (6, 9, 12 months) future. I then will invite you to my studio where we will film you in front of a green screen in different aspects and angles as you imagine your futureself and create that vision. After completion of the green screen video work I edit the pieces together to make your future vision a reality on video today. You can see yourself living your future dream. Follow up coaching sessions help you to plan, stay focused on your dream, remove any barriers that might arise so you can realize your planned future vision. See it. Believe it. Live it. Let's make it real!

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