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    Hi everyone,

    Please join me, Jorianne The Coffee Psychic, Trance Channeler and Psychic Medium and my guest Cynthia as we discuss PSYCHIC DEVELOPEMENT CLASSES AND THEIR BENIFITS, SHOULD YOU JOIN ONE? tonight... at www.blogTalkRadio.com/JorianneTheCoffeePsychic streamed  live Wednesday December 10TH, 2014 at 8:00 PM  CST

    NEW STARTING IN JUNE... Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month I am doing ONE FREE QUESTION for each caller who calls in. Please keep in mind the phone lines fill up quickly so in order to be courteous to each caller, please ask your question clearly and once. I will answer each question by using my famous method of coffee reading by pouring the cream in the coffee for each person, and please remember that I have many other callers who also have a burning question , so I have to limit each caller to 3-4 minute intervals.

    Feel free to call in tonight to the show with any questions or stories at 1-347-633-9404

    If you like me as a reader and you'd like a more in depth reading, please call me at

    1-219-940-9292 to book your very own personal reading!

    Remember, call 1-219-940-9292 to schedule your next appointment  with Jorianne The Coffee Psychic or check me out at www.CoffeePsychic.com




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    Episode Audio Show

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    Episode Audio Show

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    audio test

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    audio test

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    Direct Audio with Big Buji on Twin Radio Syndicate

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    Tune in tonight to Direct Audio hosted by Big Buji on Twin Radio Syndicate!!! No telling what surprises he has lined up for tonight's show...but whatever it is...it is gonna be freaking dope!!! So tune in to the hottest producer out of the Carolinas and see what all the fuss is about!! Call in number is (646) 716-4952 press #1 to chime in or make a request!! 

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    Audio Test: The Dr. Kim Show

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    This is a test of the audio chain for the Dr. Kim Radio Show. If you just bought a new computer with a pre-installed operating system or you just reformatted your computer, you may want to run a test to see if the sound is working. Sometimes a computer will not play sounds because of problems with the sound card, an uninstalled audio card driver, or malfunctioning speakers. It is best to troubleshoot sound problems the moment you encounter them, as many applications need sound to run efficiently.

    Read more : http://www.ehow.com/how_6030166_test-sound-computer.html

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    startup audio test 5

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    startup audio test 5

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    Direct Audio with Big Buji on Twin Radio Syndicate

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    Tune in to the hottest producer in the Carolinas...BIG BUJI!!! He stays putting the new hot Indie Artists out of NC...SC...and VA!!! So make sure you tune in from 8-10 pm EST sharp to see what all the fuss is about....call in number is (646) 716-4952 press #1 to chime in or make a request!!! 

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    Flash in the Pan... Audio Theatre

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    Streaming Murder brings murder mysteries to the internet airwaves.

    Audio Theatre...

    Flash in the Pan
    by John and Toni Rakestraw

    "Where did you even get my story? Are you an internet troll, taking real people’s stories and turning them into twisted tales? I lost my husband, we have kids, bills… and you dare to make money off my pain and make me the main suspect in my husband’s murder,” wrote the irate woman from the internet.
    I had no idea who she was or how she fit into my story. I looked up her name, found her on Facebook, saw the article about her poor husband’s murder.  My story was very similar to that man’s demise. My main character, the wife who killed her husband… had exactly the same name as the email nut. Even worse, my murder victim had the same name, too!


    Viewer and listening supported on Patreon

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    Audio Book, Frederick Douglass Shares His Escape

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    Tonight at 8pm ET Audio Book, Listen to A Reading of  Frederick Douglass' Autobiography ~ Mr. Douglass shares his Courageous Escape on The Gist of Freedom www.BlackHistoryBlog.com

    on iTunes www.BlackHistoryUniversity.com

    "It was the custom in the State of Maryland to require the free colored people to have what were called free papers. These instruments they were required to renew very often, and by charging a fee for this writing, considerable sums from time to time were collected by the State. In these papers the name, age, color, height, and form of the freeman were described, together with any scars or other marks upon his person which could assist in his identification. This device in some measure defeated itself-since more than one man could be found to answer the same general description. Hence many slaves could escape by personating the owner of one set of papers; and this was often done as follows: A slave, nearly or sufficiently answering the description set forth in the papers, would borrow or hire them them till by means of them he could escape to a free State, and then, by mail or otherwise, would return them to the owner. The operation was a hazardous one for the lender as well as for the borrower. A failure on the part of the fugitive to send back the papers would imperil his benefactor, and the discovery of the papers in possession of the wrong man would imperil both the fugitive and his friend."

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    Free Psychic Readings from Yarrow and Sli -- AUDIO ISSUES BE GONE SPECIAL!

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    Uggghhh... We have been having all sorts of audio issues. In particular, our voices are coming out very grainy. I think we have **finally** solved this problem, and hopefully tonight's episode will come in a lot clearer.  As always, thank you for your support and we look forward to giving you a reading!


    Yarrow uses tarot cards to help her callers identify and deal with their troubles. Sli, a gifted musician, is the Master of Ceremonies, providing inspiration while Yarrow ponders the cards. If you are in need of psychic healing and spiritual insight, call the show today.   Sweet.fern.tarot@gmail.com   Yarrowtarot.wordpress.com @yarrowtarot @sweetferntarot



    Yarrow and Sli consider themselves storytellers who create a story from randomly selected tarot cards in order to provide a reading to those that desire one. Yarrow and Sli do not *claim* to have any supernatural or magical abilities. If the reading you receive from Yarrow Tarot (whether written or auditory) resembles your life, it is entirely coincidental (if you believe in coincidences!) Do not make any decisions of any sort based on the stories of any stranger, including Yarrow and Sli; you are responsible for all of your actions!  Yarrow Tarot is exclusively for entertainment purposes only.  If you need professional help, get professional help.  We make absolutely no guarantees or promises of any kind. You must be 18 years old to participate.

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    Audio Article: The New Face of Innovation

    in Business

    By Marian Green

    It’s no secret that the casino gaming industry is facing a challenging future, as younger customers show more interest in the social games on their smartphones and less in traditional offerings on the gaming floor. But gaming industry manufacturers, operators and educators aren’t sitting still. In fact, the industry is seeing a new openness to innovation and ideas.

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