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    LIVE Psychic Readings, AutoTunes, RENO PLANE CRASH & MORE!!!

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    Call in now to get your spot to talk to a psychic.
    Join Owen and Mike as they discuss whats left of Comet Elenin.
    Listen as Owen talks about his special connection to the Pilot involved in the Reno Plane Crash.
    Owen planes "Roll on Eighteen Wheeler" by Alabama recorded by himself as a young prepubecent boy.
    All this and more, so call in now and ask for a prize!
    Secret word is Human Centipede.

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    There are a lot of intepretations of Hip Hop. Lousiana has "Bounce," and the southeast keeps it CRUNK. But in this era of autotunes, have most rappers blurred the line between two musical genres: R&B and HIPHOP? MALACHI OF THE LEGENDARY DUNGEON FAMILY talks about the industry's shady borders and gives personal insight on how to stay clear of the sharks and biters. YOU CANT MISS THIS ONE!! $500 THEME SONG CONTEST ENDING SOON- WILL YOU WIN? TUNE IN FOR DETAILS!!

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    Is Auto-Tune Over-used By Today's Producers?

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    Please Note starting Next Monday 9/19/2011 Our times of operation will move up 2 hours earlier  to 5pm PST|6pm MST|7pm CST| 8pm EST please adjust your calender, accordingly!
    Host: Lady DI (The Hostess With  The Mostess) Co-Host: Pebbles Chat Room Reporter: Christina Marie   To call: 213-559-2995 To Chat: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hiphopnationalradio Tonight at 10pm Est| 9pm Cst| 8pm Mst| 7pm Pst|           
    Autotunes seem to be the common thread in a lot of the popular tunes today. The question, is does it question the ability of today vocalist?  It seems we are loosing the sounds of yesterdays harmonies and it is being replaced by technology. Auto-Tune is an audio processor created by Antares Technologies. It was initially designed to correct pitch problems in the recording studio. The use of Auto-Tune technology is controversial in pop music. Many claim that is over-used to give singers perfect pitch who otherwise do not possess the skill. However, producers also use Auto-Tune to create a specific, obvious sound as part of their artistic creation.
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