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    Life Audit

    in Religion

    Pastor La Russia Cain will be teaching on the topic "Life Audit."

    What is a Life Audit? It will help you ask yourself the Big questions: Are you in control of your life? Do you ever wonder where the time goes? and Are you doing the things YOU want to do? Whether you want to make more time in your life, ministry, business or etc. A Life Audit will help to de-clutter your life and get on track. 

    For more information about Pastor La Russia Cain or Living Out Loud Radio Broadcast...

    Go to www.larussiacainministries.org Email: livingoutloud41@gmail.com

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    The Agenda: Ukraine and Australia's Commission of Audit

    in Politics Progressive

    Another week another crisis for the conservative Abbott-led government with the announcement of the Commission of Audit* and the continued 'leaks' of budget information - all of this ahead of the nation's budget being handed down on May 13.

    Worst of all though is this conservative government is persisting with austerity measures despite all the evidence saying such measures are unnecessary.

    Then the nation finds out the Prime Minister, after accepting the olive branch from Indonesia's President to meet to help repair relations, has cancelled his trip to Bali. It's a very poor look and came about with minimal explanation as the reasons for cancelling the trip; leaving journalists and commentators wildly speculating about the reasons.

    And of course Rant n Rave Radio's The Agenda will take a look at the situation in Ukraine as it looks like the country is edging ever closer to an ugly war.

    Make sure you join in and share your thinking about these issues.

    * The Commission of Audit was established by the Australian Government as an "independent body" to review and report on the performance, functions and roles of the federal government.

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    How to avoid a BRE real estate audit with 5 common sense tips

    in Legal

    California Real Estate Broker Compliance Guidelines - How to avoid the dreaded real estate audit.

    The California Bureau of Real Estate ("BRE") handles bropker investigations and follows up on real estate complaints from California consumers.  Our law firm has handled numerous complaints and here are a few of the lessons learned by Attorney Steve Vondran, the real estate lawyer, over the years in regards to avoiding the dreaded real estate audit and the accusation that can often result.  The audit process can take many days, and if trust fund violations are found, you could have to pay not only the costs of the audit, (from a few thousand to several thousand dollars) but also the costs of the investigation.  These are two separate costs and are aside from any restittuion payments and any statutory penlaties you may wind up paying.  So this real estate compliance podcasts has some great tips and insights and is worth 5 minutes of your time.  

    Top 5 tips in a nutshell

    1.  Consult real estate law firm to discuss in advance

    2.  Prepare a solid defense and response

    3.  Cooperate, be candid, and answer the question presented

    4.  Follow up with any requests for information or documents

    5.  Have a good attitude and be professonal

    More resources to assist you

    1.  Calfiornia BRE Compliance Guide

    2.  BRE Compliance Law Resources

    3.  Attorney Steve's Tips to avoiding a audit

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    John Gregory shares 'How to avoid an IRS Audit'

    in Business

    John Gregory specializes in the small business IRS audit process. Join Anna's Journey to hear John's tips about avoiding the audit, what two things an entrepreneur puts on the tax return that may trigger an audit and other helpful tax tips.

    This show will touch on those filing late returns for 2013 - those procrasinator who are waiting until the last possible day to file... but we will also touch on preparing to file our 2014 tax returns too.

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    PODCAST: Unique Audit and Tax Services for Hedge Funds

    in Finance

    Welcome to the SC&H Group podcast series.   Today we are speaking with Paul Shifrin, a Director with SC&H Group, about the need for audit and compliance services for hedge funds.

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    Audit Your Life

    in Religion

    Join La Russia Cain as she discuss the topic Audit Your Life.
    What is an Audit? American Heritage Dictionary defines it as  "An adjustment or correction of accounts. " In the financial world, an audit means balancing the deposits and withdraws of money into your checking account. A life Audit is very similar it is taking a look at deposits and withdrawals you have made. And it can also be defined as - A study of a person's living standards to see if it is consistent with his/her reported income, goals, and dreams.
    Go on this journey with La Russia Cain as she gives Biblical Principles and Practical Steps on how to Audit Your Life.
    La Russia Cain is married to Sr. Pastor Randall Cain. They are the Pastor's of Refuge Of Riverside Church in Riverside, CA. The address is 1485 Spruce St. Suite D-105 Riverside, CA (in the warehouse behind suite D).... For information about the Refuge of Riverside Church connect with us on Facebook. For more information about our host La Russia Cain go to her website at www.larussiacainministries.org or connect with her on Facebook at La Russia Cain Ministries and also on Twitter at http://Twitter.com/chat loud. If you like to leave her a message email her letschat@larussiacainministries.org

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    YMM PM - Preparing For an Audit

    in News

    Tips to avoid an audit and the main culprit of the housing crisis is back. Mathew Passy reports.

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    in Education



    NSPRA's Rich Bagin and Karen Kleinz

    Presented by SCHOOLREACH www.schoolreach.com @schoolreach

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    Audit Your Life Pt. 2

    in Religion

    Join Pastor La Russia Cain for Part 2 of Audit Your Life.
    Audit your own motivation and the reasons for your behavior. The greatest enemy maybe the person looking back at you in your mirror.  This show will teach us how to audit your own motivations, take responsibility for managing your own life and navigating your course. 
    La Russia Cain is a wife, mother of 3 sons, grandmother, mentor, teacher, evangelist  and pastor.  She serves as pastor with her Husband Sr. Pastor Randall Cain. They are the pastor's of Refuge of Riverside Church in Riverside, CA. 
    To contact La Russia Cain email her at livingoutloud41@gmail.com   or go to her website LaRussiaCainMinistries.org  or  connect with her on Twitter at Twitter.com/chatloud  and Facebook at Facebook/La Russsia Cain Ministries.

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    Sonia Luna Interviews Daniel Selby

    in Business

    Get the academic perspective on Accounting and Internal Audit from Dr. Daniel Selby, Professor at University of Richmond's Robins School of Business.

    Dr. Selby is founder and CEO of Daniel Selby PLLC. He has over 25 years’ hands-on experience with Fortune 100 entities via corporate reporting, external auditing, internal auditing, regulatory compliance, and SOC/SSAE16 services. He is a Certified Public Accountant (licensed in multiple states) and Certified Information Systems Auditor with a master’s and PhD from Florida State University.  He is currently affiliated with the University of Richmond’s Robins School of Business, where he has taught accounting information systems, financial and management accounting, auditing, and graduate IT auditing. His research on accounting, auditing, and information systems has been published in ISACA Journal, and other distinguished publications.

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    NAVAJO NATION ELECTION: Election on or before January 31, 2014

    in Politics

    THE NAVAJO NATION ELECTION: Is it possible to have a Presidential election before January 31, 2014?  Dr. Joe Shirley, Jr. vs Russell Begaye is a go!

    What are your thoughts on this?  What happened to the NNOGC forensic Audit?  Well that play into the next cycle of candidates?

    What does "by virtue" mean according to the Navajo election code?


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