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    Interview with Author of "Secrets of Destruction"

    in Goals

    I am the founder of Hurt Ends and Development Starts 

    I am the Author of "Secrets of Destruction" and "A Journey By Choice" - This hasn't been released yet. 

    I worked in a group home for four years and then worked at a Residential Treatment Facility with children for four years, I was fortunate enough to do Psychological testing for the youth while in this position. 

    I started Hurt Ends And Development Starts because I had some repressed memories come back and I had a long hard road recreating my life. After everything was said and done I realized I had been living my life by a few core principals. I then started helping others appreciate their experiences and personal value at which point I realized that I could help many other people if I got serious and started creating programs based on these principals I did just that. I have been through a lot of negative situations, and I have walked away from all of them having learned something that has improved my life. I know from my interactions with others it is not just me who can do this but anyone. My desire is to educate people on emotional intelligence and it's true value.

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    "Now Trending" author interview with Javon Johnson

    in Books

    Join us as interview Javon Johnson, author of Now Trending: 7 Things Parents Ignore on Social Media.  

    Now Trending is a book designed to highlight some of the popular social media trends parents may have missed as their teens engage in the world of social media.

    Twitter: #NowTrending7  https://twitter.com/nowtrending7

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/javon.d.johnson

    Episode 105

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    Rhonda's interview with author of Stars in the Sky by Casey Grant

    in Motivation

    Who is Rhonda Thomas, I help smart mature women become balanced iin all areas of their life by helping them learn to truly THINK.  My expertise centers on the areas of being their authentic, healthy and happy self.  That is why I'm so excited about having my first guest here, Casey Grant she is a woman against all odds, at 21 she was being discriminated against continuuously.  However, she didn't let that stop her.  She has continued to grow beyond that by never giving up.  At 50 she went back to school for Interior Design, becoming an entrepreneur for high end clients and now she is a sought after speaker, radio host of her own show and author of "Stars in the Sky, the history of the African American fllight attendant.

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    Hip Hop Radio/ Author Darryl Carr Interview

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    Attention listeners! On our Thursday night's show, Diversity Of The Minds Spotlight Presents, we were doing an interview with our guest of the week Author Darryl Carr, when the show was cancelled due to technical issues concernig Blog talk radio. So this evening we will be incorporating that interview into our Hip Hop Radio show. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but Diversity Of The Minds Radio will always may good on our word in delivering our scheduled shows to the listeners/fans, when we can. That is no different from this evening's schedule show, Hip Hop Radio. You WILL get the best of both worlds, tonight!. Having said that, Please join us as we give you Hip hop music and an interview with our guest, Author Darryl Carr. Its going down again inside the Red Carpet Room! Don't miss this double dose of entertainment, at its best! Presented by Diversity Of The Minds Radio!


    Thanks for your continued support!

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    EXCLUSIVE Interview with Wall-Street Whistleblower and Author, @HaimBodek

    in Finance


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    Tune in to hear about the dark-side of the financial markets and how Haim Bodek became an internationally known whistle-blower exposing market fraud.

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    Bio on Haim Bodek

    Mr. Bodek is known as a whistleblower who brought attention to several questionable practices of high-frequency traders and trading venues. He is generally credited with unleashing the so-called "order type controversy," which focuses on abusive practices relating to complex nontransparent order types. Mr. Bodek's contributions have influenced the ongoing public policy debate and the rapidly changing landscape for regulatory, enforcement, and litigation issues, and he has actively assisted the SEC in several investigations that resulted in substantial monetary fines and significant changes in practices of certain trading venues, including admissions of inaccurate disclosure.

    Mr. Bodek's career, experiences, and advocacy for regulatory reform of securities markets are described extensively in Dark Pools by Scott Patterson, a freelance writer and staff reporter for The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Bodek is also the author of two books on market structure, The Problem of HFT and The Market Structure Crisis, as well as the subject of the documentary film The Wall Street Code directed by Marije Meerman.

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    Interview with author Keshawn Dodds

    in Books

    By the fireplace hosts will interview author Keshawn Dodds author of "Menzuo: The Calling of the Sun Prince "

    Here is a synopsis of what the book is about:

    Jammal Hall is just eleven years old when he finds out his life on Earth is more important than he could ever imagine. A week before his twelfth birthday, which happens to be his age of destiny, many secrets are revealed to him...

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    Celebrity Matthew Tiger Impersonator Interview Author Matrina Dorsey

    in Entertainment

    Martraina Dorsey is a Author Of ''Wonds to Wisdom''   We will here more about her book and much more coming up  April 28,16 at 11pm Est call in to speak to Mrs Martaina (347)327-9117

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    An Interview with Author Michael Selden

    in Books

    Author Michael Selden talks about his new book, The Balance, a YA novel.

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    An Interview with Paul Pelletier - Author of 'Workplace Bullying'

    in Books

    Paul Pelletier LL.B. PMP, Paul Pelletier Consulting, Author of Workplace Bullying: It's Just Bad for Business: Prevention, Management, & Elimination Strategies for Organizations & Everyone Else


    will discuss: 

    what is workplace bullying?
    how common is workplace bullying?
    why and how is bullying bad for business?
    what can you do about workplace bullying? 

    According to the Workplace Bullying Institute seven of ten U.S. employees are affected by workplace bullying. Workplace Bullying: It's Just Bad for Business is a practical guide that informs, inspires, and illicits response. Paul Pelletier, a lawyer and consultant who has faced workplace bullying himself, gives comprehensive insight on the anatomy of bullying, and how everyone in the organization is affected. The bottom line is that bullying is bad for business. Organizations will find information on how to implement best practices and policies to eliminate the possibility of bullying to appear and/or continue in the workplace. Individuals—from the target of bullying to coworkers and bosses—will find out how to address a bullying situation in the workplace.


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    in Motivation

    Linda Diane Wattley is a published writer who began her first work of art with poetry. The poem, "I Wish" appeared in the Poetry Gem of the American Poets Society. For over twelve years she had her own religious/philosophical column in the Frost Illustrated Newspaper titled "The Best Will Show Themselves".

    Linda has appeared as a contributed writer for the online magazines including: Faith Writers, The Wright Side of Me Productions, The Blessed Room and Cheers where she shared Inspirational and thought provoking messages to readers. She is also a contributing of anthologies: The Triumph of My Soul edited by Elissa Gabriel and This Far by Faith with Vanessa Miller as editor.

    Today, God has awakened her to a new and extremely important message to share with the world. We must become more conscious of PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; she is presenting her newest work: Soldier with a Backpack, Living and Dying Simultaneously. This work reveals the reality of the impact this disorder has on our veterans and civilian people's lives. It takes you deep within the soul of the inner dynamics of this disorder. Stress and Trauma is guiding us farther away from love. Truth and understanding will guide us to self-love and love for our fellowman.

    When Wattley is not writing, she enjoys her family; Mother Jacqueline M. Bushner, sons: Robert D. Wattley III, Marcus, daughter-in-law Katie and her granddaughters Jaelynn and Myla.




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    The First Lady commands Author Talk with Kanika Harris

    in Books

    First Lady Megan Foster is faced with the realization that forever may not be set in stone. All unions may possibly end due to unanticipated events. 

    The forever vow of ‘for better or for worst,’ has been put to the ultimate test. Betrayal lies, and secrets will become apparent as the wool is slowly being removed from her eyes. Wolves pretending to be holy, their protective layers will be peeled away slowly. Revealing all of their true colors and every dirty deed will be brought before a judge. 

    All the while temptations rumble too close for comfort. A thought of ‘the devil’s advocate with the apple,’ causes Megan to put a pause on a close friendship. However, those she may push away may be the only leaning post left when the rubble clears from the destruction. 

    Everything is not always as it seems and Megan is about to get the rudest awakening yet.

    Can that faithful light clear the rose tent to Megan’s glasses? After all, what is done in the dark certainly shall come to the light eventually.


    ?Purchase Kanika Harris books on Amazon.com


    Contact the author at authorkkharris@gmail.com