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    Raymond Vaccari - Get Ready for the Current Manufacturing Revolution

    in Business

    Date: February 4, 2016 @ 7:00 PM
    Guest: Raymond Vaccari, MBA, PMP, Director,
    Advanced Manufacturing Talent Network at NJIT
    Subject: Get Ready for the Current Manufacturing Revolution

    Raymond, is the Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Talent Network (ManufactureNJ), a program funded by the NJ State Department of Labor and Workforce Development and hosted by NJIT.

    Raymond is promoting the NJ Dream It. Do It. program to promote manufacturing careers to students, parents, and school counselors. Collaborating with jobseekers, educational facilities and employers to provide the training needed to produce the skilled workforce that manufacturers demand in the global market.

    Mr. Vaccari is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute (PMI) and is a certified ISO 9001 Auditor. He is an Adjunct Professor at NJIT, teaching project management. Raymond holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and his MS in Applied Mathematics from NJIT, and his MBA from Rutgers.

    Raymond Vaccari can be reached at 973.596.3065 & raymond.vaccari@njit.edu look up Manufacture/NJ
    Join Ronald as he talks with Raymond in discussing what support Raymond groups provides both employer and job seeker in Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering sectors.

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    State Auditor Rebecca Otto Interview: The Ron and Don Show

    in News

    Two weeks ago, the Ron and Don Show was very happy to do a short interview with Minnesota state auditor Rebecca Otto. Since then, that program in on-demand has been listened to more than 200 times. Tonight we present the breaking interview and update listeners on what's really going on with Gov. Mark Dayton and the Republcians. 

    Other topics:

    1. How not to respond to an application for a fellowship 

    2. The black community going downhill

    3. Where are the summer jobs for youth?

    4. Why does the Minnesota Council on Nonprofits exclude black women?

    ...and much more. The phone lines will be open immediatley after the we play the interview. 

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    Mary Cofield - Tax Time - Audit Proof Your Records

    in Spirituality

    Mary Cofield 

    Richmond, VA

    804 - 938 - 6142

    Mary Cofield was employed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for 37 years in many positions including:

    Tax Law Specialist (TSS) 
    Tax Auditor
    Revenue Agent
    Taxpayer Education Coordinator 
    Taxpayer Advocate Analyst 

    She retired from the IRS in 2004 and became a “Baby Boomer Entreprenuer”.

    She turned her passion for travel into a business and now travels the world and shares her knowledge of travel and the importance of good tax recordkeeping with other business owners.

     She is a Travel Consultant and Certified Cruise Specialist and has found a way to use her business to help non profits earn revenue through her Cruise Affinity Program. 

    Mary is a Richmond Virginia native and resides here with her husband. She can be reached via email  JustUs4Travel@gmail.com

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    The Barbados Judicial System and its Constant War Against the Ordinary Citizen

    in Radio

    Who is magistrate Wayne Clarke and why did he send his fellow citizen, Maurice Sandiford, to Hotel Dodds?  Tonight we will discuss the judicial system and its seemingly war-bent attiude against the ordinary Barbadian citizen.  Pamela Beckles, recently appointed High Court Judge, was vouched for by all Naked Departure Group members. Congratulations are in order for this new justice.  (http://nakeddeparture.com/2016/01/06/maurice-sandiford-and-the-judicial-witch-hunt/)

    Insurance:  Do you enter Kensington Oval and other government buildings at your own risk?  And what would it take for the Auditor General, Leigh Trotman, to give Barbadians a list of all uninsured buildings?  Is it legal to have an occupied (office) building without insurance?  In case of emergency, will the government pay for injured persons, e.g., if an incident occurred at Kensington Oval?  (http://nakeddeparture.com/2016/01/06/kensington-oval-barbados-enter-at-your-own-risk/)

    Anthony Grandison and the Asclepius Scam at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.  Who is guarding the guards?  Who vetted Mr. Grandison for this position and are the allegation cited by Anonymous Barbadian Blogger being investigated?  (http://nakeddeparture.com/2015/12/17/anthony-grandison-and-the-asclepius-scam-at-the-qeh/)

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    Where’s The Money Gone? Auditor General Reports.

    in Environment

    SUNDAY Jan. 18, 2015  LIVE On Line Radio

    NEWS In Review: News Stories From Jamaica.
    In Focus: In Depth Discussion of News
    Know Your Jamaica: Fun Facts
    MUSIC: Local And International Artists
    Main Topic: Where’s The Money Gone? Auditor General Reports.

    Join Your Hosts:  Karen Ayee, Steven Smith, Annamarie Hassock & Aven Peralto

    5p (PST) 6p (MT/Jam) 7p (CST) 8p (EST)

    Contact Us Live In The Studio To Take Part In The Show

    914-338-1983 or use Skype

    Join Our Face Book Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/no.onportgoatisland/

    Twitter: #savegoatislandsjam

    Web Site: http://www.noportongoatisland.com/


    A production of The Peralto JADE Foundation- Jamaica Action, Dialogue, & Education 

    (a US based registered non-profit/NGO)

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    The Free American

    in Education

    Tuesday December  22 William Blair auditor@infraspect.com
    with Art George and special guest John Kaminski 

    Morning talk show map, FREE AMERICAN, CLAYTON DOUGLAS

    The auditor directorate, William Blair, and master auditor, indigenous affairs, Art George will discuss the Infraspect on the UN Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples. cheers, william blair

    Infaspect has established Introspect Media International, in Oregon and Nevada.

    Infrspect deep field audits in Indigenous peoples domain will continue.

    The United Nations, eternal, is an international religious corporation, e.g. “temple of understanding.”Tuesday December  

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    Auditor or Advisor-Sonia Luna Interviews Jay Qatato

    in Finance

    In this interview with Jay Qatado, Director of Internal Audit at Calpine, we discuss how being an adviser, rather than an auditor can help an organization in the context of the new Revenue Recognition standard

    Jay is the Director of Internal Audit with Calpine Corporation based in Houston, Texas. Jay has an extensive background in Operations, Auditing and Shared Services. Prior to joining Calpine, he worked for Mobil Oil, KPMG, Hewlett Packard and Nabors Industries. He has held positions in Engineering, Procurement, Corporate Audit, Shared Services and as a Consultant.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas in Austin. He is a Certified Internal Auditor, Certified in Control Self-Assessment and a Certified Investment and Derivatives Auditor. Jay is a current member of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) recently authored an article for the IIA titled Auditor or Adviser.

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    The Free American

    in Education

    Thursday December 10 William Blair auditor directorate Blair, Introspect Media International, will address “Viable Representation http://www.blogtalkradio.com/claydouglas/2015/12/11/thefree-american-hour"

    The Bible scripture, as an authority, says, “1611 King James Version of Luke 11:52 Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered. - 1769 Oxford King James Bible 'Authorized Version.

    Felix Cohen’s Handbook of Federal Indian Law, qualifies as a bill of particulars as to the fact that the ‘treaty covenant’ expectations, compacts, concept of lawful promise, conditions and terms, purposefully suffered serial discontinuity affect, continuing into modern era applications of federal/state law, federal Indian law, and common law case precedents as substantive law exhibits.  Clayton R. Douglas clay@freeamerican.com www.freeamerican.com www.shop.freeamerican.com