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    April Deep Aries Presents: Music is my sanctuary

    in Entertainment

    April Deep Aries Presents: The best in eclectic soul, smooth jazz, unwrapped, hidden beach underground, mixes and music of all genres. Positive poetic excerpts and just an all around great time!



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    April Deep Aries Presents: Feel good music of the 90's!

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    April Deep Aries Presents:  Timeless! 90's soul, and music love!  Music by request also!  





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    April Deep Aries Presents: The smoothest jazz and deep soul

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    April Deep Aries Presents: The best in smooth deep house! Neo-soul good R&b and a little jazz. I am your hostess and it's all about mellowing out to positive music. Music speaks volumes.  Music is a universal language.  Join me and Mr. Music Tonight. 



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    April Deep Aries Presents: Award winning actor Jay Tavare!

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    April Deep Aries Presents:   Independent and Professional actor, Jay Tavare!   Jay is reunited back on April Deep Aries again! 

    Jay Tavare has upcoming projects in 2015! Including one I am waiting on

    "Bone Tomahawk"! (2015)  with one of my favorite actors from childhood up until adulthood Kurt Russell 

    Jay is also the voice behind Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Video Game) 
    Code Talker (voice) (2015)  

    Jay Tavare is also known for films and shorts such as  Adaptation (2002) , Cold Mountain (2003), Into the West mini series (2005) Pathfinder (2007) with heavyweights in the industry.  Jay also was in 1980's ent.

    Unbowed is an independent film by Nanci Rossov that captured our attention.  Unbowed is a love story about a Native American chief and a Black socialite, actress Tembi Locke (1999) in the turn of the century. 

    No stranger to controversy.



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    April Deep Aries Presents: Music is my sanctuary part II

    in Entertainment

    April Deep Aries Presents: The best in eclectic soul, deep soul house mixes and music of all genres. Positive poetic excerpts and just an all around great time!

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    April Deep Aries Presents: The Tuesday night ride with SHAI! Member Marc Gay

    in Entertainment

    April Deep Aries Presents: Music that your soul can feel and a few unreleased tracks from artists.




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    TNA Conference Call With Austin Aries

    in Wrestling

    Today at 2PM ET, TNA Superstar and The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, Austin Aries, answers media questions and discusses his appearance in the One Night Only Tournament of Champions PPV event, which will be available beginning Friday, Nov. 1.

  • 00:18

    Ring Rust Radio - Austin Aries Exclusive Interview

    in Sports

    Don’t miss Ring Rust Radio’s exclusive interview with TNA X Division champion and the Greatest Man that Ever Lived AUSTIN ARIES!

    Talking Impact Wrestling, his fourth X Division title win, his world title reign, Ring of Honor and so much more!

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    Austin Shepard - Bump On the Head

    in Religion

    This week Dr Pauline and Catherine have the pleasure of talking with Austin Shepard and his mom Shelly.  Austin had a traumatic brain injury in 2003 (at age 10).  Even after being in a lengthy coma and having one hospital discharge him because they felt they couldn't do any more for him, his parents didn't give up hope.  There's more to the story...listen in to hear about it!  Since then, he has gone on to become an Eagle Scout, and launch a company called You Inspire Me! Speaker's Bureau.  He has also become a Mosaic Ambassador for the Small Business Development Center.  His vision for his company is to change the world by inspiring one person at a time and encouraging them to do the same.  Please visit Austin's website at www.bumponthehead.com to see what amazing things he's been doing and how you can help, and e-mail him at austin@bumponthehead.com if you or someone you know has a story to share.  As always, we welcome your comments and questions through Facebook (Dunamas Center Ministries), and Twitter (@YourDunamasLife).

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    The Zodiac - Aries

    in Radio

    Rockafellaz Radio is gonna talke trip into the stars over the next few episodes.  Actually, each week we will do a show on one Zodiac Sign. 

    Believe it or not, a lot of us are into astrology and the meanings and representation of our zodiac signs.  Some would say that they behavior or traits listed about their zodiac isn't true, but really it is.....for some that are in the same zodiac.  What I have learned is that the statement about not all persons in a zodac tree are the same.  Meaning for example, all Aries are not the same.  Each one has different traits and things about them that are different fron the next. Thats right, each zodiac has 3 different tiers that represents their place in that one zodiac sign. 

    Tune in today on Rockafellaz Radio and join the discussion on the Zodiac - ARIES

    Rockafellaz Radio......Talk that keeps it 100!!!

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    Interview with Austin Belle & Amy Rose

    in Music

    With a blend of Country and Pop/Rock backgrounds, AUSTIN BELLE is equipped with the perfect combination of well-written songs and two talented artists. Lead guitarist and songwriter Jesse Wainwright hails from the hit-making, award-winning rock band State of Shock, lending his musical skills and incredible stage presence to the group. Jesse is balanced by lead singer and songwriter Stacey McKitrick. Together, they create a new sound that can only be described as magical. Along with a talented backing band, their catchy songs and energetic stage show leave audiences wanting more. Combined, they have had the opportunity to perform with notable acts Lady Antebellum, Dierks Bentley, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Great Big Sea, and more. Their debut EP is called Just Drive featuring the latest single Back Where We Belong.

    Barrie, Ontario Country artist AMY ROSE entered her first singing contest Barrie’s Promenade Days at age 5. That was when her parents realized their daughter had talent to sing. She began to enter other talent competitions including Kinmount Fair which she won 3 years in a row - and got to meet one of her idols, Jason McCoy. At the age of 13, she released her first album Amy Rose - One Special Girl under an independent label. The release of this album landed her a spot on a Gospel tour where she opened for Conway Twitty’s daughters Joni & Kathy Twitty. Over the years, Amy has shared the stage with The Wilkinsons, Emerson Drive & High Valley. She's gained popularity and increased her fan base with the singles (Redneck Reunion) Party Like a Redneck, I Just Want You To Know & Sunshine. Her new single is called Show Up Naked And Bring Beer.

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