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    Back to school Inservice

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    This is it. The Grand opening of the Bus Driver Chronicles. This radio show is dedicated to all of the hard working bus drivers. From school bus, tour bus, shuttle bus, motor coach, transit bus,and all of the bus drivers around. Since this show starts in Augest we will talk with school bus drivers as they perpare to for the school year. This is a live talk radio call in for questions, stories or to blow off some steam. We are here for you. Also get ready we will laugh a lot, just because we deal with people. Hope you will enjoy.

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    #70: All Good Things Come To An End

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    This is the Seris Finale for WWW, for Josh/ Silverbeard. I think its time to leave radio for real as my mark is never forgotten, for sure. No man is left behind and we all love things that make you luagh, cry, horny or none of the above. Derp, im still playing, but radio is now the thing of the past as RL is catching on quick. I said this before back in Augest. Just RL issues cuased me to flip out in rage with the stress of getting layed off. I must persure my life dreams and some day. Someday eRep radio is going to be a bomb ass time when I return to the microphone girls and boys. 
    Anyways, in tonights show, my good freinds and fans shall join the best programing yet. ffs, its worth it.

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    Monday Night News Episode 1

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    Monday Night News For Augest 3rd 2009