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    Diversity Of The Minds Spotlight, Author Peter Mack

    in Entertainment

    Please join us for an unforgettable evening with Author Peter Mack. This well respected and brilliant writer is certainly turning heads and pages with his two latest books, Filthy: Innocence Lost and Licks: Dirty Nasty, Daddy. Peter Mack is currently using the pen name Isiko Cooks, winner of the Pen Ameriecan Center book award. His recent novel also based on a true story, is becoming a heart touching bestseller!!

    Welcome to the red carpet room! Presented by Diversity Of The Minds. Studio number 516-531-9334.


    Thanks for supporting Diversity Of The Minds!

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    Author Spotlight on Hope Exposed with Author Jay Doubleu

    in Books

    Author Jay Doubleu discovered her writing gift in her teen years.  Angrily, writing about her frustration about about life, confusion and her sister’s annoying obsession with vacuum lines in the carpet. As Jay Doubleu began to furiously pen stories about her frustration with her sister's obsession, she realized the stories began to take a life of their own.  The characters began to develop personality and the writing became therapeutic.  The writing became a way to express that which was not easy to speak or understand. 

    That's the key to Author Jay Doubleu and her writing, she has a unique calling to write things that people struggle with verbalizing, sharing or expressing to each other.  So, what was the writer in her supposed to do?  Suddenly it became clear, Author Jay was to be the hand that God could use to speak what He wants to say about every area of our lives, while testifying to others about her imperfect journey to understand Him, and her struggle with forgiveness towards God.  She had been so hurt. How would she trust God again? Her audience will undoubtedly learn from her journey, one that has led her to the door of her purpose: to love everyone, equip others and to inspire God's people by any writer's means necessary. But, it goes even deeper.

    Everything she writes speaks to her very authentic and sincere relationship with God. That relationship is responsible for every word she pens to be genuine, while shedding light on the sea floor of each listener’s heart, mind and spirit. That divine light will expose what attempts to steal one's vitality and hope.  In her upcoming book being released this year "HOPE Exposed”, it will reveal the essence of hope itself.  

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    Author Spotlight with Author of Reject High Brian L Thompson

    in Books

    On this Episode of The Beautiful Butterfly Show we Welcome Our first sciene fiction Author Brian L. Thompson as we discuss his book "Reject High" 

    MEET OUR GUEST AUTHOR BRIAN L. THOMPSON: With five novels in print, including his highly-successful science-fiction teen
    series, Reject High, Brian Thompson continues to shape his career as a storyteller who fuses high-concept plots with down-to-earth characters. As a child, Brian could always be found drawing superheroes or etching out action stories in a notebook. Leaning on his experience as a well-respected journalist and writer and with his love for science fiction classics, Brian formed Great Nation Publishing, LLC. – an independent publishing company aimed at promoting creative projects with integrity. Its published works include historical fiction novels The Lost Testament (2010), and The Revelation Gate (2011), with the latter landing on Amazon's Top 80 List for Historical Fiction-Africa. With those works under his belt, Brian turned to his first love of science fiction and released the dystopian/speculative fiction work, The Anarchists (2012) and introduced the Reject High series geared towards young adult readers. The Anarchists, Reject High (Book One of the Reject High Series) and Sophomore Freak (Book Two) have garnered a number of positive reviews and endorsements with Forgotten (2015) and Champion, Immortal (2016) on the horizon.    When he is not urging others to pursue their writing passions, Thompson chases his own: preparing for the spring 2015 release of Forgotten, the third installment in the Reject High series, being a full-time high school English/Language Arts teacher, and co-running the day-to-day operations of Great Nation Publishing. A proud graduate of both Morehouse College and Temple University, Thompson and his family live in East Metro Atlanta, Georgia.

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    The Spotlight Studio Presents The Music Of Ready For The World

    in Music

    An "all new" year and season of The Spotlight Studio" begins this Saturday morning at 10AM EST, exclusively on Blogtalkradio.com! Join us as we spotlight the music of R&B group, Ready For The World!! If you can't join us live, the podcast will be available for you right after. Hope you'll join us!!!!

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    Author Spotlight on Hope Redefined with Author Kelly J Joyner

    in Books

    Meet Our Guest Author Kelly Joyner of " Hope Redefined: From Fertility to Broken Relationships, How I Learned to Hope Again".

    Kelly’s journey to living a FANTABULOUS LIFE began while she was on her way to a job she hated! She was living the “American Dream”, with a home, husband and six figure income, yet not living her dream. She was bound by limitations that were suffocating her potential and ability. Kelly spent more time doing what was EXPECTED and not what she RESPECTED.

    Fast forward to today, Kelly Joyner has stepped out of the shadows of fear and flaw and into a FANTABULOUS LIFE! According to Kelly, everyone has a God given purpose and her mission is to help others unearth their purpose, protect the promise, and perform the plan! Kelly Janine Joyner is a Certified Christian Counselor and Life Coach.  She received her BA in Theology from Richmond Virginia Seminary in Richmond, VA. 

    From co hosting the Davis and Joyner show to hosting the Fantabulous Living Show, both on Blog Talk Radio, to vision board designing, seminars, and coaching; Kelly is unlocking the joys of life with the keys of purpose. With over a decade of experience in public speaking, community outreach, and coaching, Kelly is taking the Fantabulous Life to the next level with her first book:   Hope Redefined: From infertility to broken relationships; How I learned  to HOPE again

    Kelly is the founder of H.O.P.E Redefined, an organization dedicated to helping women Heal, remain Optimistic, and Purposefully walk in Expectation!

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    Say What?? Author Spotlight with author Miriam Kelly Ferguson

    in Motivation

    Join us this month on Say What?? Author Spotlights with special guest, debut novelist, Miriam Kelly Ferguson. Miriam is a gifted writer whose works have been featured in Harlem World Magazine and the Amsterdam News. She's been a fellow of the Hurston Wright Foundation and is a member of the esteemed Harlem Writer's Guild. We'll be discussing her emotionally charged novel, WEAVER.

    Say What?? Author Spotlights is a division of Say What?? Book Club.  We are a group of authors, readers and lovers of words gathered - HOW DIVINE!  Working tirelessly to level the playing field, SWBC offers opportunities to established and emerging authors who are serious about their craft and who excel in the literary arts.  Join the movement!

    If you are interested in learning more about SWBC, please contact us:

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/saywhatbookclub

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/saywhatbc

    Email: saywhatbc@yahoo.com

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    Kelly Bee Spotlight with guest Author Marques Lewis

    in Entertainment

    I am so pleased to have the Handsome Author Marques Lewis in my ~Kelly Bee Spotlight~, This King is breaking barriers on so many amazing levels, he's a author, writer, actor, future motivational speaker, director and host. Not to mention a all around great guy period. We will be discussing his wonderfully written books *Words Of Wetness*, It's Love For Her 1, 2 & 3, and a collab tittled *Married But Still Single and Lonely*, his family, friends, work, love, sex, is there some one special or not and so much more! You already know it's gone real HOT real fast. I'm going to bring Ice in the 1st part of the interview then hit you with that FIRE baby like ONLY Kellz can. And since Marques is hella SEXY, thats NOT going to be a hard ;) . This is a positive King and i am so very honored to him walk the Fyre & Ice red carpet and give it to us 100% pure uncut wit NO MF filters. This is yet another Blog Talk i am sure you don't wanna miss. The fun will start Wednesday night 10/15/2014 @ 10:00pm~12:00am CENTRAL TIME so please check your time zone for correct time in your area. Call in number is....(714) 868-0247. You can call in with questions or comments for the author or to halla at Kellz. Thanx in advance for your support

    ~Kelly Bee~ 

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    Fear Not comes back to Author Talk

    in Books

    Derrick Good man is more than just the average seventeen year old junior of Seneca Bay High school who graces the football field and aims for gold on the honor roll. He's also been handpicked by God. Which means, sometimes, there will be tests that may not line up with his faith. When Derrick is placed in the center of traumatic events, will he give into fear? Or will he allow himself to be used by the God he's taught to be a miracle worker?

    Check out Brianna White and God's Man on Kindle by Loreal Ballou/Shandra Ward

    Purchase Loreal Ballou books on Kindle,com

    Contact Shandra Ward on Facebook  Shandra -Author Passion-Ward

    Contact Loreal Ballou on Facebook.  On twitter Loreal_2Blessed on Twitter

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    Kelly Bee Spotlight presents.... Author *Honey Bee*

    in Books

    Salutes my loves, ya girl Kellz here to invite you to my Kelly Bee Spotlight Blog Talk Radio interview with the amazing author *Honey Bee*, honey is the author of books..... Love On The Other Side, He Saved Me and her NEWEST RELEASE **Love On The Same Side**. We will also be discussing new projects, family, friends, being a mother, work, her writing and so much more. I look forward to chatting with Honey as well as all my wonderful listeners and callers. The show airs LIVE 04/29/15 (Wednesday) at 8:00pm (Chicago time) so PLEASE check your time zone for correct time in your area, Call in number is...(516) 453-9099. 

    A little about Honey in her words...

    I was raised in Fayetteville, NC but I cling to my Jersey Roots that come from my paternal grandfather. I am a multi-racial mother of four. I enjoy writing, reading, photography and of course shoe shopping. I was given the name "Honey Bee" from one of my best friends.
    I have a strong faith in God and believe all things come through him. When I write I like to write a story that my readers can relate too. I look forward to hearing from all of my fans.


  • 01:13

    Kelly Bees Spotlight presents...Best Selling Author Marcus Woods

    in Books

    Salutes Kings & Queens, Kellz here to invite you to yet another amazing blog talk interview with best selling author and fitness expert Marcus A Woods. Marcus is the author of the sizzling New, Hot, Sexy, Witty, Steamy and most of REAL book entitled...FITNESS 4PLAY (one night stand). In this book Marcus gives us walk in his shoes on past relationships, fu*kships and friendships and how a man (FROM A MAN POINT OF VIEW) converts if you will from Playa to FULL GROWN MAN with different outlooks on life, sex, women, etc. Also we will be discussing him as a personal trainer, if he has some one special , family, friends and SO MUCH MORE!! This is one blog talk i am so sure you don't wanna miss. Oh and did i mention this man has a BODY that will make wanna WORK UP ONE HELL OF A SWEAT,lbvfs. So please join me and Mr Marcus Woods as we walk down Kellz run way and welcome him in my authors spotlight...It's going to be one hell of a work out...Thats if you think you can keep up with him going Up & Down, In & Out, Pumping & Pushing and getting all sweaty as he personally gives us some **FITNESS 4PLAY** Marcus Woods style, and ya already KNOW ya girl Kellz likes a LONG REAL DEEP workout (wink), so let's see if Marcus can make me bust a umm....sweat lolzzzz. Call in number is 516-595-8101 and show date is Friday,07/31/2015 and starts at 8pm Chicago Time, so PLEASE check your time zone for correct time in your area. Thanx in advance...Kellz 

  • 01:08

    Spotlight on Business

    in Business

    Join us for a lively discussion:

    My first guest will be the youngest black councilman to ever hold office in Michigan. 20-year old Councilman Jewell Jones of Inkster Michigan is my guest.

    We also talk Christmas. As the holidays approach, many are calling for a move to take the materialism out of Christmas by deciding to stay home on black Friday and throughout the holidays. Instead, keep our money in pocket; share a meal and reconcile with family. We will discuss the move to put Christ Jesus back in Christmas in 2015. 

    We also Continue our discussion in education with Jasn Smith of the Hattiesburg Public Schools District, as we explore the controversy over the district bidding process for consultants.

    Of course your phone calls are welcome!

    We'll talk about that and more on Spotlight.