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    TNA Conference Call With Austin Aries

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    Today at 2PM ET, TNA Superstar and The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, Austin Aries, answers media questions and discusses his appearance in the One Night Only Tournament of Champions PPV event, which will be available beginning Friday, Nov. 1.

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    The Zodiac - Aries

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    Rockafellaz Radio is gonna talke trip into the stars over the next few episodes.  Actually, each week we will do a show on one Zodiac Sign. 

    Believe it or not, a lot of us are into astrology and the meanings and representation of our zodiac signs.  Some would say that they behavior or traits listed about their zodiac isn't true, but really it is.....for some that are in the same zodiac.  What I have learned is that the statement about not all persons in a zodac tree are the same.  Meaning for example, all Aries are not the same.  Each one has different traits and things about them that are different fron the next. Thats right, each zodiac has 3 different tiers that represents their place in that one zodiac sign. 

    Tune in today on Rockafellaz Radio and join the discussion on the Zodiac - ARIES

    Rockafellaz Radio......Talk that keeps it 100!!!

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    Ring Rust Radio - Austin Aries Exclusive Interview

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    Don’t miss Ring Rust Radio’s exclusive interview with TNA X Division champion and the Greatest Man that Ever Lived AUSTIN ARIES!

    Talking Impact Wrestling, his fourth X Division title win, his world title reign, Ring of Honor and so much more!

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    Will and Thunder Welcome: Aries

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    Aries began in the fall of 2008 when Rob Bradley decided to form a band to revive some of the sounds that music with strong connections to his influences, a band with razor sharp, arena-ready riffs, powerful hard rock/heavy metal vocals, and a solid rhythm to back it up.

    Now, a number of years later, that vision still remains. Rob Bradley still fronts Aries, with Sean Rhodes taking the command of guitar duties, and Andy Ham and Tim Slack completing the rhythm section.

    Aries can be easily identified musically or on the stage; known for their high-energy live performances, as well as by their signature diverse, epic sound, Aries has shared the stage with such legends as Sebastian Bach, The Protomen, Dio Disciples ft. Tim "The Ripper" Owens (Judas Priest, Iced Earth) on vocals, and Symphony X, and have carved a name for themselves in such events as 98 Rock's Noise in the Basement, The Exposed Music Festival, etc.Aries has also been named as 98 Rock/Shockwave Magazine's Band of the Month(December 2012) followed by being named as their Band of the Year(2013). Aries stays busy with a show schedule that has had them perform in Virginia, Connecticut, Illinois, and many other regions of the East Coast.

    Recently winning Shockwave Magazine's Band of the Year award for 2014, "Rise" (the band's latest album) was funded by a legion of dedicated fans through their Kickstarter. With an initial goal of $3,500, the final amount reached nearly $4,000. 

    Rise features a range of lyrical topics written by Rob Bradley. From themes of paranoia (Trial by Fire), vigilantism (Beware the Gun), rebellion (Rise), to existentialism (Cradle to the Grave), this album marries progressive metal and hard rock cleverly.

  • Silent from Austin Texas

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    Born March 27, 1984.He was born in San antonio texas and raised later on in life in austin Texas.But between that time he was mostly in other states and citys.As a little boy Mario aka silent got to see freestyle battles and join at the age of three all over the united states.He developed his rap style at a young age but kept quiet about it until now.Back then he'd only sing.This artist is has an abstract rap cross over between q-tip,bone thuggs and harmony,slick rick(calmness) and ludacris type,flow.Born from the south but quiet about his rap mouth.With the mixture of his hip-hop,r&b music vocal used ass his choruses. You never know what side of him will surprise you the most.Rumor is he was a singer/rapper that won freestyle battle for 8 years in a row.Just when you think he's predictable,he comes out of the closet on a whole other level. Born with the talent to tap in his potential at will this artist music is a shell compare to his public talent.If your impressed with what you hear now wait till you see him on stage,it almost like he kept silent about what he really want to do. At last silent_to_the_mouth

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    A. Deep Aries Presents: Native american Entertainer! Raphael Deas

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    Raphael Deas has been a part of the Boston scene from the age of 15 as a break dancer on the streets of Boston. He went on to open for many early hip-hop acts such as Curtis Blow, the Fatboys, and Run DMC. He was a featured dancer at night clubs. After many small group and solo music ventures, a chance meeting with Maurice Starr at a local recording studio landed him a spot in the pop/funk band Homework (Epic/Sony Records). Raphael has shared the stage and TV screen with Michael Jackson, Will Smith, New Kids on the Block, Expose, Perfect Gentlemen, Sweet Sensation, the Dance Party USA family, Technotronic, and many more.  Connecting with his Native American heritage brought him national success with a "Song Of The Year" nomination in 2011 and a win for "Best HipHop/Rap Song" in 2012 at the Native American Music Awards, along with "Song Of The Year" 2011 "Best New Male Artist" 2012 and a second "Song Of The Year" win at the New England Urban Music Awards in 2013. As a lifelong martial artist and fitness enthusiast, Raphael now combines his music, love for fitness, and entertaining in his new ventures. #TheRaphaelShow #GrownNFunky has been on the air since 2012 and combines his love for #TheFunk of the 80s/90s along with new independent artists of all disiplines and reaching people with his message of Fitness, Faith, Funk, and Foolishness!!

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    Ring Rust Radio - Dec. 17 w/ Austin Aries

    in Sports

    Ring Rust Radio goes 1-on-1 with TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries!


    Plus, Full WWE TLC and Raw review, Smarks Say the Darndest Things, Fan Emails, Fantasy Draft and Standings, TNA WTF Moments and so much more!


    Giving the wrestling world an elbow drop from the top rope of truth. This is a place for wrestling fans to vent, and no topic is off limits!

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    The Linc Austin Show - September 9, 2014

    in Politics

    The Linc Austin Show - September 9, 2014

    This is live test edition.

    Covered in this episode:

    Breitbart News Targeted by the IRS?
    Report:  US Weapons Now in Hands of ISIS
    Elementary School in Dripping Springs, Texas, now participating in Meatless Mondays
    New Police Weapon "Temporaily Blinds" Targets


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    Wrestling Week In Review: CmPunk, Vince-Austin and More!!!!

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    Wrestling Week In Review. Talking everything this past week in wrestling. Feel free to join us to talk about CM Punk, Vince-Austin and more.

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    Secrets of A Socialprenista w/Andrieka J. Austin

    in Lifestyle

    Join Destiny Empowerment Hour as we sit down with Certified Business and Personal Life Coach Andrieka J. Austin CEO of The Socialprenista™ and Author of Secrets of A Socialprenista: The PINK Print {The Top 8 Mistakes Women Entrepreneurs Make That Keep Them Broke, Stuck, and Struggling in Their Business and Inspiration for The Journey}. 

    I am Andrieka "AJ" Austin, aka The Socialprenista™ (pronounced Social•pre•nista), a passionate, Certified Business and Personal Life Coach for women entrepreneurs seeking to increase their impact, influence, and income via transformational business and life coaching programs that offer clarity, focus, and accountability for starting, sustaining, and scaling a successful enterprise!

    Connect with Andrieka on Social Media:







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    The Right Side of the Pond - Austin/McMahon Interview Reaction

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    On this week's show, Mazza (@MazzaLOP) and Maverick (@Neil_Pollock79) break down the WWE Network "Podcast" as Stone Cold Steve Austin interviewed Vince McMahon after this weeks Raw.  They will also have a brief discussion on the current state of the tag team division.  This week's show also sees the return of 'Plan's (@LoPPlan) 101 WWE Matches To See Before You Die, the podcast edition.  This time out he will be looking at Mick Foley's famous WWF Championship win against The Rock on the 4th January 1999 episode of Raw. 

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