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    Saturday Afternoon: "We Won't See Auschwitz" and other insanities

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    Carolyn discusses several topics:

    The schizophrenia of fighting ISIS while at the same time welcoming more Muslims into Europe;
    The aging White population and how it is used to justify immigration;
    What I learned from the book "We Won't See Auschwitz";
    Burn out or end of the year fatigue? Setting priorities;
    Hadding Scott calls and we go on for an extra half hour!

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    The Color of Courage

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    The Color of Courage is a rare and vivid day-by-day eyewitness account by a young boy who becomes a man far too soon under the brutal Nazi German occupation of Poland. Julian is a 10-year-old Boy Scout when the Germans invade his native Poland to start World War II. At an age when most boys are still playing with toys, Julian Kulski begins his own private war against the Germans with small acts of sabotage. At 12, he is recruited into the clandestine Underground Army by his Scoutmaster, and begins training on weapons and military tactics.

    By 14, he is holding up German soldiers at gunpoint, has gone on a secret mission into the Warsaw Ghetto to liaise with Jewish resistance leaders, is captured by the Gestapo, beaten and interrogated, sentenced to Auschwitz, rescued, and joins a Commando unit of the Underground Army. At 15, he fights in the Warsaw Uprising, ending the war as a German POW.


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    Hitler vs Stalin and the truth about the Holocaust

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    Victors write History.  

    If there is anything we've learned since the collapse of the Soviet Union, it's that the data they provided on the Holocaust and German war crimes was not only inaccurate, but deliberately falsified.  The Polish curator at Auschwitz (a Jew, btw), obtained the Red Cross and German registration records in 1990, 45 years after Stalin claimed they had all been destroyed.  The original estimate of 4 million deaths at Auschwitz was revised to 1.1 million, forcing the Auschwitz museum to change it's Memorial plaque.  

    The Soviet Union had, of course, motives for falsifying data. They used bogus numbers to justify their occupation of half of Europe and to distract the world from the war crimes they themselves committed when Germany fell.  The truth that most Americans choose to ignore is that Stalin was equally, if not more brutal than Hitler.  We're going to compare hard evidence on both sides.  My guest is Nathan Jankov, a dear friend and a man whose family suffered while under the rule of the USSR.  

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    New Book: Inmate 1818 and Other Stories by Bernard Otterman

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    About the Author: Bernard Otterman was born in Lodz, Poland, in 1937. At the age of three, he and his parents escaped Lodz and fled to Warsaw. From there to the Pietrokov ghetto and were subsequently interned in the Radom ghetto and then transferred to the Daimler work camp five miles away producing small munitions. In June of 1944, as the Russians advanced from the east, the camp was liquidated, and its inmates shipped to Auschwitz. Bernard and his mother escaped from the line being marched to the trains, fled and hid for six months as fugitives in the Polish countryside and survived until the Russian troops liberated Poland in January of 1945. His father was sent by train to Auschwitz, then immediately moved to a work camp in Germany. He too survived and the family was reunited in Lodz in September of 1945 through displaced persons listings. They lived in Germany until coming to the United States in 1951. Otterman was trained in mechanical engineering and for many years was on the engineering faculty at Northeastern and Hofstra universities. He worked and reworked the stories in this collection for more than a decade. "The Golem of Auschwitz" was first published in New Millennium Writings. "Kaddish" was first published in The Nassau Review and received first prize in fiction from the Review. "Lotto Fever" was first published in Word/Slovo. Several of Mr. Otterman's poems have been published in Poetry, Jewish Currents and other journals and compendia. 

    Mr. Otterman's book will be featured in a dramatic presentation at Queens College, Queens, NY 11-6-2014. More info at web site link.




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    Non-Aggression Principle

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    Live from Tim's basement. He voted today and will tell you all about it. Then he'll discuss a story he heard on NPR. It's about Deathbed the Movie. It's now a play. Then he'll talk about the weirdest book he has ever heard of, maybe even reading a few paragraphs. It's called Ass Goblins of Auschwitz. Finally, he'll close with his morons and heroes of the week. ISIS figures prominently in both.

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    Haunted Earth U.K. - Chris Halton

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    In honor of the Jewish Holidays, we're exploring the memory of the Holocaust, the ghosts of Auschwitz and paranormal research within the Jewish community. 

    Chris is the Producer and Director of Haunted Earth and possesses
    prior experience as a police officer, working in various roles including that of a much lauded Detective and Field Intelligence Officer.

    His work within the police has given him a clinically proven ability to assess data, and in combination with psychic gifts to provide informed and intelligent observations of paranormal activity as it occurs.

    In 2005 he created Haunted Earth as a means of capturing and sharing paranormal activity throughout the internet.

    Over the years, Haunted Earth moved from directly being a paranormal group, into an organization that provides high quality shows and documentaries covering many different aspects of paranormal research spanning both Europe and North America.

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     But I felt sorry for them, and I did not destroy them; I did not exterminate them in the wilderness.  I said to their sons in the wilderness, ‘Do not walk in the regulations of your forefathers or keep their judgments or defile yourselves with their disgusting idols. I am Jehovah your God. Walk in my statutes, and keep my judicial decisions, and carry them out and sanctify my sabbaths, and they will serve as a sign between me and you for you to know that I am Jehovah your God.’ But the sons began to rebel against me. They did not walk in my statutes, and they did not observe and carry out my judicial decisions, which if a man follows them, he will have life by them. My sabbaths they profaned. So I promised to pour out my rage on them and to unleash my anger against them fully in the wilderness. But I refrained and acted for the sake of my own name, so that it should not be profaned before the nations, in whose sight I brought them out. Also, I swore to them in the wilderness that I would scatter them among the nations and disperse them among the lands, because they did not carry out my judicial decisions and they rejected my statutes, they profaned my sabbaths, and they followed after the disgusting idols of their forefathers. I also allowed them to follow regulations that were not good and judicial decisions by which they could not have life. I let them become defiled by their own sacrifices—when they made every firstborn child pass through the fire—in order to make them desolate, so that they would know that I am Jehovah. 


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    What Really Died At Auschwitz?

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    Can you even begin to imagine the world that we would be living in if Nazi Germany never happened. All of the creativity, imagination and genius that belonged to all of the millions of lives that were destroyed needlessly.
    What Really Died At Auschwitz? Join us for this conversation which is not held enough in any country concerning the millions of lives lost during the holocaust.  
    A Christian Pespective is dedicated to speaking about events past and presend from a Christian Perspective.
    We will bring with us knowledgeable guests from varied backgrounds and experiences to help detemine what is the Christian perspective concerning the issues of the day.

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    Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn: Two Manfred Roeders

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    Carolyn Yeager looks at two outstanding Germans named Manfred Roeder: one a military judge who prosecuted some of the most damaging wartime traitors against the Third Reich; the other who served as a teenager during the war and later became the post-war federal republic's "most dangerous and notorious critic." The second Roeder died recently without much fanfare.

    Also, the truth about the false story of one of the most famous massacres of WWI - claiming to be a German atrocity against Belgians - is uncovered by a German historian.

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    Natalie-Marie Hart Interviews Anthony J. Hilder about world affairs

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    Anthony is a film maker talk show host, broadcaster, former actor and an author. In the late 1950s to the mid 1960s he was also a record producer. He is an activist, Investigative journalist, Talk Show Host and War Correspondent. He is also founder of the Free World Alliance. He's dedicated to stopping the agenda of the Illuminati. Also posssibly because of his comments of certain things which could be described by some as venturing into territory that's been forbidden by the mainstream media, he has been thrown off over half a dozen shows.

    Conspiracy documentaries

    Bohemian Grove, 2011
    E.U. Hitler's Dream Come True, 2010
    666 Mark of the Beast
    911: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold
    Air Auschwitz
    Alien 51
    Beast of the Bible Belt
    China's Answer to Cancer
    Frankenfed: The Monster Among Us
    illumiNAZI 911
    IllumiNazi Bilderberg West Bohemian Grove
    Lucifer 2000
    Millennium 2000
    New World Odor
    None Dare Call it Murder
    Oklahoma Atrocity
    Panic Project
    Reichstag 95
    Skull & Bones: The Catholic Connection
    The Illuminati Vol 1 – 2 All Conspiracy,
    Wake Up Call: New World Order





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    Vong Quanh The Gioi - 6.20.14

    in Travel

    Chuong trinh phat thanh:
    - "Sen hong mot do em hong mot thuo xuan xanh…", nho mua sen ngay nay nhung nam ay…
    - Man dam ve danh sach 10 thanh pho duoc chon du lich nam 2014.
    - Quynh Nhu gioi thieu ve thanh pho Istanbul, Tho Nhi Ky, trong danh sach 10 thanh pho duoc chon di du lich 2014. Tour Tho Nhi Ky & Hy Lap do AV Travel to chuc va huong dan len duong tu ngay 21 Sep - 05 Oct, 2014.
    - Praha - Vienna - Berlin la 3 thanh pho duoc chon trong 10 thanh pho di du lich 2014 va nhung thanh pho nay se la chang dung chan trong tours Dong Au voi AV Travel.
    - Hoang Linh gioi thieu ve Trai Tu Than Auschwitz trong hanh trinh tour di Dong Au mua thu (21 Sep - 05 Oct, 2014).

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