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    The Zoe Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE Show

    in Self Help

    A powerful Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Libra arrives in our week ahead, bringing major endings, breakthroughs and celebrations involving romantic partners, clients, specialists, business partners, agents, competitors, attorneys, opponents, and other relationships. During the same week period we have Jupiter, the bringing of luck, growth, happiness, and prosperity, end his long Retrograde and go Direct again in the sign of true love, creativity, fun, and kids! We enter into a boost in these areas that lasts until August 11th and then won't return for another 12 years so it is quite a big week to get revved up and optimistic about the potential that lays before us. Tune in to hear Zoe run through it for your sign!

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    CDL Radio interviews Mike Holt from Restore Australia

    in Politics Conservative

    Jan Rennie and Matt Pope interviews Mike Holt from Restore Australia 


    Restore Austraila on Facebook 



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    Weekly Astro-Forecast--Libra Lunar Eclipse

    in Spirituality

    Join Shellie Enteen for a look at the coming week's planetary energies and get a heads-up on planning time and avoiding pitfalls. 

    This week's show will focus on the Libra Lunar Eclipse coming the day before Easter.

    Shellie is an interfaith Reverend with the Alliance of Divine Love. Find daily forecasts on her Astralessence Facebook page and sign up for a free e-Newsletter through her website astralessence.com where you can also find out more about her spiritual services. Archives and upcoming show links are posted on the Esoterically Speaking Network facebook page.

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    The Fine Art of Paleontology - Australia

    in Education

    On Monday February 23rd at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst oin New Mexico Museum of Natural History field researcher Ken McKeighen and Ken Boorman as they discuss the paleontology of Ken Boorman's home country, Australia. From the Ediacara fauna to dinosaurs, Australia has a rich fossil heritage that Ken and Ken will explore. Please visit Natures Talk Show website and join our live chat during the show to ask questions or chat with fellow friends of fossils.




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    in Spirituality

    During this call we shall look at Easter and this weekends Full Moon Lunar eclipse and perfoem a meditation to connect with the blessing of it.  We shall perfom powerful techniques, and activations for you to empower you, to open your vision to your own love and wisdom.  If we have time for live calls you have the opportunity release your sadness, pain, hardships, stress or tension, whilst allowing you to open energetically to more of who you are.  

    Most weeks we perform a short meditation, play a crystal singing bowl and a freenote (a beuatuiful musical intrument) that leaves you feelling free.  There is a talk where ancient and modern wisdom is shared and we always send forth the light to bring peace, love and unity to the earth and humanity.  

    Tracey will take a couple of live callers and perform a Intuitive Counselling session and blessing with them.  When a technique or activation is being performed with a live listener it is divinely guided so participate and perform the technique, as you will also receive the energetic blessing as well.  The people who call in are asking the questions for all of us, as we are part of a whole and the activations are for us all. Online program http://cellularhealing.kajabi.com/sp/34321-6-week-online-mentoring-program  

    For free gifts, products and to work with Tracey on Skype or in person please go to - http://cellularhealing.org

    Card Reading click on - http://cellularhealing.kajabi.com/sp/27293-9-card-reading

    Guest Call In (646) 716-938

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    Eleventh House Radio: Reviewing Eclipse Energies & Determining The Ruling Planet

    in Paranormal

    On today's show, we'll travel back in time over the weekend and review some of the eclipse energies, what happened on the world stage and what we have to look forward to with the last, "Blood Moon" aka the fourth tetrad in September.  We'll also discuss the notion of the ruling planet of the chart and how it can determine both the greatest asset and challenge of thew life of the individual and their chart.

    Please join me.


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    in Culture

    Sianot Wiaria Urtitk good morning, good afternoon and good evening around the world, welcome back to the Black Lotus Civilization Broadcast thats B.G.N.N B.L.C. Radio I am your host E'muNrak'ati ap'adumir'a iui'i and my co-host Omo Sango also brother arius and brother taa all 4 original Black Lotus Civilization Broadcast enjoy african family

    We are going to get a lesson today first hand from 2 indigenous australian's.  One of which is a wise elder that speaks a extinct language that was believed to be extinct but is very much alive african australia australia african brothers sisters around the world unite.





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    Weekly Astro-Forecast--Solar Eclipse and more

    in Spirituality

    Join Astrologer Shellie Enteen for a look at the week's planetary energies. It's a good heads-up on planning activities and what to expect each day.

    Today's show will cover the 7th and last Uranus Pluto Square and the upcoming total Solar Eclipse at the New Moon in Pisces on Friday.

    Shellie is a Reverend with the Alliance of Divine Love and has been giving spiritual counseling with astrology for over 30 years. Get daily forecasts on her Astralessence Facebook page, sign up for her free monthly e-Newsletter on her website astralessence.com and find archives of this show and more on the Esoterically Speaking Network Facebook page. Contact Shellie through astralessence.com for more information about her spiritual services.


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    Empathic Seeker: Handling The April 4th Lunar Eclipse in Libra

    in Spirituality

    Join the Bougie Girl as she discusses handling the upcoming April 4th Lunar Eclipse.

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    Out of the Fog EXTRA: Meet the Stars of Haunting Australia

    in Spirituality

    Meet investigator Ray Jorden and medium Rayleen Kable, two of the stars of the hit show Haunting: Australia, which gathers a team of top paranormal investigators from around the world and turns them loose in some of Australia’s most haunted locations. Viewers around the world are loving it … and those of you in the US will get to see it on the SyFy Channel beginning on Tuesday 3/24. 

    Ray Jorden is a self-proclaimed old-school paranormal investigator. He was the lead ghost hunter in the ITV series The Paranormal 5, and he’s made many other television and radio appearances (including right here on Out of the Fog). Ray brings experience and investigative insight to the Haunting Australia team. 

    Rayleen Kable is an internationally recognized medium. To her, conversations with the dead are a daily occurrence. Rayleen also uses her clairvoyant and psychic abilities to connect with Spirit. That makes her a triple threat in the world of the paranormal.

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    MIRACLE MANIFESTING MONDAYS - Uranus Square Pluto + Eclipse

    in Spirituality

    We have been experiencing transiting Uranus squaring transiting Pluto since the end of November 2014.  This starts coming to a close in mid April when Pluto goes retrograde, and the square between the two planets widens to two or more degrees.  For anyone whose chart was impacted by this, changes, likely challenges, have been occuring.  What about in the world?  What does this mean for you?  Our planet?  We also have  

    We also have two eclipses coming up.  The Full-Moon or Solar eclipse on March 20th, and the New Moon, also called the Dark Moon, or Lunar eclipse on April 4th, which created a T-square in the sky for us.  What can this mean for you and your life?

    Listen and find out.